What's happening in Neighbours? Sarah Beaumont is back!

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Just as Susan and Karl look to be on the verge of a reunion this week, in typical Ramsay Street fashion, a major thorn in their side reappears when Sarah Beaumont makes her return.

Monday 4th March

As Patrick is rushed into surgery, Sonya learns that Lucas is convinced that Vanessa was about to reject his declaration of love. Sonya urges him not to jump to conclusions, but Lucas fears seem confirmed when Vanessa later avoids him. After Patrick comes through the operation, Georgia and Lucas convince Vanessa to take up residence in the family accommodation so she can rest. Alone in the family accommodation unit, Vanessa finally succumbs to emotion. Have Lucas's dreams come true? As Susan grapples with the imminent loss of her job at the Erinsborough News, Karl offers her his support, wanting to be there for her. When Toadie learns of Karl's determination to reconcile with Susan, he offers to help by issuing a joint dinner invitation for Karl and Susan to come spend some time with baby Nell. When he pitches the idea to Susan, she's all for it. Later, however, he learns that Callum thinks he's seen Sarah Beaumont entering Lassiters Hotel. If this is true, Toadie knows it won't be good news for Karl and Susan. Out walking with Sonya and Nell, Callum spots a mysterious dark haired woman arriving at Lassiters. Convinced he's seen her before, he works out it was on Annalise Hartman's documentary video, and he scrolls through until he finds it. When Toadie realises what he's doing, Callum informs him of what he's seen. At the same time, Paul introduces himself to the UK representative of the media giant that has purchased the Erinsborough News – it's none other than Sarah Hannay (formerly Beaumont), the woman who destroyed Karl and Susan's marriage all those years ago. What's her agenda?


Tuesday 5th March

Paul and Sarah finish their business, and despite Paul's charm assault, she remains determined to leave town. Callum gets proof of Sarah's presence when he sees Sarah by the lake. He films video footage of her on his phone. When Sarah catches him she pays him off - asking him to keep her return a secret. Driven to Karl, Sarah asks him to meet her back at the hotel. Stunned, Karl agrees, and when he arrives he's relieved that Sarah doesn't intend to stay. She just felt she needed to make amends for the past. Karl is happy to see Sarah on her way - but when he gives her a kiss goodbye, Susan witnesses it. Could Sarah unwittingly drive a final nail in the coffin of the Kennedy marriage? Lucas and Vanessa process their kiss and, while Lucas makes his feelings clear, Vanessa remains overwhelmed with concern for her baby. She asks Lucas for them to start over and he agrees. Vanessa confides in Sonya about the hard time she's having in the Family Accommodation unit, and takes comfort in Sonya's friendship. Sonya tells Lucas about Vanessa's dark thoughts and Lucas decides to move into the Family Accommodation with her and help her through it.

Wednesday 6th March

Shocked at seeing Karl with Sarah, Susan struggles to keep it together. Sarah's attempt to apologise for how she's damaged their relationship leaves Susan upset and quietly angry with Karl. To make matters worse, Paul reveals Sarah's employers have insisted she spend her time at the Erinsborough News office. Susan's reeling, but Toadie implores her not to blame Karl for Sarah's return. But when Karl tries to apologise about the way Sarah's return was revealed, Susan gives him short shrift. It's clear Sarah's return has opened old wounds. Eager to protect his chances of reuniting with Susan, Karl pleads with Sarah not to reveal the extent of their affair – but Sarah’s offended by the suggestion that she’d cause trouble. Karl worries he's inadvertently put her offside. Sophie shows Rani a nasty Facebook page that someone has created about her family in the wake of Priya's affair. Rani realises the page was inspired by her own post, and that the photos on it were stripped from her page. Feeling responsible, she skips school to tell Ajay, but his supportive understanding only increases her anger. Meanwhile, worried Sophie strikes a deal with Kate to let her go and search for Rani, while keeping the whole business from Priya. She argues that their relationship can't afford another blow up. But when Sophie finds Rani, she's committed an even more outrageous act. Is Rani going off the rails?


Thursday 7th March

Paul is irate to discover graffiti about him sprayed across a wall at Lassiters. To make matters worse, he gets offside with the new policeman, Matt, who he later discovers is a new neighbour. Kate, meanwhile, puts two and two together, and realises that Rani must have been the graffiti culprit. Matt begins to investigate and his enquiries also point him in the direction of Rani. However, when he approaches Ajay about wanting to question her, he gets a hostile reception. Ajay refuses to allow it, and Priya is similarly defensive - until Kate arrives. She confesses that Rani wasn't in school at the time of the offence – and Priya's shocked to learn that her daughter has acted out again. She and Ajay reprimand Rani and make it clear that she's gone too far this time. Priya pleads with Ajay to attend counselling with her for Rani's sake. Ajay reluctantly agrees to think about it, but as the appointment nears, he can't bring himself to attend. Lou's excited – and nervous - about the arrival of his daughter Lauren, and her family, who are moving to Erinsborough permanently. Lucas encourages Lou to ask his family to stay at the house, and Lou is grateful. He admits he's worried about how Lauren will react when she finds out about his 'fall from grace'. When Lauren and her family arrive, Lou finds himself unable to tell them the truth. His secrets are blown, however, at a Ramsay Street barbecue, and to his relief, Lauren is understanding. All she cares about is that the family is back together. Lou makes a vow: this is a new start for him and Lauren, and from now on everything is out on the table. Lauren agrees, but now it seems that she's the one who might be hiding her own secrets.


Friday 8th March

Priya's hopes for resurrecting her marriage are dashed when Ajay continues to refuse counselling. More tension erupts after Ajay learns that Priya sought Paul's help in dropping the charges against Rani. Frustrated by Paul's ongoing involvement in their life, Ajay retreats to Charlie's for a drink, where he runs into Phillipa, a woman he met in his karate class earlier in the day. She is clearly attracted to him, but Ajay initially puts her off – the last thing he wants is to make his life more complicated. But as he's preparing to leave the bar, he clocks Paul. Reminded of Priya's betrayal, he ends up leaving the bar with Phillipa after all. Andrew's puzzled by the continued chill he's feeling from Tash. Chris explains Tash's insecurities but the problem is that Andrew doesn't know how he feels about her. When he later realises he loves her and makes assurances to Tash that their relationship is serious, the words seem hollow. Tash decides they need to abstain from sex for a month to prove they've got something real. Initially Andrew doesn't take it seriously, but once Tash explains her deeper reasons, he gets reluctantly on board. At Amber and Bailey's first day of school, Lauren is made aware that Amber's marks are cause for concern. Lauren and Matt talk to her about applying herself, and Amber assures them she will. While Amber's said all the right things, Lauren can see just how unhappy she is, and a later talk with Matt confirms there's something the Turners are keeping from Lou.