This week in Hollyoaks: Has Seamus breathed his last?

HollyoaksJoel struggles with his guilt over his actions this week but has he successfully gotten rid of Seamus forever?

Monday 7th January

Cheryl’s concern escalates over Seamus’ disappearance - can Brendan keep his terrible secret? A harassed Joel deals Theresa heart-breaking news, but can she change is mind? Mercedes manages to make inroads with Myra, but there’s trouble ahead when Mercy jumps to the wrong conclusion. Bart fears he’ll never be able to turn over a new life and, as Esther is pushed to the limit, she makes a decision that will affect all of the 6th formers.


Tuesday 8th January

Brendan shows little remorse as he repays Joel for his actions, does Brendan Brady need to watch his back?  As Dr Browning realises Mercedes’ mistake, can he stop her before she causes more mayhem? Dirk makes a life changing decision; will he get the answer he wants? Elsewhere Esther realises her troubles are far from over. And with no money and little friends, Leanne is struggling to get by in the village.


Wednesday 9th January

As the McQueens and Savages pick up the pieces of Myra’s outburst, Myra makes a heart-breaking decision, but is it all doom and gloom for her today?


Thursday 10th January

Will is horrified to learn that Sienna is aware of his twisted secret, but how long can it remain buried for? Theresa and Sinead received devastating news and struggle to come to terms with it. Elsewhere, Dr Browning continues to offer support to Myra, are his efforts to unite Mercedes and her family finally paying off?


Friday 11th January

As McQueen’s and Savages celebrations end in disaster - who is on the receiving end? Dodger is stunned when a face from his past arrives but can Will stop Sienna revealing the devastating truth? Whilst Mercedes struggles to come to terms with the full horror of her mother’s situation, Myra notices one guest missing and seeks them out. Leanne finds the man of her dreams, but is she setting herself up for a fall?