What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? A week of shock returns!

HollyoaksSte is shocked this week when a familiar face returns, but which other former villager is lurking in the shadows?

Monday 28th January

As Tilly vows to expose the truth, Jen takes drastic measures to stop her. Meanwhile things go from bad to worse for Phoebe… Brendan surprises himself and Ste as he looks after Leah, but is there trouble brewing for this loved up couple?


Tuesday 29th January

Ste is taken aback by a shock arrival, but will he accept their proposition? Mitzeee pushes Brendan on his past, but can he reveal all? With the truth laying heavy on Jen’s conscious, can she bring herself to expose it and risk her career? Phoebe struggles to be heard in the McQueens, but finds an unlikely friend amongst the chaos. Jacqui is left reeling by Myra’s actions.


Wednesday 30th January

Ste’s rattled when Brendan questions his commitment but can he reveal the truth to Amy? As Mitzeee encourages Brendan to face up to his past, a shady figure intervenes… and an old enemy returns. Following yesterday’s revelations, Jacqui rallies the McQueens into action but is shocked when Carmel turns up with a disastrous plan. Meanwhile Theresa proves she’s more than just a pretty face, but has Dodger got more than he bargained for? Ash and Barney plan a party for Will but there’s a spanner in the works.


Thursday 31st January

Ste worries about his future with Brendan, and Brendan makes a bold choice. Ash and Barney come up with a daring plan to help Will but could it backfire? The McQueens’ attempts to go straight have disastrous consequences for everyone! Meanwhile an increasingly dejected Phoebe makes a tough decision.


Friday 1st February

The McQueens find themselves seeking help from an unlikely source, but for what repayment? Meanwhile, as John Paul struggles with the pressure of being a job-seeking single parent, a shock visit turns his world upside down. Panic strikes the village as time is ticking for Will, but as a guilty Dodger wishes to reconcile, is it too late?