What's going down under in Neighbours? Connor O'Neill returns!

NeighboursJade leaves Erinsborough for new horizons as Conor arrives on Toadie's doorstep to the initial reluctance of Sonya!

Monday 26th November

Rocked by Kyle’s unexpected break-up, Jade clings to the hope it was a rash decision. Confronting him, she’s frustrated to find he’s more resolved than ever that this is their only option. Venting to Sonya, Jade’s thrown when her sister urges Jade to see things from Kyle’s perspective. Realising she has a choice, Jade takes Kyle by surprise when she insists she’s decided to stay, planning to pass up the opportunities overseas for him. However when Kyle hears Jade regretfully resigning, he calls her on knowing deep down that she’ll one day come to regret this and most likely resent him for it. No longer able to deny the heartbreaking truth, Jade concedes Kyle’s right – the relationship is through. Struggling to be around him in the aftermath, Jade brings forward her departure, throwing Kyle. Knowing if he gets close he won’t be able to let her go, restrained Kyle bids Jade farewell, watching on devastated as she departs for the last time. Keen to make a stellar impression, Karl’s unsure what to do for his and Olivia’s second date. Eventually deciding to prepare an elaborate culinary feast, Karl tries to procure a blowtorch from the garage – only to be busted by Chris. Chris insists on supervising Karl, but when he voices his misgivings about Karl going overboard, determined Karl dismisses him. However when Olivia’s overwhelmed by the effort Karl’s gone to and subsequently declines his offer of another date, disappointed Karl realises he’s scared off his potential romance.


Tuesday 27th November

Keen to distract herself from Jade’s departure, Sonya focuses on her baby shower. Despite a shaky start to the event, Sonya’s buoyed when she overcomes awkwardness with Vanessa and Francesca and everyone starts to have fun. However this is disrupted when Toadie’s old friend Connor unexpectedly arrives. Although Connor promises not to interfere while he waits for Toadie, he can’t help causing trouble ­– dividing the party in two and fuelling an argument between Sonya and Francesca. Sonya’s relieved when Toadie returns home, but to her frustration, he joins in with Connor’s raucousness. Sonya’s forced to ask Toadie to send Connor packing. Stuck between his pregnant wife and his best mate, who will Toadie choose? Heartbroken Kyle struggles to get on with things in the wake of Jade leaving. When he learns Harley stole one of Jade’s necklaces, he reacts in anger but doesn’t actually deal with why his cousin continues to steal. Kate knows Kyle would prefer to deal with his own issues right now but insists Harley needs him. Knowing she’s right, Kyle gets to the bottom of Harley’s problem and realises he steals because he feels he has nothing else to offer. Hoping to show Harley a new way to prove his worth, Kyle involves him in building a shed for the Kapoors – inadvertently pulling himself out of his own funk in the process. Harley feels insecure seeing how much Rani values Callum, and steals a necklace for her to prove his worth. But Kyle eventually enlists his help on a project for her family, and Harley’s reassured he has more to offer.


Wednesday 28th November

Vanessa’s thrown when Francesca organises for her parish priest to meet with she and Lucas. Determined to appear compatible to earn the priest’s blessing, Vanessa and Lucas start memorising details about each other. But they’re surprised when the priest is more interested in their commitment to the future. Lucas takes the interview in his stride, having thought a lot about a future with Vanessa. But Vanessa’s forced to make it up as she goes along – and it shows. The priest offers them a tentative blessing, but raises his concerns with Francesca that Vanessa’s not as committed to the marriage as she claims. And when Vanessa runs to Rhys’s side after an altercation with Connor, Francesca’s certain there’s something going on. Is Vanessa’s secret about to come undone? Toadie chooses Sonya and reluctantly sets Connor up to stay with Kyle at Number Twenty-Six. But he’s further disappointed when he can’t spend the next day with his mate, having previously committed to a pre-natal class. However when Sonya sees how much Toadie’s missing out, she arranges for Connor to return to their place. Toadie’s thrilled, only to learn Sonya’s booked herself into a pregnancy retreat – she’s off to have some fun of her own. Rhys works hard not to show how upset he is by Vanessa’s upcoming wedding, and he takes his hurt out on his surprise houseguest, Connor. Connor later reaches out to him, and Rhys softens – but when Connor insults Vanessa, Rhys instinctively punches him.


Thursday 29th November

With her relationship going from strength to strength, Summer’s thrown when she learns Bradley’s accepted a new job interstate. Assuming this means they’re breaking up, Summer’s buoyed when she misreads Bradley and thinks he wants her to come with him. Weighing up whether to leave Erinsborough, Summer ultimately decides she’s ready to broaden her horizons. Susan’s thrilled caddish Bradley will soon be out of Summer’s life. But unbeknownst to her, Summer’s planning to resign. However as she reveals to Bradley she’s going with him, we see this isn’t what he expected. Is he as keen as Summer thinks? Forced to explain to her mum that Rhys is her ex, Vanessa works hard to convince Francesca she’s no longer in love with him. But she struggles to convince herself, and can’t help checking up on him. However Rhys assumes Vanessa’s come around to warn him against blowing her secret, and brushes her off. Stewing on the confrontation, Rhys finally realises Vanessa’s always cared about him. He challenges her to call off the wedding, but stops short of putting his heart on the line. Disappointed when she refuses, Rhys is unsure what to do. But when he sees the wedding invitation, he spies a way to win back the woman he loves and stop her marrying Lucas – by going. Georgia’s confident she can handle Toadie, Connor and Kyle when Sonya leaves her alone with them for a week. But when her nurturing nature is taken advantage of, she finds a cheeky way to earn their respect.


Friday 30th November

Summer shocks Susan when she hands in her resignation. Aware of Bradley’s sordid past, Susan tries to convince her to reconsider, without telling her the ugly truth. But when Summer sticks to her decision, Susan’s forced to intervene. Summer’s confused by Susan’s revelation and tries to get onto Bradley so he can explain himself. Unable to reach him, Summer decides to take a leap of faith. After a heartfelt farewell with her friends, Summer admits to Susan she’s disappointed she interfered, and they leave on bad terms. Having burnt her bridges, personally and professionally, Summer waits for Bradley. Is he the man she thinks he is? Or has Summer thrown it all away for nothing? Priya continues her risky affair with Paul, and when she’s late meeting Ajay, she hastily uses Susan as her excuse again. With too much to lose if she’s caught out, desperate Priya tries to secure Susan as her alibi. But Susan realises something’s not right and urges Priya to be honest with her. Unable to open up fully, Priya claims she’s doing pole-dancing classes despite his disapproval. While Priya gets away with her cover, the emotional consequences of her affair are taking their toll. Chris hopes Sophie will be inspired to take up music again, by teaching him to play the guitar. She’s resistant, but when she finally lets go of herself, her old love for music shines through and Chris is given hope he’s on the right track.