What's happening in Emmerdale this week? Bob stands by Brenda, Charity lies to Jai!

This week in Emmerdale, Brenda is relieved when Bob promises to stand by her after she confesses about her illness. Elsewhere, Charity struggles to keep her fling with Declan secret from Jai.

Monday 18th March

Bob is left despairing Brenda won’t talk to him, still insisting she is won’t have the surgery. Rodney finds Brenda alone and upset but she covers she is just tired, Rodney suspects working with Bob is the cause of her sadness.  But later, when Gennie and Nikhil can’t find Brenda, Gennie tells Rodney about Brenda’s condition and Rodney is left reeling to hear she has a brain tumour. Eventually Bob finds Brenda alone in the church and clearly deeply upset.  He assures her he is sticking by her, if she will let him. Brenda wants Bob to leave her alone so she can think. Later, Bob urges Brenda to understand he loves her and is not letting her go. Brenda still refuses to have the operation but Bob explains he will be with her to face whatever happens together. Elsewhere, Edna’s anxious as she returns home and hesitantly goes into her house. Ashley is pleased for her, sure she will be glad to be home. Edna is pleased to get a visit from Sandy who tells her about being refused housing. He exclaims how lucky she is to have the place to herself, hinting about moving in but she doesn’t ask him too. Despite her refusal to accept help it is clear Edna remains anxious about living alone. Bernice insists to Ashley that he make a big fuss of Sandy on his birthday.


Tuesday 19th March

Rishi’s pleased Charity wants to make a fresh start with Jai. Meanwhile, Cameron is aware there’s something going on with Charity and Declan and is curious to see Charity follow Declan outside. Charity tells Declan she is not going to mention anything to Jai about them and how it was a stupid mistake. Cameron watches their exchange, intrigued. Later, Cameron enjoys his newfound power over Charity, biding his time over what he saw between the pair. As he winds her up, Charity begins to worry.

Jimmy visits Edna and she is glad of the company but he doesn’t notice how unsettled she is. He sees her bills but Edna is anxious not to be seen as a charity case. Later, Sandy visits and Edna finally admits she’s struggling living alone. Edna is full of doubts when Sandy suggests being her lodger, protesting she doesn’t think it’s practical but Sandy assures her it makes sense. Finally Edna relents agreeing to let Sandy move in - hoping they have made the right decision. Also, Gennie’s counting on Bob to persuade Brenda to have the operation but Brenda is adamant she’s not having it.  Will Bob manage to convince her to change her mind


Wednesday 21st March

Charity avoids Katie, telling her Jai is coming home. Charity is anxious as she keeps an eye on Cameron and Declan is worried to hear from Charity that Cameron knows about their night together. Charity insists she can keep him quiet but Declan worries Katie will find out. Later, Charity tells Cameron they need to talk. Meanwhile, Jai arrives home. Cameron enjoys winding Charity up and she admits she did sleep with Declan. Once back inside, Katie tells Charity about her and Declan trying IVF but Charity is distracted and leaves. Charity panics as Jai is home already. Charity is cold as she asks Cameron what destroying her marriage will achieve but Cameron suggests she could start by being nice to him until he’s decided what to do. Jai arrives at the pub whilst Declan tries to talk to Cameron. Declan is thrown when Katie invites Jai and Charity over for dinner tomorrow. Charity is pleased Jai is home and wants to talk to him which leaves Declan worried. Charity and Jai are reunited as Jai tells her he wasn’t thinking straight and wants to try again. But Charity is thrown when Jai accepts Katie’s invite, aware her future now lies in Cameron’s hands.

Kerry tells Andy she can’t look after the kids as she’s going to the job centre. Amy, though annoyed for caving in, offers to have them. Kerry is glum as she asks David and Rishi for a job and they both refuse but Rishi is unimpressed when Kerry visits later and Jai agrees to give her a trial at the factory. Kerry feigns regret as she tells Andy about the job and says she won’t be able to have the kids as much. Alicia covers her disappointment when a delighted Priya tells her David’s agreed to the photo shoot


Thursday 21st March

Charity wants to get out of dinner with Declan and Katie tonight but Jai wants to go. Meanwhile, Declan tries to get out of having them over too. Later, Declan sees an opportunity to talk to Jai but Jai insists they stick to dinner, explaining he can stay at home with Charity anytime. Cameron blackmails Charity by telling her to make it up with Chas and get Debbie to lay off her. At Home Farm, Charity overcompensates with Katie as she and Jai arrive for dinner. Declan warns Charity about confessing to Jai, saying it’s their word against Cameron’s and she’ll destroy Jai if he finds out. At dinner, Katie announces that she and Declan are trying IVF but Declan apologises, thinking it might be a touchy subject for Charity and Jai. The pressure gets to Charity who suddenly leaves. She tells Declan she can’t lie to Jai while he warns her to keep this out of his and Katie’s marriage. Charity makes her excuses and leaves, Jai dashing after her.  Outside, Jai is left reeling when Charity tells him her confession. Priya tells Pollard about the photo shoot at Home Farm, Pollard thinks David’s playing with fire. At the shoot, Priya’s getting her hair done she apologises to Alicia for thinking she was going to turn their wedding into a tacky nightmare. Lee, the photographer, flirts with Alicia as he begins by taking pictures of David. Alicia is shocked when an angry Priya storms in covered in a facial rash from the makeup. Priya is hysterical when Alicia is asked to stand in for her. David is speechless at how beautiful Alicia looks and they share a charged look, as they have to kiss for the photo. Later, Priya is irked when Alicia arrives after the shoot. David lies when Priya asks if he had to kiss her, but Priya is suspicious.  In the pub, Priya’s upset about her allergic reaction and goes to tend to her rash covered face. Alicia feels awkward, telling Laurel and Marlon about the shoot. Priya is dreading seeing David and Alicia on the brochures together and thinks David should put a stop to them being printed. David later asks Alicia to try and put a stop to the photos getting published. Alicia says she will ask.  Belle and Gemma hide the outfits they have been trying on when Lisa and Dom arrive. Both the girls are determined to go to Sandy’s party. Finally Lisa agrees but explains they will be attending too, to keep an eye on them. Sandy arrives home, drunk, and Edna is disapproving warning him he needs to respect her otherwise he won’t be there long.


Friday 22nd March

Jai has slept on the sofa after his row with Charity and Charity fears she’s lost her husband as she say she just wanted to be honest. She pleads with Jai, saying she wants their relationship to be different, that’s why she was honest. Jai says he needs time to think. At the factory, Nikhil’s annoyed as Jai is late for work and has missed a meeting. Charity tells Cameron, Jai knows about her and Declan. But Camerons realises Katie still doesn’t know. Cameron threatens to tell Katie but is powerless when Charity says she doesn’t care. At the factory, Rishi’s bemused when Jai tells him that he can now tell Charity the truth about Rachel and Archie, believing their marriage will survive anything. Rishi warns his son about telling her but Jai’s determined they could make a fresh start once it’s out in the open. Outside the pub, Declan tries to give Cameron some money hoping they have come to an understanding. Meanwhile, Jai finally answers Charity’s call and tells her he’s coming home, wanting to talk to her. His face darkens, when Declan pleads with Jai not to tell Katie, explaining about Cameron’s blackmailing. Jai is angry to realise the reason Charity confessed. With this new information will he tell Charity about his secret? Alicia worries when Megan’s determined to publish the images in their brochures, saying the consent forms have been signed. David’s frustrated and has a go at Alicia who feels rejected and hurt as she tells him he and Priya signed the consent forms so there’s nothing more she can do. Later, Megan is angry when Alicia refuses to sign the consent forms and David realises his feelings for Alicia are growing.





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