What's happening in Emmerdale? Teen trouble with Gabby Thomas!

EmmerdaleGabby Thomas is causing grief this week when she is caught stealing alcohol, what is up with the troubled teen?

Monday 11th February

A rattled Bernice tries to sort out the float as Gabby asks her about money for her school trip. Ashley’s short with Gabby, he doesn’t have the money and she maybe doesn’t deserve to go anyway. Laurel feels put out she never sees Gabby and suggests they have tea together tonight. Ashley tells Bernice he can’t afford Gabby’s school trip and no one sees Gabby swiftly pocket £40 from the till. Later, Laurel finds the money in her pocket and Gabby lies that Bernice gave it to her. Laurel’s unimpressed, knowing she’ll have to confront Bernice over it. Elsewhere, Dom is not impressed with Debbie’s modus operandi as she’s got a new contract and has hired Robbie who will work for peanuts.


Tuesday 12th February

Chas is puzzled, sure the till is down. Gabby sneaks half a bottle of vodka from the pub on the way to school. Chas works out Gabby has taken the money from the pub till and tells Laurel, Ashley, Bernice and Steve. They all bicker as Ashley takes a call from the school, saying Gabby and her friends have been caught drinking. In the head teacher’s office, Ashley is mortified to discover Gabby brought in the bottle and Bernice blames Laurel and Ashley’s split for her behaviour. Miss Davies suggests Gabby needs some control and needs to feel part of decision making and Laurel agrees. Back in the pub, Gabby apologises to Ashley and he’s at a loss when she says she wants to move back to Mulberry with Bernice but also wants to live with him too. Laurel is hurt when Bernice says Gabby will have to move in with her. They’re all shocked when Ashley explains Gabby wants him to move in too. Bernice suggests they could try Ashley living at Mulberry with her and Steve but both Laurel and Ashley think it is a mad idea. Priya is happy when David suggests she move in and she is keen to get her things straightaway and Rishi and Georgia help her with the move.  Pollard warns David that Alicia and Jacob are returning tonight, suggesting David should tell Jacob about Priya moving in. Later, on their first cosy night in together Priya storms upstairs when David suggests delaying mentioning a divorce to Alicia.



Wednesday 13th February

Alicia tries to convince herself, Val and Pollard that she is moving on over her feelings for David. Meanwhile, Priya softens towards David when he gives her an engagement ring but he is embarrassed when it is too big. Later, David is cornered when Priya explains her mum Georgia, has found a wedding venue but they must see it now. Up at Home Farm, Alicia discovers her wedding appointment is actually with David and Priya, Nicola suggests Alicia should show she is not beaten and prove she can do the job. Meanwhile, an awkward David gets dragged into Home Farm, thinking it is a bad idea to have the wedding there. Alicia enters their meeting bold, efficient and determined to do a great job for them. As she goes through the wedding information much to David’s dismay neither Alicia nor Priya back down, both insisting they’re okay with the wedding arrangements. Alicia agrees to start their divorce proceedings while David realises the full reality of it all.

Marlon assures Laurel that Ashley won’t move in with Bernice and Steve just because it’s what Gabby wants. Meanwhile, at the Woolpack, Bernice sends Gabby to her room so she can talk to Ashley. Much to his shock, she is considering the idea of him moving in and wants to call Laurel over for a meeting. In the café, Bernice and Laurel’s discussion about Gabby becomes fraught and Laurel is shocked when Ashley agrees to move in with them. Laurel is afraid she has lost Gabby for good worrying to Marlon how she doesn’t mean anything to Gabby anymore. At Mulberry, Ashley is grateful to Steve when he agrees Gabby should be punished for her behaviour. But it is clear the new living arrangements are going to be awkward.


Thursday 14th February

As Rachel tries to talk to Sam about the card there is confusion, as he doesn’t know what she is talking about. She hands him the card, thinking he needs coaxing, just as Ruby and Ali arrive.  Ali tries to snatch the card from Sam but it suddenly clicks for Rachel who rushes out, mortified. Back home, Ali tries to talk to Rachel but she feels she has humiliated herself with Sam. At the Dingle’s, Lisa and Zak talk to Sam about Rachel, trying to encourage him as they see he likes her but he is scared of him and Samson getting hurt. Sam heads out to see Rachel. At her door, Sam as he says he wants to talk. Rachel dares to hope as she lets him in but will they manage to confess how they truly feel? Moira and Chas drink to John; Moira opening up about how she feels. Moira’s reluctant when Chas suggests she put her makeup on and they go out, but she sees Chas is determined. Chas takes Moira to the pub and they see it’s going to be an interesting night when a group of rowdy, drunk men enter. Cain arrives but stays away from Moira as the men buy the girls’ drinks. However, Cain gets wound up when Moira speaks to one of them and glares as she flirts. Chas worries that trouble is looming and reminds Cain about John’s anniversary. Cain looks menacing as he interrupts Moira and Neil. Moira is upset. Nicola wants to send Thomas home but he overhears and begs to stay. Jimmy suggests to Nicola how Thomas can either get a job or go to college and if he refuses, then they will send him home.


Friday 15th February

Moira receives flowers from Holly and Hannah on the anniversary of John’s death, as Adam disapproves about what she got up to last night. Chas apologises to Moira about Cain but sees the damage he has caused. Later, at the garage, Chas confronts Cain about upsetting Moira and she’s shocked at the depth of hatred he still has for her (Chas).  In the Woolpack, Cain insults Bob and they argue with Zak having to intercept. Chas tells Cain he can’t take it out on everyone just because Moira is sick of him. Chas fronts up to Cain, telling him they need to have a chat. Cain is forced to go outside to talk to her, which alarms both Cameron and Zak. Will Chas get Cain to see sense or is she putting herself in danger? Elsewhere, Sandy’s sick of being treated like a child while Ruby is concerned at how low he is whilst Laurel feels stung as Gabby is obviously happier now she’s with Bernice.


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