What's happening in Hollyoaks? Will fights for his life!

HollyoaksWill's life is left hanging in the balance this week after his recent fall but will the sneaky Savage live to tell the tale?

Monday 14th January

With the odds heavily stacked against Will as he is rushed into hospital, will he survive? Can Dodger set aside his anger and pain to support his deceitful brother? Texas is feeling increasingly guilty, but will she accept responsibility, or does the blame lie elsewhere?


Tuesday 15th January

With the police wanting answers, is it game over for Texas? Dirk receives devastating news, but can he bring himself to relay it to his family? An excited Leanne gets ready for her date, but will she listen to Dennis’ advice before it’s too late? Elsewhere, the village rallies around to organise a charity event for Myra.


Wednesday 16th January

As Dodger learns the full extent of the betrayal, will he shun yet another person from his life? Jen offers an olive branch to Tilly, but is it too little too late? Meanwhile, Esther struggles to cope as the 6th formers step it up a gear.


Thursday 17th January

A familiar figure arrives back to hear of recent events at the McQueens and it’s the day of Myra’s fundraiser. Elsewhere in the village, Dodger is left reeling from yet another shocking discovery and as Esther’s bullying continues, nothing can prepare her for what she is about to see.


Friday 18th January

As concern mounts for Esther, will anybody help her before she reaches breaking point? Dirk begins to regret recent events, but is it too late to set the record straight? It’s Mitzeee’s birthday, but with Riley weighing heavy on her mind, can her sister helps her celebrate in style? Meanwhile, Texas gets a nasty surprise.