What's happening in Neighbours? Bad news for Lucas and Vanessa!

Neighbours logoIt's bad news for Vanessa and Lucas this week when Rhys tells them bad news, will their baby be okay?

Monday 11th February

Rhys hides his concern from Vanessa and Lucas when he reveals their baby needs further tests. Oblivious to the severity of the situation, Vanessa and Lucas finally decide on a name for their baby and envisage their child's future. However, Rhys's worst fears are confirmed when the results show their baby has a potentially fatal heart condition. When Karl clocks Rhys's struggle to tell Vanessa and Lucas he offers to do it. But Rhys vows to support the woman he loves and breaks the devastating news to her and Lucas himself. Uninterested in Rhys's help or sympathy, Lucas shrugs him off, unable to come to terms with his son's diagnosis. Georgia struggles to deal with the emotional impact of her job and turns to Scotty for support. However when he's unable to understand why it's affecting her so much, she starts to fear they're growing apart. Her fears grow when Kyle offers her the support her boyfriend didn't and Georgia starts to question if she should continue her relationship. Sonya is allowed to return home but the place is a mess, forcing Callum to hurriedly try and ready it in time. He enlists Kyle's help, however when Kyle accidentally disposes of Nell's baby clothes, he fears he's blown it. But a bit of teamwork sees them giving Sonya and Nell the welcome home they deserve.


Tuesday 12th February

Angry Lucas struggles to deal with his son's diagnosis. Needing someone to blame, he lashes out at Rhys and demands a second opinion. But when the second opinion comes back confirming Rhys's diagnosis, Lucas is broken. Despondent Lucas blames himself but Vanessa urges him to be strong for her so she can be strong for their son. Lucas vows to do just that and as Rhys witnesses a tender moment between him and Vanessa, he begins to fear there may not be room for him in this new family. With Lucas at the hospital, Chris is forced to man the garage alone. Aidan sees that Chris is overwhelmed by the workload and offers to help, but he refuses. If Aidan won't let him help him, then he should do the same. But Aidan refuses to take no for an answer and when Chris draws a parallel between his need for help and Aidan's, Aidan's is annoyed that Chris hasn't let it go. Still at loggerheads, Chris fears that their relationship is beyond repair. Tash is unimpressed with Sheila's kitsch decorations for Charlie's Australian Open Tennis party and instead forges ahead with her own plans. However she's thrown when Sheila compliments her on her gumption, suggesting that she and Tash are very much alike.


Wednesday 13th February

Chris remains wary about his and Aidan's issues, but gives Aidan the benefit of the doubt when he promises to be more open with him. However when Aidan clashes with a workmate during a social soccer game, he reverts to his old ways by hiding the conflict from Chris. Oblivious to this, Chris is confident that Aidan is following through on his promise, until he learns that Aidan's lying to him again. Realising that they're never going to get past this issue, Chris makes the heartbreaking decision to end their relationship. Paul's determined not to let his feelings for Priya affect him but when she makes it clear she wants nothing to do with him at the school board meeting, Paul is hurt. Channelling this into anger, Paul attacks Priya's record as principal in front of the board. However, despite having had a win over Priya, Paul feels no better. Toadie tries everything he can to soothe baby Nell's crying. When desperate Callum tries a mix CD Jade sent them, Toadie's gutted to discover that the only thing that settles her is country music.


Thursday 14th February

Ajay hopes that returning to work will give him a break from the tensions at home, only to discover he needs to take on a divorce settlement where the husband cheated on his wife. Despite Toadie's efforts to protect him, Ajay insists that he can handle it, but finds his client repulsive. Unable to escape his own opinion of cheating partners, Ajay walks out on the meeting. Upon learning what's happened, apologetic Priya tries to support Ajay by assuring him that he can fix it. But deciding it's time he did something for himself, Ajay instead quits his job at Simmons and Colbert. Chris is thrown when Aidan asks him to move in with him in an effort to prove he can let Chris in and be more open with him. Chris toys with the idea, getting advice from Kyle, but ultimately decides such a move would only paper over the cracks in their relationship. As hard as it is, Chris stands firm – he and Aidan are over. When Callum sees that Nell is the only thing that can lift Rani's spirits, he feigns babysitting ineptitude to insist on her help. Rani eventually sees through the scheme but, much to Callum's relief, she's actually appreciative of his efforts.


Friday 15th February

When Vanessa learns that Patrick is not responding to medication, she's unable to appreciate Rhys's support and chooses instead to keep a vigil by Patrick's bedside. Rhys goes to great lengths to try and give her the break she needs and Vanessa reluctantly agrees to let him in a little. However, she's unable to engage with her fiancé because she can't stop worrying about her son. Realising she doesn't have the capacity to give Rhys what he needs, Vanessa breaks off their engagement. But will heartbroken Rhys accept it's over?  Confident he's made the right decision by quitting his job, Ajay refuses Toadie's request to return to work and sets about reassuring Rani that everything is okay. But when Priya learns Ajay resigned, she questions his decision. Ajay makes it clear that it's none of her concern and that she's in no position to question his choices. Priya fears she may never regain his trust. Having arranged the afternoon off to look after Nell, Toadie's panicked when he's forced to come in after Ajay’s resignation. Toadie struggles to find common ground with an important client but to his surprise, Nell does it for him.

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