What's happening in Emmerdale? Brenda continues to keep things from her family!

Spoilers Emmerdale

Brenda's health scare last week causes her to close up and she continues to evade the questions of partner Bob, refusing to listen to Gennie. But, as the chips are down, will Brenda finally open up to her worried loved ones about her tumour?

Monday 4th March

Brenda is determined Bob doesn’t find out. Gennie fights tears as Brenda reassures her she’ll be up and about in no time. Bob arrives and Brenda lies there is nothing to worry about. But Gennie’s not happy at Brenda’s dishonesty. Brenda covers she’s going to have a sleep but the tears begin to fall as Bob leaves. Later, Gennie’s worried when she enters Brenda’s room to find she, and all her belongings have gone. Back at the village, Nikhil’s is there when Brenda arrives back in a taxi, insisting she doesn’t need the biopsy. When Gennie arrives home Brenda is still adamant she is not having the biopsy. Exasperated as Brenda says she just wants to get on with her life and she tries to talk sense into her mum. Gennie explains she wants her to do it for Molly. Will Brenda change her mind?

Cameron is struggling to control his guilt and self-hatred around Thomas as he watches him head to the back door of the pub. Chas opens the door to Thomas; disappointed it’s not Cameron. Thomas is at work early to tidy the cellar as Chas vents her worry about Cameron. Later, Chas covers her anger as Cameron arrives back, saying he’s been for a drive. Thomas explains to Cameron he needs the job so he doesn’t get sent home but assures him he’ll keep out of the way of him and Chas.


Tuesday 5th March

Bob collects Brenda from the hospital unaware how serious things are and she lies she is okay.  Gennie and Nikhil struggle to keep up the facade. At Victoria cottage, Gennie worries, because Georgia knows the truth and asks her to keep it quiet. In the café, Georgia tells Brenda she knows what’s going on and offers to take her back to Gennie’s, adding that Bob will need to know eventually and shouldn’t be kept in the dark. Later, Bob suggests to Brenda they go away with the twins and he tells her he loves her. He’s bewildered when she says she doesn’t want him anymore and tells him to go. As Bob leaves, Brenda starts to cry, heartbroken and scared.

Sandy’s new scooter has arrived but Laurel is concerned where he keeps disappearing. Later, in the Woolpack everyone is worried, as Sandy yet again has gone AWOL. Meanwhile, at the hide, Sean lights the fire but when he gets a call from Ali, wanting him to return home. They both leave without noticing they have left the fire still burning. Sandy arrives back at Tall trees and is confronted by an angry Laurel who suggests he is becoming forgetful and Ashley suggests he should see a doctor. Sandy is outraged explaining he is happier than he has been for years and heads upstairs, outraged. Meanwhile, a burning twig drops from the stove onto Sandy’s blanket and the hide begins to burn.


Wednesday 6th March

Laurel tells Sandy they owe him an apology but he is still miffed at their accusations about him being senile. Laurel, Ashley and Marlon are left ashamed. Sean heads to the hide and is dismayed to see it has burned to the ground. Later, Sandy admits he has been using Seth’s hide as a gettaway and Sean’s been accompanying him. Sandy is deflated, however, when Sean arrives and confesses the hide has burned down. Later, Sandy promises Sean that Ali won’t find out about the hide. Laurel, Marlon and Ashley realise just how unhappy Sandy has been. They see they’ve failed him when he tells them he wants to live the rest of his years in a place of his own suggesting moving to a retirement home.

Rodney and Dan are sympathetic when Bob explains that he’s blown things with Brenda by telling her he loves her. Meanwhile, Brenda tells Gennie she ended things with Bob as she doesn’t even know if she has a future. She worries that Bob only loves her because of how her condition is affecting her and Gennie thinks she should be brave and tell him the truth. Later, Bob’s hopeful when Brenda comes over. She is emotional when Bob tells her he’ll always love her no matter how the menopause makes her feel. He’s heartbroken and baffled when she says it will never work between them and leaves. Elsewhere, Marlon steps in to dig Paddy out of a ruined party shaped hole. Vanessa initially thinks no one has remembered but soon a surprise party is in full swing.


Thursday 7th March

Brenda is determined to stay positive about her hospital results. However, Gennie is concerned, thinking her mum is in denial. Bob is stung by Brenda’s attitude thinking she is messing him around. At the hospital, Gennie is mortified when Brenda jokes about her condition. Brenda tells her to go if she can’t handle it as she needs someone stronger than that. However, just as she is about to head in to see the neurosurgeon Brenda asks for Gennie needing her support. Brenda puts on a brave face but fears the worst as they both head in….  Not long after the neurosurgeon tells Brenda she has a brain tumour but there are options for her. Brenda tries to take it all in as the neurosurgeon explains they need to look at surgery soon. She and Gennie cling to each other and weep. Brenda is given some leaflets about her condition and Gennie has no doubts she should have the operation. As they leave, Gennie babbles to Brenda, saying she’ll help her tell people but Brenda snaps back.  Gennie is shocked and realises she will have to tread carefully. Meanwhile, Bob is at his wits’ end about Brenda. Later, Gennie tells Nikhil and Georgia about her mum, worrying she needs to make decisions quickly.  Gennie is upset when she realises Brenda has been looking on the Internet for alternative advice and is refusing to talk to Bob. Brenda promises to tell him tomorrow but Gennie is left unconvinced. Later, Bob confronts Brenda over her attitude towards him, as she is stringing him along. Bob leaves her alone and in tears. Brenda visits confused what to do about the surgery and Gennie and Nikhil worry she’s going to back out of having the operation.Laurel is upset Sandy has been on the phone to social services about sheltered housing but Marlon doesn’t think he stands a chance of getting one. Bernice and Steve argue over Sandy’s predicament neither keen to have him with them. Meanwhile, both Ashley and Laurel are devastated by Sandy’s harsh words as he is determined to move.  Ashley promises they will do what they can to help. Ashley arranges a meeting for Sandy with the social worker. It’s awkward as they realise Ashley’s past might be raked up. Laurel and Ashley recognise they will need to think of something as Sandy doesn’t have much chance of getting in sheltered accommodation with his nice house and family.  Ashley walks boldly into Sandy’s meeting and lies that things are bad again between them. With his history of violence with Sandy, it sounds critical but will Sandy allow Ashley to use these lies to move him to the top of the housing list?


Friday 8th March

Bob’s determined things are over with him and Brenda but Dan decides to play cupid. At home Brenda becomes tearful as she tells Gennie she’s scared of having the operation. Gennie asks Nikhil to help her mum make the right decision. Nikhil soon prints out a list of the positives and negatives of Brenda having the surgery and it’s food for thought for Brenda as she contemplates if she is brave enough to go through with the surgery. Later, Brenda is distracted as she serves Edna and finds it all too much. At home, she looks over the pros and cons chart as Dan visits, telling her she and Bob are meant to be together and he wants her to think things over. That evening, Gennie listens as a resolute Brenda tells her she has now made up her mind over what she is going to do. Elsewhere, Rhona’s bad back forces her to go to the doctor. Robbie knows he’s being manipulated by Debbie but is still prepared to help out at the garage.

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