What's happening in Hollyoaks? The game is up for Brendan!

As an increasingly unhinged Walker holds Brendan captive in his own home along with Seamus, will Brendan play his enemy's mind games in order to save those he loves? Furthermore, will Brendan and Cheryl get out of the village alive?

Monday 18th March

Brendan is forced into playing a sadistic game with unhinged Walker, but can he confront his childhood demons to save his loved ones? Cheryl and Ste unwittingly put themselves in grave danger, but with the time ticking, is it too late? Still traumatised by recent events, Maxine is grateful as an unlikely duo offer a solution.


Tuesday 19th March

As Brendan learns of Walker’s trickeries, he faces Walker in one deadly final showdown, but who will survive?  Could Texas be the next victim of Walker’s merciless plan? Elsewhere, Seamus is left crushed, and Will’s world is turned upside down as he is delivered a piece of bewildering news.


Wednesday 20th March

With Walker’s words hanging heavy, is there more trouble brewing for the Brady’s? How will one villager react when faced with the full horror of Brendan’s past? Will Darren turn to old ways to secure the future of the pub? Meanwhile, the Savages are left gobsmacked by a shock revelation at Will and Texas’ engagement party.


Thursday 21st March

As panic descends on the village, will anybody get out of Chez Chez alive? Still reeling from the surprise admission, how will the Savages respond? Darren is in a moral quandary, but what will he decide?


Friday 22nd March

Having learnt of the latest developments, Darren is left with a life-changing dilemma, but will he do the right thing? Feeling more alone than ever, Ste presses for answers, but can he be trusted with the deplorable truth? Meanwhile, Sienna and Dodger are left stunned as they absorb the disturbing truth of their childhood, and Dr Browning returns with some devastating news for Myra.