What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Jacqui faces further drama!

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Will Jacqui open up to anyone this week after she goes through an ordeal at work? Elsewhere, Texas is annoyed when Leanne questions why she is with Will and Sinead is left wondering what Diane will say after she asks her to adopt her baby for her?

Monday 11th March

Sinead anxiously awaits Diane’s life-changing decision, but will she be bitterly disappointed? Has a concerned Leanne accidently isolated a resolute Texas even further? How much longer can Kevin undertake his dishonest operation? Jacqui’s day takes a shocking turn as she is confronted by her worst nightmare.


Tuesday 12th March

Will Jacqui open up to anyone about her ordeal? And is there more to Trudy than meets the eye? As Kevin understands the full repercussions of his actions, can he hide such a big secret from Walker?  Brendan returns to the village, but will he push Ste further away? When Cheryl’s surprise to Nate backfires, will she lose everything she’s ever dreamt of?



Wednesday 13th March

After being presented with the opportunity of a lifetime, Cheryl is left with food for thought.  Jacqui is tempted by the dark side, but can she go through with it? As Brendan prepares for his impending court case he’s frustrated when Jim reveals the dire truth about his case and decides to take matters into his own hands.  Meanwhile, petrified Kevin is stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Thursday 14th March

As Brendan arrives in court he’s irked that his attempt to make Kevin change his plea has backfired.  With everything going against him, Brendan’s frustrations boil over with devastating consequences.  Seamus offers Cheryl an offer to rival yesterday’s, but which will she choose? The Osbornes are ecstatic as they re-open The Dog but their celebrations are short-lived when they hear some shocking news.  As Walker learns the magnitude of Kevin’s deceit, is Kevin in mortal danger?


Friday 15th March

Things heat up for Walker, but what exactly does he have planned? As Brendan protects his loved ones, is he putting himself in more danger? Is it game over for Kevin? Could there be more to Ellie than Will is aware of?