What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Charlie goes missing!

HollyoaksNancy and Frankie are at each other's throats this week when Charlie goes missing, will he be okay?

Monday 31st December

As Mitzeee and Maxine try to keep a heaving Chez Chez under control, Sienna concocts a plan to help the Osbornes, but will her idea backfire? Nancy is pushed to the limits and is blissfully unaware of the colossal drama unfolding in her own home. As he realises the sacrifices he’s made, Tony steels himself and offers Cindy the final ultimatum. Elsewhere in the village, John Paul prepares to say his goodbyes, but can Myra convince him otherwise?


Tuesday 1st January

As New Year strikes, friendships are lost in a cocktail of betrayal, deceit and judgement within the Osbornes.  As reality dawns on Nancy and Darren, their only hope is for a mystery hero to save their loved one, but is it too late?  Meanwhile, as a thwarted Dennis is once again rejected by Leanne, will he find his happily ever after tonight?


Wednesday 2nd January

Ruby’s harassment reaches new heights as she pushes Esther to the limits, but how far will she go? As Leanne wakes up to a shocking discovery, will she have any regrets? A remorseful Frankie summons the courage to apologise to Nancy and rekindles their friendship, but for how long? Cheryl plans a surprise lunch at The Dog, but what exactly are her motives? Meanwhile, Seamus continues to cement himself in the village, under the watchful eye of Brendan Brady.


Thursday 3rd January

Joel begins to see an end to his dark underworld, but is it wishful thinking? As tension in the Osbornes reaches boiling point, belongings are packed. Could this be the end of this notoriously happy family? Meanwhile, Esther discovers friendship in a trusted source - could things be finally looking up for the teen?


Friday 4th January

As Maxine realises the true reason for Esther’s erratic behaviour, she seeks solace in a source close to her. But will her efforts be in vain? Elsewhere in the village, Diane and Seamus grow closer…