What's happening in Home and Away this week? Braxton family drama!

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The Braxton family have already been at the centre of lots of drama in the past but this week they're thrown into the centre of the drama once again as they have a dramatic encounter with Adam!

Monday 11th March

Heath’s fears are realised when he receives a phone call from Adam – He’s taken Darcy out of school. He’ll ensure her safe return only should Heath carry out a job for him. Having told Brax, the two brothers head to an industrial worksite with the promise of meeting Adam and getting Darcy back. When Adam tells of a job Heath must complete, Brax steps in – this is his mess, he’ll be the one to clean it up. Adam warns the dealer has a habit of killing the link man, but Brax insists to Heath that he carry out the deal – Heath has a daughter to think about. Maddy and Spencer accept Roo’s offer to stay at Summer Bay Caravan Park. Harvey presses that they call the kids’ parents but Roo reveals she’s made an agreement with them – she won’t call their parent’s if they don’t run away again. Having been invited by Alf to dinner at Summer Bay House, Maddy falls asleep only to be woken by Roo and Harvey. She doesn’t look well and she’s burning up. They need to take her to a hospital. Sid’s downward spiral continues. Despite the kids’ continual support, he denies anything is wrong. But it’s clear at his disinterest when Romeo loses his job that something is definitely not right.


Tuesday 12th March

Adam’s true to his word, Darcy returns safely to the Share House. Bianca and Heath are relieved she’s out of danger. With Bianca’s approval Heath heads back out to save Brax. Heath arrives in time to save Brax from a hidden gunman. With the dealer having escaped, Brax heads off to find Adam. They have a heated and emotional confrontation. Blinded by anger, Brax walks into the path of the dealers speeding car, only to be saved by Adam at the last second. Heath arrives on the scene to find Adam dead on the pavement and Brax in a world of confusion. A devastated Brax heads off, telling Heath to look after Casey and the restaurant. Is he gone for good? Maddy is diagnosed with meningitis and Roo feels deep guilt– she could have looked after the kids better. Harvey tells Roo that he called the police, fearing for the kids’ health. Things have gone on too long without her parents being involved. Roo is upset, remembering her own teenage years where she was a runaway. Despite Roo’s anger, Harvey stands by his decision. He knows what it’s like to lose a child. Alf questions Celia on her gambling rehabilitation, wary that she’s come full circle in just a matter of days. Celia quells his reservations but with her opening wallet a wallet full of cash, it seems Alf’s concerns were well-warranted – Celia’s not rehabilitated at all.


Wednesday 13th March

Spencer reveals it’s actually a relief that Harvey called the police. Worried for Maddy, he thinks it might be time they return home. Maddy is enraged by Spencer’s suggestion and in a moment of impulsivity calls her mother telling her she won’t be returning. Their reluctance to involve their parents leaves Roo and Alf wondering if they should. A sum of money is found under Maddy’s pillow and it doesn’t take Alf long to identify the perpetrator. He quizzes Celia on her gambling problem and warns should she bet again and she’ll be out the door for good. Casey is stunned to hear from Kyle what’s happened with Brax, Heath and Adam. To make matters worse, Tamara informs him of her ex-boyfriends plot to contact her. Despite feeling they have the situation in control, they are unaware that the ex – Nelson – has just arrived in the bay. Staging a mini-intervention, Indi, Romeo, Dex and April try to get to the bottom of Sid’s heartache. Sid insists he needs time, but following a reluctance to perform Maddy’s lumbar puncture he heads to a psychologist with the fear that he may be having a breakdown.


Thursday 14th March

Panic stations set in for Tamara who discovers ex-boyfriend Nelson is in town. Casey reassures her that they’ll keep a low profile but when Rosie gives Nelson the address of where Tamara’s staying she’s found and agrees to return home, unwillingly. Casey tries to stop Tamara leaving despite her protestations that they let Nelson have his way. They are saved by Kyle, who knocks Nelson out. Sasha’s wary of Rosie when she continues to talk about a family Sasha’s never met. She hunts down Natalie, but due counsellor/patient confidentiality, can’t get to the bottom of what is going on – she’ll have to get it out of Rosie herself. Sasha’s suspicions increase when Rosie’s cancels her invitation to Sasha to stay the night. If Rosie’s got to look after her little sister at the disco, Sasha’s coming too. Jett struggles to cope with Indi’s rejection and upon the advice of John and Liam decides to attend the Summer Bay disco. All dressed-up in a vest and hair product – the underage disco at the surf club should be the event of the year.


Friday 15th March

Taking a wounded Nelson to the police station, Tamara is saved from returning home. Casey and Tamara declare their love for one another at the beach. Later, Casey and Kyle making peace at the share house, it seems things are looking up for all concerned. But Kyle receives a letter in the mail outlining his court appearance. Having received advice on how to get girls from John and Liam, Jett arrives at the Summer Bay disco. Despite a couple of setbacks, Jett becomes the man of the party, attracting the attention of a girl, Nina. Sasha meets Rosie’s little sister at the disco. Despite the introduction, Sasha’s left feeling something isn’t right. With no response from Maddy or Spencer’s parents, Roo follows things up with the police. Roo confides in Alf, hardly believing that any parent would neglect their kids. Alf opens Roo’s eyes to the situation – when Roo ran aware as a teenager, Alf didn’t chase after her, but that did not mean he didn’t care. Same thing when Roo had to give up Martha. Letting their children have space doesn’t mean the parents don’t care. There’s a difference between caring and coping. Emerson arrives at Summer Bay House with the news that the reason Maddy’s parents haven’t arrived is because Maddy told them not to. She threatened to run should they show. Alf suggests having Spencer and Maddy move in with them, but when questioned whether she can look after the kids full-time Roo admits she can’t. Neither of them is sure what to do next.

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