What's happening in Hollyoaks? Stendan in Dublin!

Ste and Brendan look to be set to reunite this week as they meet up in Dublin but where does this leave Doug?

Monday 17th December

As Doug and Ste bid farewell to the village, Cheryl is left questioning Ste’s affections, but is it too late? Texas’ fear mounts as Sienna and Dodger spend time alone, knowing her secret is a ticking time bomb. Can Texas bring herself to tell Dodger the truth? Seeing Bart shattered by Sinead’s rejection, Jacqui makes a devastating decision. With money tight, will Joel give into temptation?


Tuesday 18th December

Cheryl makes a revelation that leaves Doug in utter turmoil. Will Doug accept being second best? Or is this goodbye?  As Theresa maps out the future, Joel makes an executive decision that leaves Theresa reeling. Whilst Dodger prepares the proposal of a lifetime, will Texas be able to muster the courage to turn up?


Wednesday 19th December

As an overwhelmed Leanne struggles to pick up the pieces, she is overjoyed when an old friend returns to lend a helping hand.  Elsewhere in the village, Maxine and Mitzeee misinterpret Annalise’s business plan and the sisters make a deal that can only lead to disaster…


Thursday 20th December

Carmel’s insecurities grow as she questions her relationship, has Nana’s plan backfired? Nancy fears the worst when she receives a call from the hospital. When Maxine struggles to keep her promise, can she keep another secret from her sister?


Friday 21st December

As Maxine and Mitzeee make a scandalous discovery, will the sisters go head to head?  Darren begins to lose faith, but can Nancy convince him otherwise? Meanwhile, Nana McQueen is dazed when Barney makes a shock confession.


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