What's happening in Hollyoaks? Crunch time for Mitzeee!

HollyoaksMitzeee becomes embroiled in Carl's hunt for Walker this week, will she get caught in the crossfire?

Monday 11th February

Mitzeee is horrified to learn the full extent of Carl’s plans, but can she change his mind?  As things are looking up for Brendan and Ste, could there be serious trouble in store for this happy couple? Diane is dealt difficult news, but how will she react? It’s judgement day for Sinead and Ruby, but will anybody acknowledge their remorse? Meanwhile Cheryl is horrified when she discovers who her new investor is.


Tuesday 11th February

Brendan and Ste’s world is turned upside down when a figure from their past returns to haunt them. Carl leaves a difficult decision in Mitzeee’s hands, but what will she decide? On hearing the extent of her investor’s lies, can Cheryl find it in her to forgive and forget?  Jacqui leaves the McQueens in a tricky situation, but could Theresa have the answer? Elsewhere in the village, is Carmel more excited about future prospects than she’s making out?


Wednesday 12th February

It’s a big day for Mitzeee. Carl asks Mitzeee to fulfil a vital task, but will she be able to go through with it? When Carmel is publically humiliated, is anyone able to come to her rescue? Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Ste is left with a heart-breaking choice to make, but will he make the right one?


Thursday 13th February

Walker sets Kevin the ultimate test, but can he go through with it? Mitzeee is dealt astonishing news, but will Carl acknowledge her emotional plea in time? As Brendan’s life begins to spiral out of control, will Ste regret his decision?  Meanwhile, have the tables finally turned for a notoriously unlucky Cheryl? And has Carmel made a monumental mistake?


Friday 14th February

Guilt lying heavily on Carl’s shoulders, he asks Mitzeee one final question, but what will she say? Will Cheryl ever find her happily-ever-after? As Brendan and Ste struggle to reconcile, can the pair get through this rough patch together?