What's happening in Emmerdale this week?

Brett takes his chances this week when Rhona offloads about Paddy but will the vet get what her colleague is trying to imply?


Monday 3rd December

Rhona is annoyed as Paddy leaves to spend the day with Marlon. On their activity day, Paddy and Marlon are sweating and exhausted during boot camp and sneak off to the bar instead. Spotting an offer for the men’s spa, they decide to stay overnight and lie to Rhona and Laurel that they’ve injured themselves and can’t come home. Back in the village, Rhona is upset to realise Paddy has lied to her and tells Brett her relationship is on the rocks. In the hotel, as the pair lie in the spa with facemasks on, discussing Rhona and Paddy’s rough patch, they agree never to fall out again before deciding to have manicures. At the vets, Rhona offloads to Brett about Paddy and he tells her she deserves better but she’s shocked when he moves in to kiss her. As Brett tells her she’s not happy with Paddy and she should stop lying to herself, Rhona is stunned and demands he leave offering to pay him until the end of the week.


Tuesday 4th December

In prison, Chas is numb with shock when she discovers that Tracey (her friend) took her own life after being given a five-year sentence. Meanwhile, Cameron tells Jimmy he needs money to cover Chas’s legal fees and Jimmy considers if he should offer to help. Later, in the café, Cameron acts surprised when Jimmy offers £5k to help with Chas’s legal team. Cameron visits a defeated Chas, explaining about the money from Jimmy but Chas is terrified she might get convicted and leaves Cameron wracked with guilt.


Wednesday 5th December

Paddy fumes as Rhona tells him about Brett making a pass at her. Later, at the vets, Paddy confronts Brett telling him he’s sacked for trying it on with his wife. Brett leaves and as Rhona assures Paddy she has no reason to look at anyone else they are reunited. However, they’re brought back down to earth when Rhona wonders what they will do without a locum. Meanwhile, at Tall trees, Marlon’s troubled as he asks Laurel what’s bothering her after seeing her in tears with Rhona. She denies there is a problem and heads to work. Later, in the café, Rhona is stern with Laurel and advises her to sort things with Marlon


Thursday 6th December - Episode 1

Jimmy’s astonished as Cameron furiously explains Chas has sacked her brief. Later, Charity is fuming when she discovers Jimmy has given money to help with Chas’ legal bills. Gennie is adamant Cameron has to make Chas see sense because he got her into this mess. Later, Cameron sits outside the police station. He calls his kids, tearful before bracing himself to go inside. He prepares to give the Detective information about Carl’s murder. Steve  (Tom Mannion) arrives at the Woolpack, wanting to talk to Bernice. She’s determined to make the best of a difficult situation as Val and Rodney exchange glances. It’s awkward as the four of them sit together and Bernice’s heart sinks when Steve wants to talk to her in private. The pair raise their voices and Bernice tells Steve to go back to his wife.


Thursday 6th December - Episode 2

At Mill Cottage, an anxious Nicola finishes her call to Steve’s wife, pretending to be Bernice and telling her it’s not fair to deceive her any longer. Bernice storms in, wanting her phone back, but Nicola tells her she’s not having it back until she’s calmed down. Bernice bustles out and Nicola is aware things are going to get messy. At the Woolpack, shortly after, Bernice is shocked when an angry Steve enters and questions her about calling his wife. Nicola’s dismayed, not expecting this reaction so quickly. Bernice realises it was Nicola who phoned her and lunges for her sister, pulled back by Rodney. Nicola stands by her belief that she’s wasting her time with Steve. Steve’s exasperated and Nicola and Rodney reluctantly leave them to it. Steve tells Bernice he and his wife are over but he’s only there because he has nowhere else to go. She’s gutted when he goes to stay at the B&B and tells Nicola she’ll never forgive her.


Friday 7th December

Declan is shocked when Megan tells him she’s moving back to London. He begs her to stay permanently and is thrown when she refuses his offer. He asks Megan to carry out the meeting with the sponsors but she refuses and Nicola is delighted to be given the opportunity. In the café, Jai feels for Megan when she thinks Declan will screw her over if she stays. Later, Jai tells Declan he’d be mad to let Megan go. Meanwhile, Megan visits Katie and hands her a phone to listen to the voicemails from Declan. She knows her plan is working when Katie starts to cry, realising how much he loves her. Declan visits Katie. He’s relieved when she holds out her hand to him, but she still has doubts. Back home, Declan suggests to Megan that Robbie can come back if it means she’ll stay. Megan goes to call him, a triumphant look on her face.


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