What's happening in Home And Away this week? Will Leah cut and run?

Home And Away logoLeah is terrified this week as her stalker hell at the hands of unhinged Jamie gets worse, what can she do?

Monday 28th January

Already concerned about Jamie's intentions, Leah's fears escalate when she starts to notice things around her house either missing or misplaced. She decides to keep VJ home from school to keep him near, but when Jamie shows up at the diner, she tells him that it’s inappropriate for him to talk to her or her son.

In the meantime, Brax asks Adam to have a word with Jamie about his behaviour. That word turns violent, and Adam slaps his son just in time for Bianca to see. But even this isn't enough to stop Jamie, who breaks in in the middle of the night to watch Leah sleep. Meanwhile, Sasha is seething over the return of Tamara, who's been called upon by Casey's lawyers as a witness to his kidnap. However, when Tamara learns that Kyle is shacked up with the Braxton brothers, she is outraged and refuses to take the stand. Elsewhere, worried about Bianca's handling of Rocco's death, April is suspicious of Adam and endeavours to learn more about him by going to one of his parties. After the sight of her younger sister drinking and hanging out with Adam’s friends provokes an altercation, Bianca finally breaks down and admits to her grief.


Tuesday 29th January

After Jamie sends her a photo of her asleep, a terrified Leah finds the police unwilling to help. When VJ later runs off to confront him, Jamie vows he'll never give up on Leah, who makes her escape. On the spur of the moment, she announces she and VJ are leaving, telling her friends she's going on holiday. VJ is resistant, as are Liam and Natalie, but they ultimately understand Leah’s feeling of powerlessness as she leaves with the hope that Jamie will leave or forget them. The Braxtons prepare for Casey’s day in court, unsure whether or not Tamara will take the stand. Emerson gives a fair testimony, but the prosecutor is convincing in his damning portrait of the family, and Casey flees the courtroom as he succumbs to a panic attack. Things go from bad to worse when the defence lawyer reveals that Tamara has skipped town – now their only reliable witness is gone, and with her Casey's biggest hope...


Wednesday 30th January

With Tamara missing, Kyle’s testimony is thrown into doubt. As he takes the stand, Kyle proves himself loyal to the Braxtons by admitting to all of his wrongdoings, healing part of the rift with Casey, and proves a useful character witness in his statement about their dad. He also reveals to the court the extent of Danny's plans for Casey, much to the consternation and shock of the Braxtons. Off the back of Kyle’s testimony, could things finally be looking up? And, when Tasha makes a surprise return, how will Sasha react? Meanwhile, Lisa is dismayed that she’s involved the Walkers in her problems, after her ex shows up at the house and terrifies Indi. Sid decides to confront him by tricking him into meeting - only for his plan to backfire when Neil confronts Indi at Angelo’s and threatens to not let her go until she reveals Lisa’s whereabouts. Marilyn, Alf and Harvey are the picture of serenity, until their calm brunch is shattered by an exuberant Roo’s return. But while she's full of enthusiasm when it comes to recruiting her bridesmaids, can the same be said of Harvey as he hunts for a best man?


Thursday 31st January

Sid arrives at Angelo's in time to rescue Indi from Neil, and the police are called. Feeling guilty about bringing trouble into the Walkers' lives, Lisa is impressed by Indi taking a stand against Neil but doesn't feel ready to do the same. When Neil's later released from custody, Lisa makes the decision to return home. Meanwhile, the pressure of the night's events get to Dex, whose health takes a turn for the worse when, having covered the fact he's been suffering dizzy spells, he later suffers a seizure. A blissed-up John and Gina getting used to being back together, but Jett is spoiling the mood with his suspicions about how long it will last. Despite Gina's assurances, Jett still has his reservations and, after approaching Marilyn to find out more about her, plants a phone recorder on John in a bid to prove himself right. As Roo asks Marilyn to be her maid of honour, Harvey is feeling the pressure to put forward names for the guest list. However, after he takes a stand and decides he’s not having a best man, Roo and Marilyn meddle and call on one of Harvey's old friends.

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