What's happening in Home And Away? Jett's crush on Indi deepends!

Home And Away

Jett's crush on Indigo Walker intensifies this week when he plays a trick on Romeo in order to try and get closer to her, but will she have the heart to let the young lad down gently or will she allow the schoolboy crush to continue?

Monday 4th March

Bianca isn’t sure she’s ready to be a mother again. She reveals her reluctance to live as a family with Darcy, and Heath accepts that it’s her call, but he’s not going to stop his fight for Darcy. Brax is also worried about Heath jumping into things. Irene similarly counsels Bianca that they have to think about what’s best for Darcy. Connie is ignoring Heath after hearing from Darcy that he’s after custody. Bianca says she’s with him, but they need to do this the right way. Get a lawyer and clean up. Heath struggles with the application. Brax cautions Heath that raising kids becomes your life, and he’s not sure that Heath’s thought it through. Bianca promises to help Heath and reveals that she asked Liam for a divorce. She wants to start her future with Heath. Alf and Harvey warn Roo to make Spencer and Maddy earn her respect, rather than her throwing it at them. They’re worried she’s letting them into her life too rapidly and none of them know much about them. Celia brings up the fact that Summer Bay House has always been a safe haven for youth in need. Maybe they need to give Spencer and Maddy the benefit of the doubt. Alf is worried about Celia’s relationship. They have an argument but are interrupted by an upset Roo – Maddy and Spencer have gone. Roo searches for them, but Harvey feels they’re unlikely to find them. Roo looks for recent accidents where their parents may have been killed, but to no avail. Alf leaves the Bait shop to find an upset Celia. She confesses that she took the money.


Tuesday 5th March

Celia tells Alf about her gambling problem and reveals that her addiction to gambling is about the thrill and excitement it brings her. Later, Celia decides to leave, but Marilyn encourages her to stay until she speaks to Alf. Marilyn and Roo pressure Alf into making up with Celia, not realising how serious the situation is. Alf is tetchy, and brushes them off. Alf gives Celia a good serve, but tells her that they’re family, and that she can stay, as long as she gets help. Celia has already joined a help group. The two reconcile. Heath feels like Brax is judging him for trying to get custody of Darcy. He goes into overdrive trying to prove to the social worker that he’s a responsible adult, and Bianca struggles to keep him calm. The social worker asks Heath about his criminal history. Heath gets defensive, and he and Bianca try and show that Heath’s changed. Brax and Casey arrive arguing loudly, just as the social worker is leaving. Brax feels guilty for giving a bad impression. Bianca comforts a dejected Heath – he loves Darcy and would do anything for her. In her opinion that outweighs all of the negatives. Tamara returns to the Bay. Her family have rejected her because of her involvement with her brothers’ death. She also reveals that her abusive ex, Nelson, is looking for her. Casey says she can stay with him and she gratefully accepts. Sasha is unhappy to find that Tamara has returned and is staying with Casey. Tamara is annoyed to find that Brax and Casey have been plotting to track down Nelson. Sasha sees a worried Tamara and advises her to leave. Tamara tells Sasha to back off. She decides to leave, concerned that the Braxton’s will invite trouble. That night, while Casey’s asleep on the couch, Tamara comes out to wake him. She admits to Casey that she came back because of him. Casey kisses her passionately.


Wednesday 6th March

Tamara wakes up alone after her night with Casey. She finds him in the kitchen, and things are awkward. At the beach, Casey and Tamara play in the water. April sees their playfulness and is worried for Sasha. She confronts them at the Surf Club, and Casey asks her to keep it to herself. April won’t lie to Sasha, so Casey decides to tell her about them. Tamara tells April that she also cares about Casey, and she’s sorry for the drama she has caused. After drama with Sasha, Casey tells Tamara he doesn’t regret anything that’s happened. Tamara is happy – until she gets a message from Nelson. It’s clear he’s not giving up. Sid wants to have a family dinner. Sasha says she has plans, but Dex promises he’ll be there. Dex is frustrated with her lack of ‘Walker family spirit’. Sasha reveals her issues with Casey to Dex and April. Sasha is upset when Casey arrives at her house to break the news that he and Tamara are an item. Dex stands up to Casey, telling him he’s caused Sasha enough drama. He needs to get out of their house and her life. A distraught Sasha embraces Dex. She thanks him for his support. Sasha goes to speak with Casey and Tamara – she reveals that she doesn’t like the person she is when she’s with Casey – he’s sorry, but she let him put her in this position. She wants to end the friendship, and have no further contact. Jett’s crush on Indi escalates. Gina wants John to give Jett ‘the talk’. Jett side tracks John’s attempts at giving him ‘the talk’ by tricking him into thinking that tonight is a special night for him and Gina. Gina is also confused that tonight is a special night when John arrives with flowers, and thinking she must have forgotten and goes along with it. Jett’s plan has worked, and he books Indi as a babysitter. John decides to get Romeo to drop in while Indi’s babysitting Jett to give him the ‘birds and the bees’ chat. Jett steals Romeo’s wallet while he’s in the surf, prompting Romeo to chase him into a shed, where Jett locks him in. Now he’s free for a night alone with Indi. Sid invites Jett to spend the night at the Walkers. Jett doesn’t want to go to the Walkers, but John forces him to. Romeo is still trapped in the shed. He tries to escape, but hurts himself by falling while trying to climb out a window.


Thursday 7th March

Gina and John drop Jett off at the Walkers’ for their date – but they still don’t know what they’re celebrating, having been tricked by Jett. Too embarrassed to admit it, both of them pretend to know what they’re celebrating. John finally admits he doesn’t know what the night is for after giving Gina a lovely set of earrings. Gina admits she also doesn’t know. They put two and two together, realising Jett’s behind their set-up. Things aren’t going according to plan for Jett at the Walkers’, who are trying to involve Sid more in what Dex calls Operation Warm and Fuzzy. Meanwhile Romeo is unconscious in the shed Jett locked him in. Jett uses Romeo’s phone to text Indi, “I’m at the pub.” Indi picks up that it’s uncharacteristic of Romeo. Roo is still worried about Maddy and Spencer, and blames herself for their disappearance. Sick, cold and tired Maddy and Spencer struggle in the bush. Spencer scopes out the caravan park to find shelter when he sees Alf crossing – they’ll have to wait till night to break into a van. Later that night Maddy and Spencer attempt to break into the shed when they hear Romeo calling out for help. Maddy returns to tell Roo and Harvey that Romeo’s locked in the shed. Romeo is rescued and tells everyone how he ended up injured. Gina, John, Romeo and Alf arrive to confront Jett over his actions. After their obvious attempts at making him feel included, Sid asks everyone to stop trying so hard. Operation Warm and Fuzzy, epic fail. Indi meets up with Jett, and explains that nothing will ever happen between them. She offers to be his friend and Jett is stoked she’s being so cool about things. Jett apologises for his behaviour and John bonds with Jett over the experience. Jett breaks down and John hugs him, assuring him that there are other girls out there, and that love is never simple. He’s at the start of a complicated and wonderful road. Maddy and Spencer tell Roo and Harvey they returned after Maddy went to hospital when she got sick, but are fuzzy on the details. Maddy decides maybe she and Spencer can trust Roo – they’re both sick of lying. They reveal they are not brother and sister, and kiss.


Friday 8th March

Roo and Harvey are apprehensive about Maddy and Spencer’s return, not wanting to spook them into running again. They offer Spencer work at the bait shop, and he happily accepts. Harvey and Alf are impressed with Spencer’s knowledge of boats, but are concerned when Spencer lets slip his father is still alive. Maddy admits to Roo that she didn’t go to hospital – they were running and decided to come back. Roo and Harvey find Maddy’s picture in a missing persons list. Harvey’s determined to call the police, but Roo manages to persuade him to wait until they talk to Maddy and Spencer. When confronted by Roo’s evidence the couple reveal that they are not brother and sister – they’re runaways who wanted to be together. Heath is on edge, waiting to hear from DOCS about the results of his application to have full custody of Darcy. He gets a message from Connie who wants to meet up. She thinks they’re making a huge mistake, she can’t understand why he wants to change the arrangement. She questions whether Heath would be able to be there for Darcy. Heath is devastated when DOCS reject his application to be a full time parent and revoke his visitation rights. Connie storms into Angelo’s accusing Heath of taking Darcy from school saying a man picked her up – but Heath knows nothing about it. A stranger has Darcy. An irritable Liam complains to Natalie about their living situation, and she clocks that there’s a bigger issue at play. He admits that Bianca served him with divorce papers, and he feels like his life is not moving forward. Natalie talks to Bianca about it, but warns they might need to give Liam time. Kyle and Liam bond while working, as they exchange stories. Liam talks to Bianca, assuring her he hopes she and Heath are happy together and that the custody arrangement works out.

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