What's happening in Neighbours? Rani makes Priya pay!

Neighbours logoRani begins to misbehave in this week's visit to Ramsay Street, is she trying to punish mother Priya for her affair with villainous Paul Robinson?

Monday 25th February

Karl confides in Ajay that he wants to reconcile with Susan, believing he knows Susan better than she knows herself. He thinks that all he has to do is play his cards right and be patient, and she'll eventually fall right back into his arms. Susan, meanwhile, confides in Priya that all she wants from Karl is friendship. Karl persists with his plan and, when he wins a night at Lassiters in the fundraiser raffle, he suspects this could be the opportunity he's been looking for. However, before he can ask Susan, she learns that Paul has sold the Erinsborough News. Karl's plans are derailed by Susan's sudden job crisis. Ajay looks forward to the distraction of the gig, but when Paul forces them to play at Charlie's, his frustrations resurface. He refuses to play, not wanting to give Paul the satisfaction. When Priya hears of this, she gives Ajay a reality check, providing him with a different perspective. Ajay takes the advice on board and shows up to the gig, putting on an enthusiastic performance, much to Paul's annoyance. Priya is pleased to see Ajay so happy, and is hopeful that this means she might be able to mend her own fractured relationship with him. After finding out from Paul that Andrew was going to fire her, Tash is resentful and angry. She knows that she deserves better than to play second fiddle to a business, and she lets Andrew know in no uncertain terms. Andrew confronts Paul, insisting that he butts out of his relationship. He and Tash soon make amends, planning a romantic escape together.


Tuesday 26th February

Doing her best to repair her relationship with her daughter, Priya's more lenient towards Rani at home, confident she'll be afforded more respect at school. However, keen to make her mother pay, Rani pushes the boundaries at school, forcing Priya to make a choice about reprimanding her. Not wanting to push Rani even further away, Priya initially decides against it but when Rani goes a step further, she's left with little choice but to punish her daughter. Rani fumes but to her surprise, Ajay supports Priya's decision. Although the distance between her and Rani is greater than it's ever been, has Priya inadvertently started to regain Ajay's respect?  Fired up Susan seeks out Paul and gets confirmation that he has sold the paper. What's worse is that her job security is now totally out of his hands. Supportive Karl offers Susan a drink in the hotel room he won, and invites her to vent about Paul's selfishness. However, when Sophie brings up the champagne and strawberries that are a complimentary part of Karl's prize package, Susan suspects Karl is trying to take advantage of her vulnerability and leaves. Karl desperately tries to explain, but Susan isn't interested, instead pulling even further away from Karl. Have they missed their opportunity?


Wednesday 27th February

Georgia prepares to head back home to see her boyfriend Scotty at his mother's birthday event. But for reasons even she doesn't fully understand, she is reluctant to go. She comes across Kyle's sausage sizzle fundraiser and suggests he hold a car wash to plump the coffers. Kyle agrees but insists she stays and helps out. As they work, Georgia is surprised to find herself feeling attracted to Kyle. Ultimately, a torn Georgia chooses to stay longer to help Kyle rather than head home to see Scotty. However, when her guilt gets the better of her, Georgia declines Kyle's offer of a drink and decides to head back to Birregurra. Suspicious of her sudden change of heart, Kyle wrongly assumes what's really going on – concluding that Georgia's interested in Rhys. Priya takes some solace in Ajay's support of her dealing with Rani. While she's reluctant to get her hopes up, when she learns of Ajay defending her to Paul, Priya's hopeful that he's starting to soften towards her. However, once at home, Ajay makes it clear nothing has changed between them and Priya realises the road to forgiveness is longer than she'd been hoping for.


Thursday 28th February

When Lou sees Lucas and Vanessa's closeness at the hospital, he misinterprets the situation. Lucas sets him straight that they are not a couple. Lou challenges Lucas to finally be honest with Vanessa, believing that this is the right time. Lucas contemplates telling Vanessa how he feels, but when he discovers Rhys unselfishly set up the foundation for Patrick as the only gesture he could make for Vanessa, Lucas realises he can't take advantage of the situation. Rhys and Vanessa would be together still if it wasn't for Patrick and unselfishly, Lucas urges Vanessa to reunite with Rhys. Unaware of Georgia's feelings for him, Kyle fears her odd behaviour points towards her having feelings for Rhys. Fearing she'll only have her heart broken, Kyle urges her to mend things with Scotty. Georgia is disappointed, believing her budding feelings for Kyle are not reciprocated. Embarrassed, she shelves her attraction for Kyle and tries to make amends with Scotty, despite knowing it's not where her heart lies. When Susan runs into Lou and sees he's troubled and acting cagey, she pushes him to reveal that he's worried about his daughter moving to Erinsborough with her family. She has no idea that he's not as active in the community as he once used to be. Susan assures him that Lauren won't care, but Lou's worries remain.


Friday 1st March

Sonya is shocked to discover Lucas is pushing Vanessa to be with Rhys. She confronts Lucas, urging him to keep fighting but he won't be swayed. He insists that if Vanessa loved him, she would have shown it by now. Sonya confides her frustration to Toadie but he warns her against interfering. Sonya struggles to take his advice and eventually pushes Vanessa to decide how she feels about Lucas. She needs to set him straight either way, because he's clearly in love with her. Vanessa musters up the courage to confront Lucas, and he finally confesses his love for her. He asks if Vanessa reciprocates but just as she's about to answer, little Patrick's oxygen levels drop. In the midst of the panic, the moment is lost. Tash and Andrew arrive home from their weekend away. While Andrew is enjoying the early stages of their relationship, Tash is beginning to feel there's something missing. When she finds an old, meaningful email Andrew sent to Summer at the height of their romance, her fears are confirmed: Andrew will never love her like this. Chris urges Tash to talk to Andrew, but when a chance arrives she loses her nerve. She's too afraid of losing him to risk it. Rhys is shattered when Vanessa dumps him once and for all. Thinking he needs an ego boost, Sheila confides that she happens to know Georgia thinks pretty highly of him. Rhys is skeptical, but Sheila insists she heard Kyle say as much. Acting on impulse, Rhys asks Georgia out. She refuses and learns that Kyle has been talking behind her back. Hurt, she tells Kyle to butt out of her love life. Later, after being chastised by her grandson for speaking out of turn, Sheila questions why Kyle is so interested in Georgia's affairs. Does he have feelings for her too?