What's happening in Emmerdale this week? Brenda continues to keep her health scare secret!

Katie is furious when she discovers that her horse is dead this week. Elsewhere, Robbie steals from Moira and Brenda continues to try to hide the truth about what is truly wrong with her from her partner Bob!

Monday 11th March

Rhona supports Vanessa as she steels herself for her godmother’s funeral. Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Katie’s worried when she and Declan return from their holiday and discover that Steve’s had to call Rhona about Wilson, her horse. Rhona’s in pain when her back goes again and she’s unable to do the Home Farm visit. Desperate, she asks Paddy to call Vanessa to do it instead. Vanessa rushes out from the pub after having a drink at her Godmothers wake. Katie’s concerned about Wilson as Vanessa arrives. She examines him and Katie’s relieved to hear Wilson’s going to be fine he just has colic. Panic over Katie and Declan head for lunch. When Katie returns she is shocked to discover Wilson’s not breathing. At Smithy, Rhona’s on the floor, in pain with her back and Vanessa’s shocked when Paddy takes a call from Katie, saying Wilson’s dead. They all go up to Home Farm where Katie wants answers about what’s happened to him. Katie’s upset and Declan suggests Vanessa’s mind was elsewhere after the funeral, leading to a wrong diagnosis. Paddy says they’ll get to the bottom of it, clearly unhappy. Katie tries to work out the truth as Paddy suggests Vanessa should have called Rhona for a second opinion. Rhona’s adamant it’s nobody’s fault that Wilson died. They’re all shocked when Katie says they’ll be hearing from her solicitor tomorrow. Elsewhere,

Gennie wants Nikhil to persuade Brenda to have the operation but she’s determined she’s not going through with the surgery and Gennie walks out, frustrated. Later, Brenda’s determined to go to the hospital alone as Gennie’s not on her side. She warns her daughter to stop fighting with her or she’ll end up losing her, leaving Gennie in a dilemma. After her hospital visit Dan sees Brenda in the pub, he tries to talk to her about Bob and he accidentally knocks her handbag over. Leaflets from the hospital fall out and Dan realises she has a brain tumour. Brenda begs Dan not to say anything to Bob and he feels unable to ignore her wishes.


Tuesday 12th March

Cain threatens to quit when Debbie tells him he’ll get a warning if he doesn’t get her money from Moira. Overhearing, Robbie offers to sort it for her but Debbie just mocks him. In the Woolpack, Robbie sees as Chas hands Moira cash for her meat order. Robbie demands Moira give him the money for the work on her car but she tells him to speak to Cain. He’s wound up as she and Chas mock his ‘tough’ attitude. He goes to Butler’s to visit Moira but Adam tells him she’s out. Spotting the envelope of cash, Robbie quickly pockets it and heads out, telling Adam he’ll call her later. Moira’s troubled as she and Adam search for the cash. Meanwhile, Robbie heads back down the track from Butler’s but is nervous when Cain approaches. He covers and is relieved when Cain goes, a smug smile returning to his face. In the Woolpack, Robbie’s pleased with himself as he gives Debbie the money he took but she’s gutted when she thinks he’s pathetic and refuses to take it. Later, Moira and Cain realise Robbie’s taken the money and, thinking Debbie put him up to it, Moira warns Cain if he doesn’t sort it, she will. Meanwhile,

In the café, Dan feels guilty when Bob asks him about his chat with Brenda yesterday, wondering why she’s avoiding him. Meanwhile, Gennie’s frustrated and upset that Brenda’s still refusing to have surgery and Brenda’s thrown when she asks how she can not give up on her when she is giving up on herself. Desperate for someone to talk to, Brenda confides in Dan that she can’t put Bob and the twins through everything as they have already lost a mum. Dan suggests it should be Bob making that decision but it is clear Brenda has made her mind up. Realising she just needs a mate to talk to Dan agrees to keep quiet but he is clearly worried about keeping this from Bob.

Paddy tells Rhona Katie’s solicitor has been in touch and he insists he and Vanessa go to see her together to try and sort things out. At Home Farm, Paddy and Vanessa apologise to Katie again and she starts to soften until Paddy drops Vanessa in it about having a drink at the wake. Furious Katie refuses to drop things. They plead with her as she’s about to call her solicitor and Katie decides to give them one last chance but on her terms. Back at the vets’, Paddy tells Rhona that  Katie’s only prepared to drop legal action if they let Vanessa go.  Rhona is shocked.


Wednesday 13th March

Rhona and Paddy argue when Paddy says he thinks they should let Vanessa go as she only has a few weeks left anyway but Rhona makes a solicitors appointment. Back from the solicitors, Rhona’s in pain and she and Paddy continue to bicker. Vanessa feels terrible as Paddy explains the solicitor made it clear they could lose everything if they stick to their guns. That evening at Smithy, Rhona’s in agony as she tries to stand up. Paddy tells her she can’t go on like this but Rhona makes it clear she has no option as he won’t let Vanessa cover. Vanessa arrives and the couple stop bickering when she tells them she may have the answer. Vanessa hands over her resignation letter but Rhona is furious as Paddy instantly accepts it. Moira’s still annoyed about Robbie taking the money but Cain says he’ll sort it with Debbie. He later confronts Debbie about the money going missing from Moira’s. Debbie’s hard but says she’ll talk to Robbie. At the garage, Robbie prepares to tell the truth when Debbie says Cain’s onto him about it and he tells her he’s used the cash to do a deal with a mate. Cain’s shocked when Debbie tells him she’s keeping Moira’s cash and he’s taken aback by her words when she says she’ll do anything for Sarah and Jack whether he and Moira like it or not.  Cain later gives Moira her money back but she knows it’s from him and not Debbie. She’s frustrated but relents as Cain says he has to look out for Debbie. Later, Robbie enters Pear Tree with a box of Vodka bottles but is deflated when Debbie, loving being in control, tells him she’ll call in the contacts. Outside the garage, Robbie’s unnerved as Cain threatens him, taking money out of his wallet and warning him not to pull any more stunts. That evening, Moira visits Debbie, standing her ground and telling her to go ahead and let Cain see what she’s capable of.


Thursday 14th March

Paddy is adamant Vanessa should take the bullet but Rhona disagrees. Vanessa’s concerned about the state of their marriage. At the shop, Katie tells Paddy they need to decide who’s more important; her or Vanessa as she can’t trust her with her business. At the vets, Rhona’s taken aback when Paddy says he can’t stay if Vanessa does. Vanessa’s exasperated by Paddy’s attitude and taken aback when he agrees that he doesn’t know why Rhona sticks around. Paddy finally admits his fears to Vanessa about him and Rhona. He’s desperate to fix things but knows he always ends up making it worse. Later, Rhona’s taken aback and unnerved when Vanessa tells her Paddy has been talking to her, which means he is as worried as she is about their marriage. Vanessa urges her friend to decide if she’s got a marriage left to save.  Later, Vanessa locks Paddy and Rhona in the surgery, saying they’re not coming out until they’ve sorted things out, or killed each other. Rhona’s surprised by Paddy’s revelation when he tells her he makes her miserable and she deserves better than him. Paddy goes on to apologise and make it clear they’ll all stand together with the Katie situation. Rhona apologises too made up he is backing her up. Meanwhile,

Brenda’s in a bad mood as she tries to take her mind off Bob but things get worse when Bob insists from now on they work different shifts at the cafe. Later at the pub, Dan forces Brenda to join in a game of darts and Georgia’s shocked he knows about her tumour. Bob refuses to join in, filled with misery as he watches them together unaware of the truth.  Bob’s forced by Dan to join in the darts game and Brenda struggles to keep up appearances. Brenda’s hurt when Bob asks Georgia if she’s got a friend for him now he’s single but struggling to keep up the front Bob’s in pieces when Brenda flirts with Dan and blurts out that she doesn’t love Bob and never will. Dan’s in a dilemma as he fails to put Bob right about what Brenda said, leaving Bob devastated. He tries to make sense of Brenda’s words but then decides to leave. Dan’s concerned about his mate but Brenda forces him to walk her home. In the street Bob’s in disbelief when he sees Dan put his arm round Brenda, not realising she’s feeling faint. Brenda’s suggestive towards Dan but he turns her down, saying he wouldn’t do that to Bob but helps her inside. Dan is unaware Bob’s watching, his heart breaking.


Friday 15th March

Bob smarts, humiliated, as he watches Brenda open the door to the postman. Inside, she apologises to Dan for last night and is grateful for his support as he offers her a lift to the homeopath later. In the café, Bob assumes Brenda has a date with Dan when she asks for the afternoon off and tells him it’s personal, he feels completely betrayed.  Later that day, Bob sees Dan hugging Brenda and furiously pulls them apart. He yells at Dan reminding him he is supposed to be his mate before shoving him hard. As the men start a scuffle, Bob tells them he won’t stand in the way of true love and leaves completely devastated. An angry Bob goes back into the cafe a tells everyone its closed.  Dan and Brenda try to talk sense into him but he refuses to listen and Dan ushers Brenda out. Later, Brenda and Dan hammer on the café door to speak to Bob but he doesn’t answer and Brenda knows she’ll have to come clean. Brenda goes to get her keys and lets her and Dan in.  How will Bob react when he finally hears the truth?  Sandy’s upset when he finds out he doesn’t qualify for sheltered housing. His family try to cheer him up by suggesting the celebrate his 80th birthday next week with a party

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