What's happening in Emmerdale this week? Thomas and Belle face the music!

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Thomas and Belle have to face the music this week when Zak and Lisa find out everything. However will the young couple allow themselves to be split up or will they make a run for it?

Monday 1st April

Zak and Lisa try and talk to Belle about Thomas but Belle is horrified when a police car pulls up and Lisa explains it is the only way to get the pictures taken down. PC Lewis questions Belle about the photos and how they got onto the internet, angry Lisa seems determined to press charges, wanting them to interview Thomas too. Meanwhile, Jimmy speaks to Thomas about threatening Sean when the police turn up to speak to Thomas. When they have finished their interview, Jimmy tells a fed up Thomas he is no longer allowed to see Belle - spelling it out, not only is Belle underage she is a Dingle. He tells Thomas he is only allowed out of the house in order to go to work. Sean and the Spencers are shocked to hear the police want to have a word with Sean over Belle and the photo. Sean is questioned but after consideration his luck is in as PC Lewis decided not to take things further. But Ali is fuming that Lisa called the police although Dan thinks she was right to do so.  Jimmy asks Marlon to keep an eye on Thomas at work and Marlon warns Thomas off Belle, but he ignores him, and leaves work to go and tell Belle he is not going to dump her. Zak is furious to get home and catch Thomas there who tells Zak he can’t keep them apart. Jimmy is angry to learn Thomas has disobeyed him and he and Nicola tell a shocked Thomas they are sending him back to Saudi. Elsewhere, at the factory, Laurel is called into the office by Nikhil who tells her he has some good news. Things don’t go to plan when Jai interrupts and tells them Ali is the new supervisor. Nikhil is aghast and Laurel leaves the office stunned. Nikhil is angry when Ali turns up late for work on her first day as supervisor and soon Lisa and Ali have to be separated from a vicious confrontation. Nikhil calls Ali into the office, where whilst waiting, she accidentally knocks over a cup of coffee on the French contract, unable to hide the damage she pockets it.  Nikhil arrives and Ali promises to prove herself to him.


Tuesday 2nd April

Gennie’s annoyed to learn Brenda’s gone to an alternative therapy clinic, convinced Brenda’s attitude is going to kill her. Brenda returns and is upset when Gennie decides she can’t see Molly any more as she shouldn’t get used to her grandmother being around. Bob tells Gennie punishing Brenda won’t change her mind; she needs to work it out for herself. Brenda calls a meeting in the church, thinking everyone believes she’s a goner. She tells Bob, Gennie and Nikhil she needs them on her side, as she can’t fight them as well as a tumour, she wants to enjoy the time she has left. Upset, Gennie hugs her, still unconvinced that all will be okay. Belle tries to convince Lisa that Thomas isn’t bad, but Lisa is cynical. Zak worries what’ll happen when Belle discovers Thomas is going back to Saudi.  Meanwhile, at home Thomas is gutted when Jimmy tells him to hand in his notice as he has booked him a flight to Saudi for Thursday. Later, Thomas tells Gemma in the café, who quickly tells Belle the news. In the pub, Thomas seems determined not to go, but Jimmy hands his notice in to Bernice and Thomas realises he has no choice.


Wednesday 3rd April

Nikhil’s worried about Gennie and visits Katie to ask how he can cheer her up. Whilst there he is given an idea when Alicia chats about a wedding dress. Later, Gennie is shocked when Nikhil suggests they get married soon, explaining it might be their only chance to get married while Brenda is present.  Nikhil is chuffed when Gennie agrees. Gennie tells Alicia she is sad she may not have her mum for long. Meanwhile, Brenda covers when Bob arrives with holiday brochures. She’s not feeling good and puts the brochures to one side. Rodney panics when Brenda has an absence seizure and calls Bob. When Brenda comes round she is puzzled by Rodney’s reaction. Bob tries to calm Brenda down as she is angry, believing they are overreacting. She shouts at Bob, who holds her until she calms down. Bob sees Heath and Cathy watching, scared and is irked when Rodney questions his ability to care for Brenda when he has the twins to consider. Elsewhere, Ali wants to fight for more money for the factory workers, but Ruby warns her not to blow her opportunity. Sean apologises to Belle and she gives him a note to give for Thomas as she’s grounded with no phone. Belle wants to meet him later but her plan is foiled when both her and Thomas are caught trying to leave their respective houses.


Thursday 4th April

Jimmy keeps an eye on Thomas as he’s about to take him to the airport but Thomas texts Belle, asking her to meet him. Jimmy’s riled when Thomas disappears just as they are about to set off.  Zak is perplexed when Jimmy arrives, acting strangely as he’s covering the fact he’s looking for Thomas. Belle tries to sneak out but Zak keeps an eye on her. Meanwhile, Thomas is desperate as he asks for Sean’s help to nick Dan’s camper van so he can leave. At the garage, Sean slyly pockets Dan’s van keys and takes them to Thomas. Meanwhile, Nicola’s irked to discover Jimmy has lost Thomas and they head off in search of him. Suddenly, Belle takes her chance and legs it out of the house, knowing Zak won’t be able to catch her. She meets Thomas and the pair embrace. He tells her he’s leaving in Dan’s van and he is thrown when she asks if he is going without her. Lisa and Zak arrive at Jimmy and Nicola’s and they head out to look for them. Belle insists she’s going with him and Paddy is dismayed as he watches Thomas bundle Belle into the van. Paddy explains to Jimmy what he has seen, as Lisa calls the police to report an abduction. Gennie and Nikhil are happy as they call their families to meet them in the pub to tell them their news. In the café, Bob tells Brenda Gennie and Nikhil have summoned them to the pub and Rodney’s concerned that Bob’s covering his worry. Brenda is annoyed when she finds out Gennie and Nikhil are planning their wedding, thinking they’re only doing it because of her illness. Gennie is riled as she tries to talk to Brenda about her wedding and Brenda thinks it’s a ploy to get her to have the operation. Meanwhile, Lisa frets about Belle, worrying what Thomas has done to her, telling PC Lewis they have to take it more seriously. Meanwhile, Sean’s in the doghouse when Dan realises he gave Thomas his van keys and marches him over to see Jimmy and Nicola.  By the woods, Belle is caught up in the excitement of running away with Thomas but he is panicking, knowing the police will be looking for them. Thomas prevents Belle from calling her mum and goes to get some supplies as she insists she wants to stay with him. Meanwhile, Lisa is distraught when Cain suggests Thomas might hurt Belle, he is Carl’s son after all. In the camper van, Belle is stressed as she waits for Thomas to return and calls home.  She panics when Lisa says the police are involved and that Thomas wants to hurt her. Belle hangs up, in tears. Meanwhile, Lisa is in denial about Belle going with Thomas of her own free will and feels responsible for escalating things. Nicola supports Jimmy, backing up that Thomas wouldn’t hurt Belle. In the camper van Belle is upset when Thomas returns, her mum’s words making her doubt him.  Thomas tries to reassure her as he starts up the van and they head off.


Friday 5th April

Belle is anxious when Thomas suggests they drive to Brighton, as it’s cheap to camp there. Meanwhile, Lisa frets about Belle, still thinking Thomas must have put her up to it. Thomas reels when an upset Belle tells him the van was where Chas and Carl were, the night his father was killed. He gives her a blanket and tells her to get some sleep whilst he drives. Belle is confused and upset when she wakes up and is back home in the village. Thomas tells her he’s doing it for her and tries to persuade her they’re doing the right thing facing the music together. Steve and Katie are ready to go see the horse but Bernice is stung by their closeness. Declan’s thoughtful when Bernice tells him it is only a vanity investment. Later, Katie is shocked and Bernice looks guilty when Declan tells Steve he is out of the deal as the only people who’ll make money are the bookies. Katie is downbeat about losing the racehorse but Declan is clearly up to something. Megan’s shocked when Declan tells her he’s buying the horse for Katie, cutting out Steve and his middlemen.

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