What's happening this week in Neighbours? Conor hosts Toadie's stag do!

Neighbours logoConor hosts Toadie's stag do this week but when the groom to be see what he has lined up, will he be just as excited?

Monday 21st January

Rhys struggles to move on from Vanessa, unable to handle seeing her with Lucas or listen to Elaine talking about how good they were for each other. Confronted when Kate suggests he needs to put aside his fear and fight for her, Rhys re-evaluates how he treated Vanessa and decides to apologise to her. Vanessa accepts, but when he can’t say what she wants to hear – that he loves her – she loses patience and rejects him again. Convinced that he’s the best thing that ever happened to Vanessa, Rhys vows to continue trying to win her back. But will he just drive her away?
A week overdue, Vanessa’s eager to bring on her labour. Too early for medical inducement, she seeks natural alternatives, but after humiliating herself through the recommended physical exercises and getting sick from the suggested foods, she’s frustrated to see no change. And when Rhys adds to her troubles with his apology, Vanessa makes it clear she’s too exhausted to deal with him. Karl’s concerned that Summer’s suspicions about Carmel may be right after all. But when Carmel cancels the lunch date to spend time with Susan, he decides he can relax and tells Summer she was wrong.



Tuesday 22nd January

ith the hospital advocate, which Aidan secretly cancels. Confident he’s done the right thing by Aidan, Chris is confused to discover Aidan never showed. When confronted, Aidan reveals he hates having to rely on anyone and insists he doesn’t need Chris’s help.  Toadie fears Connor’s got one last prank planned for his stag do but is relieved when it appears all he’s organised is an inflatable boxing ring. However, Toadie’s thrown when, after taking on Connor, he realises he’s glued the gloves to his hands. Connor assures him the glue will wear off by the following day, but Toadie’s panic escalates when he’s forced to take a video call from work. Rhys’s offer of a deluxe birthing suite is dismissed by exhausted Vanessa. Out of ideas, Rhys confesses his failure to Elaine, who encourages him to give Vanessa a genuine sign of his commitment. Rhys contemplates proposing marriage, but can he push through his fears?

Wednesday 23rd January

Hopeful his dad will see his condition is continuing to improve, Andrew’s frustrated when Paul shuts down the idea of him returning to Charlie’s. Feeling he has no choice, Andrew returns to running the bar remotely through Tash until Paul catches them out. Tash tries to convince him that his son is up to the task but, when that doesn’t work, is forced to get personal, reminding Paul that he too lives and manages a disability without it affecting his life. Moved by Tash’s plea, Paul offers Andrew a new deal - but will he want to accept it? Chris refuses to let his boyfriend push him away, but Aidan stands his ground: he doesn’t need or want anyone's help. Summer reminds Chris that he and Aidan are different, and that trying to change someone never works. She thinks Chris needs to respect what Aidan wants or risk losing him. After discovering Aidan isn’t avoiding his issues, Chris realises that all he can do is to let him help himself. Reminded of the Christmas he spent with Jade last year, Kyle tries to move forward by making this one even better, recruiting Harley to help him cook dinner for the share house. Their attempts are a disaster and Harley quickly loses interest, but Kyle ploughs on, determined to get it right. Seeing him struggle but knowing why, Rhys offers to help, providing Kyle with the support he needs.


Thursday 24th January

Realising he needs to let his son live his life, Paul reinstates Andrew at Charlie’s. Learning Tash was integral to Paul’s turnaround, Andrew shows his appreciation, but the moment is interrupted when Nick, an important bar critic, arrives to review Charlie’s. Andrew and Tash work together to win Nick over – until he gets too familiar with Tash. To her surprise, Andrew sacrifices a good review to defend her and the attraction that’s been slowly building between the two of them is reignited. When Ajay arranges an intimate afternoon activity, Priya cancels her meeting with Susan to focus on her marriage. Enjoying quality time with Ajay, Priya’s busted when Susan spots them at Harold’s. But Susan’s ultimately supportive when she learns they’re working on their issues. With their passion rekindled, Ajay presents Priya with a unexpected present – replacement earrings for a pair she’s misplaced recently.
Sophie’s disappointed her job at Lassiters is harder than she expected, but her spirits are lifted when she learns she can help herself to any items that have been in lost property for more than a few weeks. She’s sharing the contents with Rani when they come across an earring identical to the one Priya lost, once again sparking suspicions about her affair with Paul.


Friday 25th January

Rani returns home to find Priya wearing what she thinks are her old earrings; the ones she found at Lassiters must belong to someone else. However, when she discovers they’re new and from Ajay, her fears are confirmed – somehow, Priya’s earrings turned up in a Lassiters hotel room. Needing proof of her mum’s infidelity, Rani is shattered when she finds it on Paul’s phone. Angry Rani is tempted to tell Ajay but, unable to hurt him, instead decides to punish Priya by finding Harley and insisting they skip the school social to to Frankston. Priya’s confused when Rani doesn’t arrive at the social and, when she learns she may have discovered her affair, fears exposure. Determined to make this year’s Christmas at the shared house the best ever, Kyle sets a number of rules, including one insisting that only housemates can attend. However, when he learns Georgia’s Christmas is going to be a disappointing one, his sympathy is piqued. Seeing she’s got traditions of her own, Kyle breaks his own rules to invite her to his housemate celebrations – and manages to convince Chris that he’s only doing it so Aidan can join them.

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