What's happening in Hollyoaks? Darren causes chaos for the Kane family!

HollyoaksDarren panics this week as he continues in his attempts to raise enough money for the Osbornes to buy the Dog, but what will his actions mean for the Kane family?

Monday 25th February

Fraught Darren concocts an elaborate plan to secure his family’s future, but will his outrageous idea backfire? As things heat up between John-Paul and Doug, how will Leanne react? Can things between Trudy and Jacqui get much worse?  And can Ste and Brendan overcome all obstacles to take their relationship to the next level?


Tuesday 26th February

As tension mounts, can Leanne resolve the chaos she’s caused before it’s too late? Darren panics under the pressure, but can he save the day? Kevin sets about trying to manipulate Brendan, but will his lies fool the cunning Mr Brady? Elsewhere, Trudy’s game with Jacqui becomes increasingly menacing. And is love in the air for Callum?


Wednesday 27th February

Walker piles the pressure on Kevin but will Brendan fall for his plan? How will The Osborne’s cope with the consequences of last night? Nancy feels increasingly guilty, but can Darren forgive her?  Tony steps in to save the day - can Jacqui finally forgive him for the heartache he’s caused? Meanwhile, is Cheryl having reservations about Nate?


Thursday 28th February

Walker piles the pressure on Kevin but will Brendan fall for his plan? Leanne gives some controversial advice, but will her idea work? Seamus grows suspicious of his daughter’s new man; what exactly is Nate hiding? Terrified that he’s in too deep, Kevin plots his escape, but will he succeed?


Friday 29th February

Unaware of the mortal danger she’s put herself in, will Kevin be able to protect Maxine from ruthless Walker? Seamus reveals his uncertainties about Nate, but is Cheryl setting herself up for more heartbreak?  Will Dodger admit to Theresa how he really feels? Feeling guilty, Ste begs Brendan for forgiveness.