What's happening in Home And Away? Roo and Harvey get hitched!

Home And Away logoAs can be expected in a soap wedding, things don't quite go according to plan as Roo and Harvey get married!

Monday 11th February

After waking from his buck’s night with a cast on his leg, Harvey tries to hide if from Roo. But when Alf shows up with their suits to try on, he is caught out and Roo loses it. In the meantime, Marilyn is confident that she’s organised a great surprise for Roo’s hen’s night, and when Morag and Celia turn up, it’s clear that Marilyn was right! Celia, eager to meet her nieces betrothed, is disappointed to find Harvey, in his underpants, hung over and with a broken leg mere hours before the wedding. This isn’t a good first impression, but the more Celia learns about Harvey, the more she states that he isn’t good enough for Roo. Having had enough, Roo goes to find Harvey, who stormed out after one of Celia’s snide comments, finding him in the middle of yelling at Winston. It seems that Harvey’s leg was never broken; it was all just a prank. Seeing her husband to be being so unkind to Winston forces Roo to question whether she can marry him after all… April shows up at the Farm House to apologise to Dex for getting upset that he lied to her about his seizure, and explains that she understands why he did it. She assures him that they can get through this, but Dex isn’t so sure. He doesn’t want her to be held behind by his injuries and breaks up with her. Concerned that this is the end for Dex and April, Bianca goes to talk to Dex, urging him not to shut out the people he loves, because you don’t know if you could get them back. Heath has shut Bianca out – he’s still sore about the way she treated him directly after the death of their baby. But Bianca won’t give up, assuring him that she won’t let him throw away the future they could have together.


Tuesday 12th February

After Roo announces that the wedding is off, Harvey struggles to deal with it. In the meantime, Colleen shows up, excited to see her niece walk down the aisle. Clocking that Harvey won’t get through to Roo alone, Winston comes to his defence, pleading with her to realise that he is the man she loves, and convinces her to go through with it. He decides to call the wedding back on, and, despite a couple of small hiccups (mainly to do with Winston and his anxiety), the wedding’s a hit. When April confides in Irene about Dex’s seizure, Irene becomes concerned - knowing that the right thing to do is tell Sid. At the wedding reception, Irene can’t keep it in any longer and reveals the truth of Dex’s illness. Sid becomes incensed that his son would be so irresponsible to lie to him about something so serious, but Dex doesn’t want to hear it. When April comes to Dex’s defence, they realise that they are better as a team, and decide to get back together. When Casey runs into Tamara on the beach and learns that she’s running out of money, he offers her a shift at Angelo’s for the wedding reception. When Sasha sees this, she is hurt that no matter what happens between them, Casey can’t seem to stay away from Tamara. He explains that he feels obliged to help her out as she saved his life, but when Sasha catches Tamara kissing Casey outside, the question hangs in the air – is there something between Casey and Tamara?


Wednesday 13th February

Just having seen Casey and Tamara in the midst of a passionate kiss, Sasha storms off and Casey is none the wiser. When he goes to apologise to Sasha, she reveals that she saw him and Tamara kissing. He admits that it has confused everything, and Sasha tells him that he has to make a choice – it’s either her or Tamara. In the meantime, Tamara pleads with Brax to find out how Casey feels about her. Confronted with this tough decision, Brax reminds Casey that he’s going into periodic detention, and will be doing so every week for a year – it probably isn’t the best time to be in a relationship. Casey realises that the only thing he can do is not be with either of them, and tells Tamara and Sasha that he just wants to be friends. As Brax drops Casey off for his first night in periodic detention, he assures Casey that he did the right thing by the girls, and now he needs to focus on keeping his head down and out of trouble in order to survive prison. Now that April and Dex are back together, everything seems to be smooth sailing. But when April urges Dex to see that Sid is only concerned for his wellbeing, Dex apologises to Sid and is surprised to find him to be understanding. But this is shortly lived, as April and Sid both return to treating Dex like a child. Having had enough, Dex tells April that he doesn’t want to be patronised – he wants to be treated the same he was before the accident. A new friendship between Heath and Jamie seems to be underway, with these two hanging out a lot. Heath feels sorry for Jamie for having an old man like Adam, as tension is still high between these two old enemies. Bianca has cut herself off from Adam, and Heath is happy to see this, despite not being ready to forgive her for the way she treated him after the death of their son. Adam is furious that Bianca has shut him out, and annoyed that she is trying to get back with Heath. But when we see Adam giving Jamie mysterious instructions, it is clear Adam isn’t going to let Heath get away - this father/son duo is definitely planning something.


Thursday 14th February

April and Sid are backing off a little in their over protectiveness towards Dex. April tells Dex that she got into Medicine at university and he is very happy for April. Back at the Walker household, Indi and Romeo are finally in a great place, despite everyone else crumbling around them. Aware that Leah has left Summer Bay because of Jamie, John and Gina are concerned when they find Jamie asking Colleen questions about where Leah could be. Jett has lost his phone, but John quickly suspects Jamie, and finds Jett’s phone in Jamie’s car. Jamie stole the phone in order to text VJ and find out where they’ve gone. John is outraged that this fella could do something like this, and gets riled up. Heath breaks them up and tells John that he needs to back off. Brax and Natalie seem to be getting on again. Brax has asked Natalie to ask someone she knows that works at the jail that Casey’s in to keep an eye on him, and Natalie assures him that Casey is doing just fine. Relieved that his little brother is okay, Brax is finally in a place to try and be happy again. Kyle, surprised by Heath and Jamie’s friendship, and hurt by Brax’s dismissal, feels on the outer of the Braxton family. Heath tells him to get over it, but Kyle can’t, desperately wanting to be part of the family. He seeks Brax to confront him about this, but instead walks in on Brax and Natalie in the midst of a passionate kiss, interrupting the moment. In the meantime, Adam has convinced Liam to do one last job for him – book a party boat for Jamie. Little does Liam know, but Jamie has only invited Heath on the fishing trip which undoubtedly means trouble.


Friday 15th February
John confronts Brax, telling him that the people he associates with are scum, and that he and everyone would be better off if the Braxton’s never stepped foot in Summer Bay. Brax’s mood is made worse when he turns to Natalie, who agrees with John that Adam and Jamie are trouble. Brax doesn’t want to hear it at first, but when Natalie fills him in about Leah and everything Adam did to Bianca, Brax starts to realise that his hero is in fact a bad man – this is even confirmed by Kyle . When Brax confronts Adam about all the things he’s just learnt, Adam tells him that he has to put family first. Brax doesn’t think that justifies putting people in danger, and Adam reminds him that they aren’t too different – he’s dangerous too, and it’s even caused the people he cares about to die. The memory of Charlie’s death is too much for Brax to bear, and this inspires him to break it off with Natalie – if he stays with her, her life could be in danger. Out on the boat, Jamie inspires Heath to re-evaluate his relationship with Bianca. Realising that he could be throwing the best thing that’s ever happened to him away, Heath finally calls her and leaves a message explaining that he wants to see her when he gets back from his fishing trip. In the meantime, Jamie’s received his own phone call – instructions from Adam to get rid of Heath. As Heath hangs up the phone to Bianca, Jamie comes at him and hits him over the head. He leaves Heath in a sinking boat, tied up and concussed, out in the middle of nowhere…