What's happening in Emmerdale? Edna's health worries!

EmmerdaleAfter weeks of trying to hide her problems, Edna's money woes come out of the woodwork this week when she collapses!

Monday 25th February

Edna’s torn as she gets her father’s medals out of the drawer knowing she has little choice but to sell them. The roofers grumble about the tea and the lack of biscuits. Edna goes to seek out Rodney over selling her father’s medals but Jimmy explains he’s away on a job. Desperate, Edna tries Pollard and he knows he has her over a barrel, offering just £150. Edna later proves they are worth more when she shows Pollard a computer print out so he offers her £400. Defeated by it all Edna seems to have no choice.  With the cash Edna goes to pay the vets fee and collects Tootsie. Paddy sees Edna does not look well. Edna insists she’s fine but Paddy and Vanessa are convinced there’s something wrong. Outside Woodbine, Jimmy tells Edna he’s worried about her and invites her for tea one night but Edna refuses and hurries inside. Edna is weak and dizzy.  She suddenly falls after feeding Tootsie and lies in her cottage all alone, unconscious. Elsewhere, Rachel tries to talk to Sam but it’s awkward. Rachel’s solution to her problems is to arrange a babysitter so she can go out and get drunk.


Tuesday 26th February

Edna lies on the floor where she collapsed with Tootsie whining at her side. The roofers work nosily into the afternoon, unaware, Edna is still lying on the floor. Her eyes opening briefly while Tootsie barks on hearing Jimmy’s voice. Kev and Paul leave the site for an emergency job.  Jimmy sees Edna through the window and tells Rodney to call an ambulance whilst he starts kicking at the door. They talk to a woozy Edna who refuses to go to the hospital but reluctantly allows the paramedics to examine her.  Soon Jimmy and Rodney are picking up the clues and realise Edna’s situation whilst Edna continues to try and cover. She finally breaks down in front of Jimmy as he says he knows what’s going on and should have helped sooner. Edna is devastated her pride has been taken from her. Dan is gob smacked to see Brenda stayed the night with Bob as she leaves in a hurry to babysit Molly. Brenda blurts about her night with Bob to Gennie but gets confused suddenly during the conversation. Gennie says she’s happy if Brenda is but we see Brenda is worried. Later, Brenda loses concentration and accidentally tips tea into Molly’s cot. Georgia snatches Molly away and is perplexed when Brenda hurries out. Gennie is panicked about Molly but Georgia assures her she is fine. Gennie is shocked when Georgia suggests Brenda might have been drunk. In the café, Brenda’s furious when Gennie asks about her drinking and Bob is shocked. Brenda looks worried and confused despite Bob’s assurance it will blow over.


Wednesday 27th February

Lisa tries to talk to Sam about Rachel but he’s not in the mood. Meanwhile, Ruby apologises to Rachel but she is annoyed she was made to look like an idiot. Back home Rachel thinks about calling Sam but decides against it. She’s surprised when an upset Samson knocks on her door and she ushers him inside as he asks her not to tell his dad. She tries to explain to Samson it wasn’t his fault about her and Sam. Rachel takes Samson home but Sam is angry Rachel had not called him sooner. Sam tells Rachel to stay away and Rachel leaves, kicking herself. Sam wonders if he’s overreacted when Zak suggests she was just doing the right thing. Sam later visits Rachel and is awkward as he says he wishes he’d sent her the card, not Samson. They share a kiss before he leaves and Rachel is thrilled.Gennie is determined to sort things with Brenda and insists she and Nikhil go and speak to her. Brenda accepts their apology but worries about looking after Molly again. Gennie has to remind her in the pub that she said she’d babysit but Brenda is clearly worried about herself. At Victoria, Brenda pulls out a medical encyclopedia as she babysits Molly and is worried by what she reads. Later, Brenda sheds a tear in worry as she leaves their house.


Thursday 28th February

Nicola is stressed about the mess Tootsie’s causing but is now feeling guilty everyone now knows about Edna’s situation. Meanwhile, Edna is feeling uncomfortable and displaced.  Vanessa puts together a parcel of food for Edna after doing a collection around the village.  Proud Edna is appalled to be given the handout, mortified at what Vanessa has done. Meanwhile, Vanessa is exasperated as Ashley tries to explain how insensitive she is. Edna is still feeling humiliated when Ashley tries to make her see the grace in receiving help from others and Edna is grateful when he suggests they go and pray together. Bob is concerned about Brenda’s moods and begins to wonder if he’s the cause as perhaps she is having second thoughts about them. Brenda admits she has been a bit unwell recently but says it’s her hormones, although it is clear she is worried. Bob reassures her but Brenda explains she doesn’t want to visit the doctor, secretly worrying it could be something else. Brenda is in a better mood after offloading to Bob and looks forward to taking Molly swimming. She sets off in the car but is distracted and zones out. Suddenly Brenda’s car swerves out of control towards Val who is stood in it’s way.

In the café, everyone is shocked after Brenda’s accident and Bob comforts her. Val calls for Brenda to be breathalysed, convinced she is drunk or that Brenda tried to run her down deliberately. Suddenly Brenda collapses. As she starts to shake Bob is worried when she calls out for Terry. Brenda is confused as the paramedics arrive to take her. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Gennie and Nikhil are relieved to hear Molly is okay having been checked over.  Brenda is still confused as she is brought into A & E and Gennie is shocked to see her there. Nikhil makes things worse for Gennie when he tells her he doesn’t think it is just hormones causing Brenda’s symptoms. Gennie’s worried and feels guilty she never asked Brenda if she was okay after the accident. Meanwhile, Brenda is in denial and wants to go home but Gennie is determined the doctor tells them what is going on. Gennie is upset to hear they are investigating as her symptoms might suggest something much more serious than the menopause.


Friday 1st March

Gennie’s worried about Brenda and feels bad for not saying anything to her about what the doctor told them. Bob thinks Gennie should tell her mum but Gennie is adamant they do things her way. Bob and Gennie arrive at the hospital and Brenda suddenly starts to cry. Brenda and Gennie are worried when a neurosurgeon comes to say the results are back. Brenda is told she she has a lesion and they need to perform a biopsy. Gennie’s shell shocked but Brenda’s in denial that that there’s anything wrong as Nikhil offers to go get some paper to write down exactly what the neurosurgeon said. Later, Gennie breaks down, worried about Brenda and is shocked when she says she doesn’t want Bob to know what’s going on. Chas is dismayed by Thomas’s attitude towards her when he arrives at work. Cameron warns Chas about taking on ‘projects’ and she is confused by Cameron’s strength of feeling. Later, Thomas tries to be chatty with Cameron but he tells him it is not going to work and strongly warns him he wants him out. Thomas tells Cameron he won’t have the say in that but we see a flicker of anxiety. Cameron is annoyed to see Chas is putting Thomas on the payroll and explains she shouldn’t have to have him there reminding her about what she did to Carl.  Chas is baffled why Cameron is so angry over Thomas.




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