What's happening in Emmerdale? Drama with the Macey family!

EmmerdaleThe Macey Family are at each other's throats this week when Katie drops a bombshell and Robbie feels betrayed!

Monday 14th January

Katie avoids Declan as she leaves for work. Meanwhile, Robbie does his best to wind Declan up by inferring Katie still knows how to have a good time. Robbie later tells Megan he saw Katie and Andy together and suspects something is going on between them. Megan asks Robbie not to tell Declan. Later, Declan is shocked when Robbie lands Katie in it by telling him she was with Andy rather than Chas yesterday. Declan heads off to the stables to find Katie and is unimpressed to see how well she is getting on with Steve. Declan insists they talk and confronts her about Andy but she accuses him of trying to control her.  Katie drops a bombshell when she admits she is not sure if she wants to save their marriage. Declan later tells Megan he thinks his marriage is over but she insists he fight for it. Declan pleads with her to help him and Megan tells Declan she is going nowhere. Robbie listens, feeling utterly betrayed by Megan, as he had thought they were both about to leave the area forever. Nicola wants Thomas to go but Jimmy’s determined not to back down. Thomas causes further problems at the garage when he gets under Cain’s nose. Meanwhile, Nicola tries to make Jimmy see sense about Thomas explaining he has to make a decision between Thomas or the family.


Tuesday 15th January

Declan tries to make it up to Katie with a slap up breakfast and Katie can’t help but smile when he explains he is going to make her happy no matter what. Meanwhile, Megan is uncomfortable when Robbie finds out the hotel deal has been signed off. In the office, Megan under pressure from Robbie transfers the money to her bank account. Yet moments later she is floored when Declan explains he wants to give her all the money she is owed from the festival with interest. Declan hands Megan the cheque but reels when Megan shows Declan she has already transferred the money. Declan is furious and they argue. Yet he is taken aback when Megan explains she came clean because she loves him. Megan is in bits as Declan lays into her and she realises she may have lost her brother for good.

Debbie tells Cain that Sarah’s latest results are really good and adds that she won’t have her wanting for anything growing up, so needs to start earning some serious cash. Later, she’s happy that Charity and Jimmy have agreed the ‘service and repair’ contract for their vehicles with the garage but she wants more.  Cain’s unimpressed as he watches Debbie flirt with courier rider Dom, but her agenda is work related. Dan’s chuffed to be considered for a full time position.


Wednesday 16th January

Alicia and David prepare to tell people they’re not together anymore. But David is put out when Alicia milks it for sympathy. As word spreads, David realises it’s not quite going according to plan. David wants Priya to keep things quiet about them for a couple more weeks because of Jacob. But later Jacob is upset to witness Priya and David kissing and runs off crying. David’s shocked and Priya’s embarrassed when Jacob admits he saw them kissing.  Jacob is left confused when Alicia and David explain the truth about their marriage to him. Telling him they love each other but not in the way a husband and wife do. Alicia later tells David she and Jacob are moving out tomorrow. We see her struggle and David doesn’t want them to leave either. Meanwhile, Katie feels betrayed on discovering Megan took the money from Declan’s account while Declan tries to hide his hurt. Robbie is angry as he sees Megan is hesitating about leaving. She wants to talk to Declan first and can see how much of a mess things are as she tells him she didn’t want to hurt him. She hands back the cheque suggesting it doesn’t have to be the end.


Thursday 17th January - Episode 1

David is gutted Jacob is ignoring him and doesn’t see why Alicia and Jacob need to move out but Alicia is adamant. David is frustrated when Priya explains it is making her feel like she is the one in the wrong, explaining she is with him because she cares, not to get one over on Alicia. In the Woolpack, sparks fly when Priya and Alicia antagonise each other and Alicia squares up to her spoiling for a fight. Rishi steps in to stop the row but explains to Priya how he thinks David and Priya should come clean about their relationship. Not long after, David proves his feelings by openly kissing Priya in the pub as Alicia watches.  Later Pollard offers to put Alicia and Jacob up at the B & B. Elsewhere, Megan is worried about Robbie who isn’t answering her calls. Katie says he spent the night at Andy’s. Declan encourages Megan to go and see him, he must still care if he’s sticking around in the village.


Thursday 17th January - Episode 2

Charity thinks Debbie’s plan to manipulate Dom is risky but she agrees but admits they need to get Cain on board. Cain believes Debbie is way out of her league with her plan but she insists she’s going ahead, with or without his help. Cain later tells Debbie he is in on the plan but is worried when Debbie goes to the pub to meet Dom, asking Kerry to look after the kids. Debbie’s taken aback when Dom goes to kiss her. He apologises but she leaves and he feels foolish. Cain, follows Debbie out but she warns him that she calls the shots and knows what she’s doing. Cain worries Debbie is not as in control as she’s making out. David’s troubled, when Alicia tells him she and Jacob are moving to the B&B and she will phone a solicitor tomorrow to talk about a divorce. Val reluctantly agrees to let Alicia and Jacob stay at the barn for a few days as the B&B is full, but she is unimpressed when Pollard explains it was a sham marriage. Jacob is not happy living at the barn and Val fumes to Pollard who wonders if he has done the right thing. Later, Val loses patience with Jacob, telling him Alicia and David both love him and there are people worse off than he is. Meanwhile, Priya takes a takeaway to David’s but is irked when he explains he wants her to be nice to Alicia.


Friday 18th January

Cain’s worried as the gravity of what they are about to do dawns on him and Charity, but she tells him they’ll just have to make sure they don’t mess up. Later, parked up outside the courier’s office, they get the signal to proceed with the plan and Charity makes a phone call as they sit and wait to see the action unfold. Cain and Charity watch as the police raid the firm but Cain’s worries when Dom arrives. Charity’s relieved when he seeing the police he then rides off at speed. Later in the Woolpack Dom tells them the firm’s been raided. Cain winds him up and Debbie has an idea when Dom worries about the police as he has a key to the place. Cain’s concerned as Debbie leaves with him and, back at Tug Ghyll, she discreetly pockets his office keys before leading Dom seductively upstairs. Jacob’s still in a bad mood as Val suggests he take the dog for a walk. He’s tempted but drags himself out to school instead as Alicia offers to go with him. At the pub, Priya and Alicia make sly digs at each other and Priya tells Rishi it can’t go on like this. David approaches a miserable Jacob in the playground as Alicia arrives. David despairs at making things worse as he suggests Jacob come and stay with him sometime. Later, Alicia puts a distraught Jacob to bed and Val comforts her when she sobs, heartbroken, saying she loves David more than ever.



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