What's happening in Home And Away this week? Will Romeo and Indi reunite?

After all that they have gone through, Indi and Romeo look to be on the verge of a reunion but will the duo get back together?

Monday 3rd December

Casey, Brax and Natalie return from the desert to find police at the house. In need of medical attention Natalie and Brax take Casey to the hospital. Sid treats him, but when Casey asks after Sasha Sid warns him to stay away from his daughter. Before Brax can tell Casey about his nephew’s death the police arrive and arrest Casey for missing his court date. The police do not believe their version of events. Natalie supports their story, but the police remain sceptical. When Brax asks Natalie if their relationship is alright, Natalie asserts that while she understands the love he feels for his brothers, she does not want that complication in her life, and they break up. A disheartened Brax goes home to find a grief stricken Heath. Gina confronts Marilyn about her kiss with John, saying she knows everything. Marilyn wants to know exactly what Gina has heard. Roo reveals to Gina she knew about John’s attempted kiss with Marilyn. Gina expresses her hurt at John’s behavior. Alf eventually convinces Gina that the romantic interest was one-sided, and that Marilyn did not reciprocate John’s feelings.


Tuesday 4th December

Brax reveals to Heath that they have a half-brother, but it’s hard for Heath to process anything at the moment. Bianca asks Irene to make the funeral arrangements. Heath wants to help but Bianca tells him that the funeral has been sorted. Cheryl arrives and is angry to hear Bianca is keeping him out of funeral arrangements. She confronts Bianca, and while Irene angrily tells Cheryl to leave, she agrees that Bianca should let Heath help with the funeral. Bianca tells Heath that his mother is insensitive, but she’s right - they both need to be a part of this. She asks him to help her. Heath and Bianca prepare for the wake together. Irene calls April to tell her that Rocco died. April snaps at Dex when he offers her help, and tries to comfort both Bianca and Heath. She rejects Dex’s help again, revealing that she feels overwhelmed by how powerless she feels at not being able to help the people she loves. She storms away, and as he tries to follow her Dex falls over.


Wednesday 5th December

Dex pushes April to focus on the HSC but she is disillusioned with the idea of being a doctor. Sid and Dex arrive for Lisa’s therapy session, where he feels like a burden. She gives Dex a pep talk which makes him see he can be useful, despite his limitations. Sid tells Lisa what happened between them was a mistake, and it won’t happen again for Dex’s sake. Dex confides in Gina that April is struggling and wants Gina to give her special consideration. Gina agrees and tells April. Sid is proud of Dex, and realises his son is stronger than he seems. April thanks Dex for his helping her, and Dex realises he is not a burden. Sid apologises to Lisa, and tells her he’d like to keep seeing her. John returns to apologise to Marilyn, and she is upset at the trouble he’s caused. Gina walks in on John apologising to Marilyn. John tells her their marriage is broken. Gina takes out her bad mood on her students, and when one of them complains about her and Jett overhears he starts a fight. After Gina asks what the fight was about Jett tells Gina he wants to stay with John. Gina’s gutted, until Jett reveals he wants to stay with him so Gina can focus on their relationship. John wants to fix things, but Gina asks for space.


Thursday 6th December

John and Jett plan to go on a boat tour of the bay. Alf confronts John as he’s looking for the insurance papers for the surf carnival, and John delays activities with Jett to help Alf find them. Jett tells Liam that he blames himself for John and Gina’s relationship problems. Liam asks John to spend more time with Jett. John tells Jett that he has been a great support to both he and Gina, and that regardless of what happens between them, they will always be there for Jett, and he will try his best to win back Gina. Romeo and Indi take it slow reconnecting. Romeo asks Indi on another date. Roo suggests Romeo recreate their first romantic moment together as a kind of a ‘do over’. Romeo takes Indi to the pier where they first kissed. Romeo wants them to investigate where things went wrong in the first place. After articulating what they both want out of life, they find they both want the same things after all, and passionately kiss.


Friday 7th December

Cheryl warns Brax that he’d better find Kyle and make him pay for what he did to Casey. Irene and Cheryl reminisce about Rocco. Heath returns to Angelo’s and Irene leaves to check on Bianca. Heath is left to mourn with his brothers. Heath, Brax and Casey go to the beach and find all of Heath’s mates there to support him. He paddles out with a wreath for Rocco and an emotional Bianca watches from the headland. Harvey, Roo and Alf are still arguing about the loan for the wedding. Roo returns the cheque to Alf. Alf refuses it. Harvey apologises to Alf, and they confide in Leah, who understands her feelings, but also tells Roo she might be overreacting. Dex and April arrive from Rocco’s funeral, which puts things in perspective for Roo. She makes up with Harvey, and Alf convinces her to take the money.

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