What's happening in Neighbours this week? Baby drama for Sonya and Vanessa!

Neighbours logoIt looks like a baby boom on the street this week as Sonya goes into early labour and Vanessa's waters break!

Monday 28th January

When Priya learns Rani’s taken off with Harley to a party across town, her concern pushes her to tell Ajay. Fortunately Ajay finds his daughter, but he’s floored when she exposes her mum's affair with Paul. Passing it off as Rani’s way of diverting from her own trouble, Ajay dismisses it - but Priya's relief soon fades away when she’s faced with the knowledge her daughter is taking the blame for her actions. Overwhelmed by her guilt, Priya comes clean to Ajay and, shattered, he kicks her out of their home. Kyle’s plans for a responsibility-free evening are thwarted when he discovers Harley has taken off with Rani. When Harley refuses to admit any wrongdoing, Kyle is at a loss how he’ll ever get through to him. Realising he’s not ready to be a parent, Kyle enlists Sheila’s help and Harley returns to Frankston - but he gets more than he bargained for when Sheila decides to move in to help him get his life back on track. Awkward with Andrew since their kiss, Tash hopes they can avoid what happened and get on with their work. But when the tension makes it impossible, Tash admits she doesn’t want to ruin their friendship by starting something. While she’s relieved when Andrew agrees, it’s clear that putting aside their feelings won't be easy.


Tuesday 29th January

Devastated Priya struggles to cope with the fallout of her affair, thrown when Ajay insists on knowing the details. Priya tiptoes around her betrayal but is eventually forced to admit it wasn’t a one-off, and it was because she was unhappy in their marriage. Priya refuses Paul’s offer of sanctuary and commits to another lonely night in her office, determined to keep punishing herself. However, after finally accepting Susan's help, she finds fresh perspective and vows to fight for her marriage. Although they resolved to ignore their chemistry for the sake of their friendship, Andrew and Tash are unable to keep their hands off each other. Admitting their feelings, both agree to continue their romance. But when Summer reminds them how fragile friendships are, Andrew and Tash have second thoughts - and decide to keep their relationship a secret for now. Determined to stay strong in the wake of Priya’s bombshell, Ajay’s mask soon slips when he runs into Paul and lashes out at him. But when he pushes Priya for answers and she admits she had an affair because she was unhappy in their marriage, Ajay fears they’ll never be able to come back from here.


Wednesday 30th January

When Karl learns of Ajay’s marriage problems, he offers to cancel their Christmas performance at the community centre - but is relieved when, having taken Carmel's advice to go ahead, Rani’s surprise attendance lifts her dad's spirits despite his earlier run-in with Paul. After offering Carmel a lift home and seeing the cramped conditions at Susan’s place, Karl steps up and offers her his spare room. Carmel gladly accepts and, when she misreads Karl’s signals over dinner, decides it’s time for her to make a move. But how will Karl respond? Chris struggles to hold back from giving Aidan support ahead of his disciplinary hearing. He’s later relieved to learn that his boyfriend’s job is safe, hoping things will return to normal between them, but as Aidan continues to offer him help but not accept it in return, Chris starts to worry their relationship is fundamentally unequal. Sophie’s thrown when Rani pushes her away, quickly blaming Paul for ruining their friendship. But when Kate urges Sophie to consider things from another perspective, she pushes through Rani’s anger to offer her support.


Thursday 31st January

Still overdue, Vanessa’s frustrated when she learns Sonya’s gone into labour before her. Trying to provide her with a distraction, Lucas suggests he photograph the final moments of her pregnancy. Vanessa’s reluctant, but she and Lucas share a moment when he compliments her beauty. Despite moving closer to Lucas, Vanessa’s frustrations remain and she can’t help but wish for her mum’s support. Determined to help, Lucas secretly heads off to Rosebud to try and convince Francesca to forgive her daughter - only for Vanessa to go into labour while he's away. With Lucas out of reach, will she end up giving birth on her own? Meanwhile, Summer’s thrown when she suspects something may have happened between Karl and Carmel. However, when she realises her own bond with Susan could also be at stake, she decides to keep quiet. Still not trusting birth coach Alex, Toadie seeks proper medical advice when Sonya goes into labour sooner than expected. However, despite Karl’s assurances, Toadie struggles to relax, his increasing anxiety driving Sonya to extreme lengths to get some peace.


Friday 1st February

Still unable to reach Lucas, Rhys realises Vanessa's fears of giving birth alone and, after rushing her to hospital, promises to stay by her side. Meanwhile, Lucas works to convince Francesca that Vanessa really needs her, completely unaware she’s already gone into labour. Back at the hospital, selfless Rhys takes control, preparing Vanessa for the final stages and finally getting through to Lucas who, upon learning the news, races to join them. After helping Vanessa deliver her son, Rhys realises how much he wants to be a part of their new family and, declaring his love, he spontaneously proposes. Overwhelmed, Vanessa accepts...just as Lucas arrives. Meanwhile, Sonya’s home birth continues, but Toadie’s anxiety increases the longer it goes on. He works to get Alex onside with going to the birth centre, but the more pressured Sonya feels, the more she resists. When her waters break and there are signs the baby is in distress, the race is on to get her to hospital in time. Seeing Kyle’s plans for a chilled-out pre-Christmas lunch thwarted by bossy Sheila, Georgia resolves to help. She wins over Gran and the lunch is a success, until Georgia’s boyfriend Scotty turns up. Watching his macho competitiveness, compared to Kyle humour, Georgia starts to wonder if she’s with the right guy.

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