What's happening this week in Neighbours? Sarah causes further problems for Karl and Susan!

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Sarah's presence in Erinsborough causes further problems for Karl and Susan this week when Susan serves Karl with the divorce papers, deciding that they need to make a final decision.

Monday 18th March

Trying to clear his conscience, Ajay admits to Priya that he did not sleep with Phillipa. This offers her some hope, but it is Rani's blunt questions about why she chose Paul over her dad that gives Priya some insight into her own behaviour. Seeking to right some wrongs, she attempts to apologise to Paul for using him. However, she only ends up quashing his hopes and he reacts with vitriol. Later, hoping to make Ajay understand why she had the affair, she explains how she has never felt their marriage was an equal partnership. Ajay does not think it justifies her behaviour. Priya is left feeling she has made things much worse. She later receives a creepy, lewd text message but has no idea who sent it. Still feeling mortified that Sheila thinks Georgia is leading Kyle on, Georgia shares her embarrassment with Kate. Kate suspects that Georgia is in denial about her attraction to Kyle. Georgia is adamant she has no feelings for him at all but does confess to doubts about her relationship with Scotty. Witnessing Kyle out with a girl, she becomes more agitated, particularly when Kyle kisses his date. Kate eventually makes it clear that Georgia needs to start being honest with herself – if she does have feelings for Kyle, where does that leave Scotty? Georgia eventually ends her relationship with Scotty over a late night phone call. In the aftermath of the attempted robbery, Lauren insists upon taking Lou for a check-up. Baffled as to why anyone would want to rob them, the family do not see Bailey secretly retrieving a large sum of money from his room. Needing somewhere safe to hide it, he is panicked into shoving it inside a garden gnome. Thrown by the robbery, Lauren questions whether trouble is following them around, but Matt is adamant the robbery was just bad luck. Later, Bailey cannot sleep and protectively watches over his family. What is he hiding?


Tuesday 19th March

Not wanting to tell Ajay about the harassing texts, Priya keeps them from him and invites him to another counselling session. Ajay declines but privately begins to reconsider. When Paul learns from Kate that Priya's being harassed, he seeks her out to plead his innocence. Concerned Paul encourages her to go to the police, but Priya maintains she can't, fearing Ajay will find out. Handling it on her own, she decides to meet her harasser but is surprised when Paul shows, offering his support. Priya returns home and Ajay questions where she’s been, revealing he went to the counselling session. Seeing Ajay's starting to soften towards her, Priya covers what she's really been up to, hopeful they're starting to get back on track. Susan struggles to land herself a new job, but maintains her calm façade with Karl. Karl's later surprised when Sarah calls in, and they find themselves getting along well. He starts to feel guilty
when Ajay inadvertently reminds him that he's never been completely honest with Susan about his affair with Sarah. Karl decides to come clean, but with her own vested interests, Sarah tries to talk Karl out of it. Summoning up the courage, Karl goes to see Susan but she hands him their divorce papers before he can reveal the truth. Reluctantly accepting, Karl keeps quiet about his and Sarah's affair. Unaware Georgia has broken up with Scotty, Sheila encourages Kyle to pursue a relationship with Jana rather than Georgia. Upon learning Georgia's now single, Kate encourages her to let Kyle know and just see how things go. Georgia's unsure about being so upfront but eventually decides to take the plunge. However before she can tell Kyle, Jana arrives to spend more time with him. With Kyle's interests seemingly lying elsewhere, gutted Georgia keeps her new relationship status to herself.


Wednesday 20th March

Still reeling from Susan's divorce bombshell, Karl's dismayed when she wants to start talking about dividing their assets immediately. He agrees to a meeting at his place, but things go awry when Susan discovers the scarf Sarah left behind. Karl makes it clear it was an innocent visit, and despite Susan insisting she doesn't care, he can see that she's upset. He grows ever more suspicious that Susan's decision to divorce him is driven by Sarah's reappearance. Susan offers to return Sarah's scarf, but it leads to a confrontation. Susan vents the anger and resentment that's been bubbling away under the surface, goading Sarah to do what she came to do and make a play for Karl. Shocked, Sarah seeks out Karl and reports Susan's outburst. It's further confirmation for him that Susan's acting out of jealousy. But as he and Sarah compare notes on being in Susan's bad books, the wine flows and talk eventually turns to old times. Sarah kisses Karl – and he doesn't pull away. Perhaps Susan's fears aren't so irrational after all? Angie's still making her presence felt at Toadie's house, teasing Callum about Rani, chiding Georgia over breaking up with Scotty and playing the backseat parent with Sonya. When an emergency calls Sonya into the Nursery, Angie insists she'll baby-sit, but Sonya's unable to hand over the reins completely and she uses Toadie's spy camera to keep an eye on what's going on at home. She's mortified when Angie finds the camera and disables it, but her real problem comes later in the day when she can't contact Angie at all. Sonya frets until Angie eventually arrives home after dark, seemingly oblivious to the panic she's caused. Sonya insists on some ground rules when it comes to caring for Nell but, feeling judged, Angie suggests all Sonya needs is to have a little bit of faith in her. How much more of Angie's interference can Sonya take? Vanessa's feeling more relaxed by the day about her blossoming romance with Lucas, and increasingly proud of his efforts to commit to their son's future. She's particularly touched when he takes some portrait shots of little Patrick with the intention of entering the Erinsborough News photo competition. It's proof that he's finally putting fear aside and investing in their son, and Vanessa's over the moon. Later, she invites him to share her bed in the Family Accommodation room – yet another step along the road to becoming a real couple.


Thursday 21st March

Karl and Sarah remain guilty about last night. Karl's guilt drives him to confess to Susan the secret he's been harbouring for fourteen years: that he and Sarah slept together. But when Karl confesses all to Susan, her reaction shocks him. She already knows. In her gut, she's known all along that he lied to her. They reach the sad realisation that their marriage is at an end. Chris is under pressure to get Ralphie his money and get rid of him before Lucas finds out about the work on the side. He hits up Andrew for the money – and although Andrew doesn't have it, he takes money from Charlie's till, assuring Chris he will pay it back. But when Paul discovers Andrew has stolen from him, the jig is up. Andrew is forced to take the money back, putting Chris in a bind. When Ralphie returns, he has an offer for Chris – but it could put him in an even worse position. Kyle and Georgia continue to circle round each other. Angie puts her foot down when she sees the sexual tension and has a go at Sheila – but she soon bites back. When Kyle finds out that Georgia and Scotty have split up, he fishes for information. Believing Kyle is happy with Jana, she tells him she is happy to be single.


Friday 22nd March

Amber is saddened to learn from Mt Isa that her beloved horse Patches has been sold, but is stunned when he turns up outside Number 32. Lou is revealed as the mystery buyer. Knowing she played up how much she missed the horse to cover why she's really been sad – because she misses her secret boyfriend – Amber is racked with guilt. Meanwhile, Matt is far from pleased with Lou's gift, as neither he nor the Turners can afford Patches' upkeep. Not wanting to be the bad guy, Matt doesn't have the heart to tell Amber that the horse has to go. As family tensions build, it's left to Bailey to spell out the bald facts to his sister. Amber restores peace by bravely making it her decision, and says a final goodbye to Patches, committing to a fresh start. But as Matt and Lauren receive disturbing news about their son Mason, who has just been let out of juvenile detention, it's clear that the family are still keeping many secrets, both from the street and each other. Chris considers going ahead with the dodgy job to pay off Ralphie, but Andrew urges him to do the right thing: own up to Lucas. Chris finally does, and Lucas is furious. When he finally calms down, Lucas agrees to help by paying off Ralphie, but warns it'll be coming out of Chris's pay. But when Lucas brings in the police to deal with the stolen car, Chris is secretly terrified Ralphie will retaliate. Though baby Patrick is slowly gaining strength, Vanessa and Lucas are committed to staying in the hospital's family accommodation for the foreseeable future. When Vanessa realises the Turners are not only struggling financially but also finding it difficult to find a suitable house to rent, she suggests to Lucas that he invite them to stay on in his house. It's a win-win situation for them all and the Turners gratefully accept. At last they have a home in Erinsborough.