What's happening in Home And Away? Braxtons out for revenge!

Home And AwayThe Braxtons continue their mission to get Kyle to confess to his kidnap of Casey, will they succeed?

Monday 21st January

Brax and Heath try to convince Kyle to confess to the kidnap, but he isn’t cooperating - and when he then flees the house they can't help worrying about Casey's safety. When Natalie later spots Kyle on the pier and alerts the Braxtons, he agrees to go home with them, insisting that it was never his plan to leave, but makes it clear he's still resistant to testifying. Elsewhere, Natalie convinces Sasha to tell Casey she may be pregnant but, with all that's happening in the run up to the court case, she can't seem to find the right moment. After trying to delay having the conversation, Sasha finally broaches the subject with Casey, but her fears are realised as he struggles to digest the news. Meanwhile, after a movie night, John attempts to make a good impression on Gina by fixing problems around the house. His handyman efforts soon fall flat, but his misguided actions at least result in a sweet moment between him and Gina.


Tuesday 22nd January

Casey is struggling with Sasha's revelation and confides in Romeo, who relates his past situation with Ruby and warns him that having a baby is not a good enough reason to start a relationship. On Romeo's advice, Casey apologises to Sasha for the way he reacted and urges her to take a pregnancy test. However, when the results are negative, Casey faces more turmoil when he shares a kiss with Sasha and is left worrying that he's going to hurt her again: he could be going to prison for a long time. Sasha, on the other hand, can only see his pending court date as all the more reason for him to enjoy life while he can. Meanwhile, Jamie pays Leah a visit to apologise for taking VJ out on the jet-ski, remaining typically evasive about Adam when she questions them on their relationship. When Jamie then shows up uninvited to play video games with VJ and Jett, Leah is furious and makes him promise to put an end to to the gifts and surprise visits. Elsewhere, Gina tells John she wants their lives to return to the way they were, sharing with Jett the news that John will be moving back home.


Wednesday 23rd January

When the diner gets broken into and trashed, Liam suspects Jamie could have something to do with it. However, when he and Leah confront him, Jamie protests his innocence and Adam steps up with an alibi. When they’re gone, their suspicions prove well-founded when Adam vents his anger that Jamie messed up the job. Later, Jamie invites Leah to a cocktail party his dad's hosting, and she agrees in order to get close to Bianca and disprove his alibi, only for Liam to convince her not to go. Meanwhile, as Liam looks through Jamie’s room, he finds evidence that suggests Jamie might be harbouring an unhealthy obsession with Leah. When Brax tells him about his problems with getting his half brother to testify, Adam offers to sort it so that Kyle won't face negative consequences if he admits to the kidnap. Brax is grateful and agrees to come to the party, where he looks forward to spending a night away from his brothers and their problems. Natalie arrives at the event in an effort to help Leah and Liam scope out the place, but it’s clear Brax is on her mind. Before she can leave he tells her he wants to be with her, but can she really see a future for them? Elsewhere, following Sasha’s pregnancy scare, talk between Romeo and Indi turns to whether or not they should consider having a baby of their own. Indi reacts badly to Romeo suggesting they should think about it, angry at him for not considering their situation and how difficult it would be for them to have a child where they are right now.


Thursday 24th January

After being caught in Jamie’s room, Liam tries to leave and take Bianca with him, reminding Adam of their deal. When Adam protests he’ll take care of her, Liam makes his exit and heads straight to Heath, who likewise fails to convince Bianca to come home. As tension mounts, Adam tells her he could get rid of Heath forever - a threat she is unsure whether he means seriously. Later, Adam shows up at the diner and assures Leah he’ll speak to Jamie about keeping his distance from her and her son. He also offers money to cover the costs of the damage to the diner, without admitting that Jamie was behind it. Leah accepts, warily, commenting that the situation is similar to how she parents VJ – when he does something wrong, she as the parent makes amends. Lisa is staying with the Walkers after her fallout with Neil, whom she reluctantly agrees to meet for lunch. Angry to learn that she went through with it, only to be threatened by her abusive husband, Sid convinces her to take an AVO out against him. Later, Sid’s at the front gate when Dex calls him on the mobile. As Dex teases his father, asking him to pick up some treats for him, tragedy strikes when the phone suddenly goes quiet and Sid hits the ground unconscious...


Friday 25th January

Recovering in hospital after being knocked unconscious, Sid tells the kids he doesn’t know how it happened, but it’s clear that he and Lisa suspect Neil - and it doesn't escape Indi's notice. Later, she makes it clear to Lisa that her problems are a burden the Walkers simply can't face. Sasha and Casey get to the hospital as a couple, where their relationship is met with a frosty reception. As Sasha demands he gave Casey a second chance, Sid's response that she's just a child provokes her into revealing that she had to take a pregnancy test - but this only cements in his mind that she's not ready for this relationship. Worried that his dad's being too strict, can Dex convince Sid to rethink his attitude towards Sasha? Meanwhile, Brax gets Kyle to make a statement to the police, but they don’t believe his story, especially since Casey won’t be pressing charges over the kidnap. Shocked to realise when Kyle casually suggests they talk to her that Tasha's real, Brax goes to tell the police to track her down. Later, Casey falls asleep with Sasha on the beach, only to wake up the next morning to find Tamara standing over him...

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