What's happening in Home And Away? Siblings Spencer and Maddie arrive!

Home And Away logoNew characters Spencer and Maddie arrive on the Bay this week, what secret are these siblings hiding?

Monday 18th February

Dex is unsure if he should return to his studies, while April looks forward to university. Romeo, Indi and April can’t help but pick up on his anxiety. Irene tells April that she should be mindful of all the opportunities Dex has lost, but that she’s sure he’s not jealous of her success. Dex reveals to April that he’s concerned about becoming a nurse with his seizures. April tells him not to give up, and that he should take on a reduced workload. Dex thinks it’s going to take forever, but April is adamant – she finishes in five years, they should aim to finish at the same time. Heath has been knocked out and abandoned on a boat in the ocean by Jamie. Heath wakes up to find the boat is sinking. Things are looking dire for him as he’s hurt, bleeding and alone. Liam confronts Jamie about the fishing trip, and Jamie lies and tells him it was cancelled. Bianca’s thrilled to receive Heath’s message – he wants to be with her, but she’s concerned to find Heath hasn’t returned yet, and asks Brax for help. While the boys look for Heath Bianca received a text from Adam implying that he’s gotten rid of Heath. After talking to Liam, Brax and Kyle realise Jamie is covering something up. They find Jamie, but he refuses to help, wildly accusing Brax of being just like Adam. While Jamie’s distracted, Kyle discovers Heath’s bag in his boat. Brax forces Jamie to lead them to Heath. As they frantically search for Heath, Brax doubts whether Jamie is taking them in the right direction. Kyle counsels Jamie that it’s not too late. He has Dad issues as well, but he’s looking for a chance to make things right. Jamie makes a decision – he’s going to help them. They find the tiny boat Heath was in, but he’s gone and only bloody water remains.


Tuesday 19th February

Brax threatens to kill Jamie, but its Kyle’s sympathy that persuades Jamie to tell them Adam’s plans. They resume their search. Alive or dead, they need to bring Heath home. Just as it looks like all hope is lost Brax spots Heath lying on the shoreline. He jumps in and swims into his brother, but Heath’s unresponsive. They rush a freezing cold Heath to hospital. At hospital Brax is relieved to hear Heath’s alive but suffering from hypothermia. Back at the share house, Brax calls Adam, letting him know they have Jamie. A frightened Jamie calls out for his fathers’ help. Brax confronts Adam, who tries to palm the blame onto Jamie. Under the weight of evidence, Adam admits his part in the plan. Brax coldly informs him that they are done. Kyle is angry that Brax lets Adam get away with it, but Brax warns Kyle of Adam’s intelligence. There’s more at play here than they know. Bianca confronts Adam about Heath’s whereabouts, and after a heated confrontation Adam warns Bianca not to threaten him. Upon hearing Heath’s alive she goes to the hospital and Sid reveals to Bianca Heath is suffering from hypothermia. Heath wakes up disorientated and Bianca calms him. She admits when he didn’t come home she was scared he’d changed his mind about their relationship. He tells her that all he could think about in the ocean was Bianca and Darcy. The couple are finally reunited. Casey has a run in with Courtney, a prisoner, but is defended by Zac, an education officer at the correctional facility. It’s revealed Zac is keeping an eye on Casey as a favour to Natalie. Zac tells Casey that he has options in the prison, but Casey’s not interested. Courtney clocks Zac’s interest in Casey, which further antagonises him. Courtney and Casey begin to fight, and Zac intervenes. Sensing the other prisoners regard Casey as weak, he tells Casey to hit him in the face. Afterwards Casey asks him why he had to punch him. Zac replies, “To get you respect” Casey is annoyed. Respect for the things he’s done? He’s ashamed of his past. But Zac is deadly serious. It’s a tough world in here. He’s got a chance to start over in here if he accepts Zac’s help. Casey starts to listen to Zac’s advice.


Wednesday 20th February

Upon returning from his stint at the Detention Centre, Casey is incensed to find Brax has given Kyle a place to stay at the Share house. Adamant he can’t live under the same roof as Kyle, he briskly moves into Leah’s. Things go from bad to worse when late for a shift at Angelo’s, Casey finds his workload has been given to Tamara. The final nail in the coffin, Casey quits, before being convinced by Natalie to give Brax another chance – he’s trying his best to juggle his brothers the best he can. The love triangle that is Casey-Tamara-Sasha takes another turn when Sasha surprises everyone with a Cake for Casey’s birthday. The gesture motivates Tamara to confront Casey at Leah’s – She’s not giving up the fight for Casey, she wants this relationship more than anything. In the wake of her break-up with Casey, Sasha takes another hit when Gina suggests she repeat Year 11 at Summer Bay High again. Colleen is fussing over Harvey with the belief that he’s contracted Chickenpox from Lottie. Bemused by the attention Harvey insists the care is unwarranted – he feels fine. Alf meanwhile enjoys the pleasure of his new IPod. Who knew technology could be so satisfying?


Thursday 21st February

Spencer and Maddy arrive in the bay and are set up in a Caravan for the night. Alf’s disgusted to find the next morning that they’ve run away and rightly relays this to John outside the bait shop. When John discovers the brother and sister combo at Angelo’s he confronts them only to have them get away on foot again. Colleen and Celia continue to fuss over Harvey, pushing Alf’s patience to the limit. When his prized IPod falls into a pot of food he hits the roof- all guests have overstayed their welcome, it’s time for Colleen, Morag and Celia to leave. Celia’s reluctance to go motivates Alf to ask what’s going on. He’s stunned when she tells him she’s got no place to go. April finds Dex somewhat distant when talk arises of their upcoming university studies. Having skipped his tests at the hospital, Dex almost faints at the bait shop; Alf and April are forced to call Sid as a result. Back at the farmhouse Dex’s deep fears surface – he’s going to have to put up with his epilepsy for the rest of his life. April assures him that with family and friends around to support him life will return to normal – he will be able to study and successfully become a nurse. With April moving into the farmhouse to be with Dex it seems any concerns about his health and his future are a thing of the past. Casey and Tamara address their relationship. Casey admits that while there is definitely a connection, the baggage in the lives will have a negative bearing on their relationship. He has some stuff to deal with regarding his brothers while she should return home to confront her parents and the burden that lays over them after her brother’s death. He’ll miss her but in essence, it’s for the best.


Friday 22nd February

Celia reveals to Alf that she fell for someone only to discover him a conman; one that has taken her for all she’s worth. Alf is left with no option but to offer Celia a place to stay. Covering Celia’s secret it’s clear to Roo, Marilyn and Harvey there’s more to her extended visit than meets the eye. With Celia on the hunt for a job, Marilyn takes her to the diner for a shift with Irene. With her day spent chatting to customers Irene orders Marilyn to bite the bullet – she has to be fired. With Roo and Alf, Marilyn is on the verge of telling Celia her plight when Celia commends them all for sticking by her; a night of celebratory pizzas was not the outcome they were looking for. Spencer too arrives at the Diner intent on working off his breakfast debt from earlier that morning. Caught by Roo sneaking into the muffins, Spencer starts to reveal his and Maddy’s history – their parents died and they’re just waiting for the will money to come through. Conflict between Spencer and Maddy suggests their problems run much deeper and they are yet again forced to sleep amongst nature, a nearby dingy their home for the night. Jett presses Liam for VJ’s where-abouts only to be told it’s none of his business. It seems despite his protestations he’ll never find out what’s happened to his best mate. On the pier Jett discloses to Indi his concerns – he doesn’t really have any other friends. Indi reassures Jett that one day VJ will come back. In the meantime she’ll be his friend – he can’t have too many of those, right?

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