What's happening in Emmerdale this week? All hell breaks loose for Belle!

EmmerdaleBelle lands herself and Luke in hot water this week after Lisa catches them in a compromising position!

Monday 28th January

Alicia is nervous as it is her first day in her new job but she is glad to have Megan onside with sarcastic Nicola around. Meanwhile, David is worried about telling Alicia about his engagement. Priya is excited explaining her dad will pay for their wedding. At the factory, Priya and David announce their news to her family and David is overwhelmed as Georgia points out he has yet to tell Alicia. David later tries to break the news to her but they are interrupted by Jacob.  David and the Sharma family celebrate the news at the  B&B and Alicia and Jacob are both shocked by it.  Alicia tries to put on a brave face but Jacob is upset and Alicia goes after him.  She later tells David she is happy for him but Jacob remains angry and David worries as it feels like he his losing his family. Belle feels hassled about Luke coming for tea as Lisa’s determined to get to know him properly. Belle’s nervous as she preps Luke ready for meeting Zak and Sam. Luke says they can go to her room after he’s charmed her parents. That evening, Belle is embarrassed as Luke is sat with the family having tea and Belle wishes the ground would open up. After tea, Luke suggests he and Belle go and do their ‘homework’ but Belle is actually relieved when Zak mentions the washing up and feigning a strop does it.


Tuesday 29th January

Debbie sees Belle putting on make-up at the bus stop and is concerned about her relationship with Luke. Belle is embarrassed as a suggestive Luke pushes to be alone with her. She agrees they can go back to hers and they leave, arm in arm. Debbie clocks Belle and Luke alone together outside the Dingle’s and alarm bells ring as she sees Belle leading Luke inside. Debbie warns a panicked Lisa, who rushes home and finds the pair kissing and canoodling on the sofa. Lisa drags off Luke telling him not to come back, leaving Belle humiliated. Zak arrives home, furious on finding out what has happened. A stroppy Belle goes upstairs, explaining they just don’t get it because they’re too old. Zak comforts Lisa who thinks they’re out of their depth with Belle, believing she has already had sex. Elsewhere,

Bernice breaks the news to Chas and Marlon that the pub is running at a loss and suggests some new ideas. Chas fights her corner insisting they’ll do things her way but knows she has to act quickly. Chas nips over to the cafe where she starts by offering free drinks but feels humiliated when Debbie pointedly asks where Cameron is. Later, Bernice is sarcastic about Chas handing out free drinks as a spiteful Debbie tells Chas that Cameron’s probably not coming back, looking pleased with herself for upsetting her. Debbie’s eaten up with jealousy as she comments to Marlon about Chas. Marlon comforts Chas who is upset and worried Cameron may not return.


Wednesday 30th January

Zak’s determined to keep Belle out of trouble.  Meanwhile, Belle is gutted when she gets a text from Luke, dumping her. Gemma explains he was only after one thing. Meanwhile, Zak confides in Debbie his worries for Belle now she has a boyfriend. Debbie insists he take a modern approach. Zak has an idea and asks Dom for advice. That night, Zak tries to get through to Belle, suggesting Luke comes round, but Belle storms upstairs, telling him she has been dumped anyway. David still hasn’t faced up to talking divorce with Alicia.  While excited Priya tells Gennie about the engagement. David fights his feelings as Alicia and Jacob head off to Scotland. Gennie is sad that the Dingles won’t come to the Christening if Chas is there.


Thursday 31st January - Episode 1

Chas tries to keep it together as Bernice arrives with Steve. Chas says she has to sort things with Thomas, thinking it was him who threw the stone, since it’s now affecting Gabby and the business but Steve suggests he have a word, as he won’t give him any lip. Steve confronts Thomas but Sean soon owns up when he sees Steve is about to call the police. Chas is shocked to learn it was Sean who smashed the window, not Thomas. Dan later confronts Sean but he won’t apologise and tells Dan he should stand up for himself for once. Dan insists to Chas he will pay for the damage. Ashley’s sympathetic as Chas is upset when he tells her he is looking for somewhere else for him and Gabby to live. Meanwhile, Cameron is back but his first visit is to the woods where he checks up on Alex’s grave, and pats down the earth after a dog sniffs round it. Having checked the area is undisturbed Cameron walks on into the village. Chas is shocked when Cameron arrives and she confronts him over not being in touch, she is determined as she tells him she is leaving the village for good, with or without him. Elsewhere, Zak and Lisa prepare to have words with Belle, wanting to show her some trust, however, Lisa loses patience with her attitude and decides it’s time to play hardball. Lisa arranges for Belle to see Dr Abbott to discuss contraception, thinking that knowing the risks might scare her off.


Thursday 31st January - Episode 2

Cameron insists to Chas he just needed to spend time with his kids and he would never lie to her. She pleads with him to take her away but he explains she can’t leave just because of a bunch of hypocrites. However,desperate Chas is at the end of her tether downing a double vodka tells Bernice she’s won and is welcome to the pub because she’s leaving. Cain tries to stick the knife in with Cameron but Moira drags him off. Meanwhile, Chas has packed her bags ready to move out, but when Bernice gets uner her skin she changes her mind adamant she now won’t sell to Bernice.  Chas is utterly shocked when Cameron suddenly proposes, insisting she deserves to be happy.

Belle starts to feel out of her depth as Lisa insists she is seeing the doctor. Dr Abbott asks Belle if she’s thinking about the pill and Belle can’t take it anymore when Lisa offers her input. Belle says she wants to speak to the doctor alone and with Lisa out of the way, admits to Dr Abbott that she’s not having sex and doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Belle leaves the room to find anxious Lisa waiting outside, not knowing what to think. Later, Belle finally admits to Lisa and Zak that she never had sex.  Although both are relieved they are still worried about what trouble may lie ahead.


Friday 1st February

Cameron stops Chas outside the pub and asks if she is yet made her decision. Chas explains his rash proposal won’t make things right - pointing out she hadn’t even thought he was coming back. Yet after deliberation Chas says agrees to marry him and Cain drives past just as they are kissing. Cameron is delighted. Later, Moira puts her foot in it and tells Cain about Chas and Cameron’s engagement. Meanwhile, Cameron threatens Thomas, warning him to leave Chas alone. At the Woolpack, Bernice gets out the champagne to toast Chas and Cameron, just as Cain arrives looking murderous. Cain threatens Cameron to leave the village with Chas for good just as Debbie arrives wanting to know what’s going on. Debbie is in shock when she learns Chas and Cameron are getting married and Moira’s worried about what Cain is going to do. Chas is terrified as she finds Cain waiting for her in the backroom. He warns her, she will have to give something up - she has to leave. At the garage, Zak begs Cain to let things go, but Cameron arrives just as Zak goes. Cameron and Cain fight and within the brawl Chas is knocked to the ground.  Cain stops to check she is okay, while behind him menacing and angry Cameron picks up a wrench - the red mist has come down. It is almost too late for Cain until Chas sees and shouts, warning Cain, just as Cameron is about to batter him over the head from behind. Chas is unnerved at Cameron’s dark behaviour.




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