What's happening in this week's Home And Away? Bianca's health fears for Rocco!

This week, Casey's family fear for his well-being as he goes AWOL. Elsewhere, Bianca is concerned when she can't wake Rocco up!

Monday 26th November

Brax and Natalie arrive in the outback in search of Casey. When they can’t find him, Natalie urges Brax to follow his instincts. Brax remembers his father talking about Dead Man’s Tree, and they head in search of it, believing Casey could be there. Casey is left to die alone in the desert, but he’s given water and comfort from a mysterious girl called Tamara. Brax and Natalie, completely lost, run into Kyle to ask for directions to Dead Man’s Tree. Kyle, fearing that Brax will discover Casey, heads back to the desert. Natalie recognises Kyle from Summer Bay, and they drive after him. Kyle recaptures Casey, and also Tamara, but Casey escapes. Tamara uses petrol from the back of Kyle’s truck to cause an explosion, which alerts Brax and Natalie to their whereabouts. Tamara takes Kyle’s gun, and prepares to shoot him, but Casey convinces her to let him live. Kyle runs away after Casey collapses with the gun. Tamara also disappears as Brax and Natalie arrive. Indi seeks advice from Liam about Romeo’s behaviour. Liam councils her to stay away from Romeo so that he can seek the help he needs. After Alf tells Romeo not to push people away, he seeks out Indi and admits that he has an addiction to steroids. He asks for her support, but she tells him he needs to seek professional help, and that she can’t help him. Liam tells her she is doing the right thing, but Indi feels torn and wants to mend their relationship.


Tuesday 27th November

Alf and Indi watch Romeo training, and argue about the best course of action to take with him. In the middle of training Romeo collapses and Alf and Indi rush him to hospital. Indi reluctantly reveals to Sid that Romeo has been taking steroids. Sid confronts Romeo and tells him that if he persists on his path of self-destruction he should stay away from Indi. Romeo tells Indi that he’ll stop taking Steroids, and that he loves her. They reconcile. Brax pursues a wounded Kyle into the desert. Kyle reveals he’s Brax’s brother, but Brax doesn’t care. The two talk about their father, Kyle admitting his jealousy that his father cared more about them than him. Brax says that their father never cared about any of them. He returns to Natalie and Casey without Kyle. Casey believes that he can’t return to Summer Bay, as he missed his court date and will be arrested. Brax tells Casey they don’t have to return, that they can go on the run together. Natalie is hurt by Brax’s impulsive decision, and realises that he will always put her brother before her. Roo is excited about her upcoming wedding with friends and family, but Harvey wants to elope. Later Roo discovers that Harvey has been researching budget weddings. Harvey comes to Alf and asks for a loan to pay for the wedding, because he can’t afford it. He acknowledges that Alf does not think he is the best choice for his daughter’s husband, but wants to give Roo the wedding she deserves. Alf presents both of them a big cheque, much to Roo’s surprise.


Wednesday 28th November

Marilyn wants to help John and Gina repair their relationship, and organises for them to have breakfast together. The meeting backfires when John and Gina argue about Marilyn’s intentions, with Gina believing that Marilyn is the cause of the problems between them. Jett is frustrated and tells them both to grow up. He tells John that he needs to decide whether he wants to be with Gina or not. Later, Marilyn asks John about the breakfast. John tells Marilyn he feels it’s time to move on and tries to kiss her. Shocked, Marilyn makes up an excuse and flees. As Brax plans to go on the run with Casey, Natalie reveals she can’t give up her life for him. Brax is disappointed their relationship will end. They spend one last night together in the desert. Casey is recovering from his kidnap ordeal when Tamara appears. Casey tells her he thought she was a dream. Tamara advises him to go back to Summer Bay, because he’ll never forgive himself if he doesn’t. When Brax and Natalie return from the desert, Casey tells them he wants to go back and face the consequences of his actions. He tells Natalie he saw Tamara again, but Natalie doubts her existence. As they drive away, Tamara watches, hidden. Dex is frustrated with his relationship with April. He confides in Sasha that that they do not share the physical intimacy they once had. He tries to initiate a romantic interlude with April, but is rebuffed. Later, Sasha tells April about Dex’s concerns concerning their physical relationship. The next morning Dax and April speak openly about the lack of physical intimacy between them as April has been alternating between girlfriend and nurse during his recovery. They both reveal they’d like to address this, but when Dex invites April to the bedroom it’s clear she’s uncomfortable. When they begin to make out both feel awkward and April asks Dex to stop. When he continues she pushes him off and storms out.


Thursday 29th November

Dex is mortified by the awkwardness with April, and is frantic to find her. His erratic behavior concerns Sasha.  Sid arrives home and tells Dex that he needs to pace himself, and that since the accident things will be different. April confides in Irene that she misses the old Dex. Irene tells her that she should wait until she’s ready to resume her sexual relationship with Dex. She and Irene meet Bianca, Heath and Rocco at the diner and she goes to help Bianca clean out the Braxton house. Bianca tells April that she and Dex will rekindle their spark, and, feeling heartened, April rushes home to a relieved Dex. He sets up a romantic scene in his bedroom, and tells April he wants to go back to how the relationship was. April admits she does not know how to go back, but that they can still go forward and get to know each other again. John goes to speak to Marilyn about the attempted kiss. Marilyn tells John unless he is here to apologise her should leave her alone. Alf arrives with news about Romeo and John leaves looking upset. Alf suspects there is something going on between Marilyn and John, so Roo investigates. John admits his feelings for Marilyn and Roo warns him that he, Gina, and Marilyn could all get hurt. John promises to rectify the situation.

Bianca and Heath decide to get their own place, but for the moment will move into the Braxton house. Bianca elicits the help of April and Leah to clean the house. She finds magazines under Heath’s bed, as well as a picture of Heath as a toddler. Bianca later jokingly confronts Heath with both. They prepare for an intimate meeting when Heath’s mother arrives unannounced. Sasha runs into Heath and Rocco down at the beach and asks about Casey. Heath advises her to back off and give Casey some space. Sasha then talks to Marilyn, at first rejecting her advice about Casey because Marilyn’s single. Sasha apologises, and the two muse about the nature of men and relationships.


Friday 30th November

Cheryl invades Bianca and Heath’s privacy when she comes to stay with them, and she and Bianca knock heads over Bianca’s parenting. Heath feels caught in the middle, so Bianca tries to relieve the tension by following Cheryl’s parenting advice. Cheryl is still aggressive towards her, and things escalate when Cheryl plants doubt in Heath’s mind over whether Bianca will stick around when things get tough. Heath reveals these doubts to Bianca she decides to have it out with Cheryl. When Bianca confronts her, Cheryl backs down, and leaves. Heath is impressed with Bianca for sticking up for herself. When Bianca goes to feed Rocco she can’t wake him up, and her worst nightmare is realised. Marilyn hides in the kitchen when Gina is in the Diner. Roo bullies her into taking Gina’s order, and Gina thanks Marilyn for trying to help them reconcile. Roo asks Marilyn why she’s so nervous around Gina and Marilyn reveals John tried to kiss her. Jett overhears and later tells Gina. Sid and Lisa meet up to discuss Dex’s physiotherapy but a lunch time chat turns into a flirtation, and the two end the night kissing each other in the back of Sid’s car.

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