What's happening in Neighbours? Will Summer leave?

NeighboursAfter apologizing to Susan for deceiving her, Summer is offered her job back, will she accept and stay on the street?

Monday 3rd December

Caught between Paul and Ajay, Priya struggles to handle what she’s going through on her own. Protective Ajay suspects Priya’s overwhelmed because Susan keeps turning to her for support, and asks Susan to give his wife some space. Confused but certain Priya’s hiding something, concerned Susan pushes Priya to confide in her. Torn Priya initially opens up about the problems in her marriage, but not her infidelity. But as she feels increasingly alone and desperate for support, conflicted Priya returns to Susan and admits she’s having an affair. Stunned Susan insists Priya has to either work on her issues with Ajay, or leave him. Challenged, what will Priya decide to do? Humiliated Summer returns home and, while Tash and Karl support her, she fears Susan’s reaction won’t be so kind. Steeling herself, Summer apologises to Susan for ignoring her advice, and is surprised when sympathetic Susan offers her job back. Summer accepts but soon realises that despite being a cad, Bradley was right – she needs to broaden her horizons. Graciously resigning again, Summer decides to go overseas and get the life experience she needs to be the best journalist she can be.


Tuesday 4th December

Tash clocks Andrew under pressure from Paul and volunteers to help him make Melbourne Cup celebrations at Charlie’s a success. Working together, they ensure the event is a triumph, satisfying Paul. However the day takes a nasty turn when Andrew suffers an epileptic fit and confronted Tash is forced to watch on, feeling scared and helpless. Concerned Tash pushes Andrew to get proper treatment for his illness but Andrew refuses, fearing Paul will find out. Realising she can’t convince him, worried Tash seeks out Aidan to help prepare her for what to do if Andrew suffers a fit again. However when Andrew realises the lengths she’s gone to and how she’s now carrying his burden too, he reluctantly agrees to go about this the right way – on the condition she help him keep it from Paul. Reminded of what a good man Ajay is, Priya resolves to try and work on their issues with him. However her attempt fails when Ajay’s deeply hurt when she admits she’s not happy, and guilty Priya quickly backtracks. Wanting to apologise, she throws herself into preparations for Diwali, surprising Ajay and Rani. Priya’s relieved when Ajay accepts her apology but soon realises that despite her efforts, she still isn’t happy. Not brave enough to let go of her family, Priya assures Susan her plan worked – while secretly returning to Paul’s arms.


Wednesday 5th December

Andrew finally resolves to do the right thing and secretly books himself in for extensive medical tests to determine how to best manage his epilepsy. Supportive Tash works to keep Paul off the scent but she unintentionally pushes him back to Andrew when he wants to share a congratulatory drink with his hard-working son. Andrew’s reminded of what he’s risking and chooses to stay with him, abandoning the idea of doing the overnight tests. Worried Tash tries to convince him to either leave or tell Paul the truth but fearing what he stands to lose, Andrew refuses. However, concerned Tash won’t let it go and the pressure mounts on Andrew to the point where he has a fit in front of his father. Regaining consciousness, Andrew tries to cover the incident but Paul pushes him to admit he’s got epilepsy. It’s the day of the Open Mic Night and Chris still hasn’t got any better at playing guitar. Despite Sophie’s reluctance, he talks up his fear of embarrassment and manages to get her on stage with him. Sophie enjoys the performance and, thinking he’s succeeded in rekindling her love of music, Chris reveals he’s actually been able to play all along.


Thursday 6th December

Susan learns Karl’s been online dating but assumes it’s nothing serious until she discovers he’s actually searching for a new life partner. Confronted but determined to show she’s supportive, Susan tries to help Karl with his search but ultimately cracks at him. Confessing to Summer how confronted she really is, Susan decides it’s best she takes a step back from her friendship with Karl. Chris applies to move in with Kyle but is thrown when he’s rejected. Chris fears it’s because he’s gay, but when he confronts Kyle, he discovers it’s because he’s in a relationship, and happy couples are the last thing Kyle wants to be reminded of right now. Refusing to give up, Chris proves he’ll be an awesome housemate regardless, and Kyle’s convinced to let him move in.


Friday 7th December

Susan’s surprised when her sister Carmel arrives. Recently separated, Carmel suggests they try speed dating. When Karl shows up for the speed dating as well, the situation gets awkward for Susan but Carmel and Karl have a great time. Attracted to him despite her better judgment, will Carmel fall for her sister’s ex? Conflicted about how he handled Andrew, Paul confides in Priya after getting no sympathy from Kate. Priya’s advice helps smooth things over with his son, but when Paul wants to talk about it further, Priya shuts him down – this is not how their affair works. Seeing Priya with Ajay, Paul finds himself jealous – Priya’s got to him more than he expected