What's happening this week in Emmerdale? Declan frantically tries to rescue Katie!

As Katie remains stuck in the mineshaft, a frantic Declan sends out a search party to retrieve his missing wife! Will Katie survive the ordeal?

Monday 26th November

Katie remains trapped in the mineshaft whilst the rescuers attempt to save her. Deep in the mine, she drifts in and out of consciousness, as she lies in pain, unable to fight the exhaustion. Meanwhile, as rescue officers arrive to reveal that there is no sign of Katie, a frantic Declan insists that they keep searching. Elsewhere, Edna is alarmed at the cost of treatment for Tootsie and lies about the dog being insured.  Ali's hopes of a full time job look up when she discusses the sales manager position with Dan and Lizzie.


Tuesday 27th November

Megan arrives as the rescuers continue to search for Katie, keen to support her brother despite their recent rows. In the mine, Katie is in pain and has to rip part of her clothing in order to bandage up a wound. At the Woolpack, all the local residents gather to hold a vigil for a missing Katie but when Declan heads over to the pub, he is angry, telling a bemused group of villagers that they oughtn't to be treating it like a wake. Edna, meanwhile is worried about Tootsie's welfare as the dog undergoes its' operation. Unsure of whether she will be able to foot the bill, the anxious pensioner fills out a credit card application form. Meanwhile, Val's concerned for Amy as Eric informs her that it's coming up to Kyle's birthday and mother Kerry tries to get the teenager to send him a present.


Wednesday 28th November

Declan sends Katie a voicemail, fighting to stay strong for his wife. Megan is hopefuly that they will find her but Declan is fearful for her life. Katie tries to crawl towards the light but as she slumps down, defeated, will she manage to get herself out? Sam searches on the moors trying to remember where the vents he recalls seeing were. Meanwhile, Andy and Moira head to Butler's Land to search for Katie but as the blonde hears voices above her, she calls out, will they hear her? Kerry continues to believe that she knows best when it comes to Amy and writes a card for Kyle on Amy's behalf. However, she is floored when Victorial tells her that it only hurt Amy more to receive cards from her, is Val right or is Kerry right to push her daughter?


Thursday 29th November - Episode 1

Nikhil can see how messed up Declan is, as he blames himself for Katie’s accident and Declan closes himself off again, telling Nikhil to just go. Nikhil visits and tells Megan that Declan has thrown him out too. He asks if she is still planning on getting revenge on Declan but she’s not playing games anymore and Nikhil thinks she should tell Declan that running away is not the answer. Meanwhile, Charity is incensed when Edna brings Tootsie in and talks down to her, much to Edna's fury. However, as she works on, she is confused when she sees that Charity has drivers working over their legal hours and questions her boss. After she has gone, Charity deletes the evidence from Edna's computer leading to the pensioner resigning from her job.


Thursday 29th November - Episode 2

Moira is getting ready to go to the pub and covers, as Adam wants to go with her. She’s relieved to get away with it and heads out. Meanwhile, Cain is concerned about Debbie but eager to get to the pub and see Moira. Moira waits in the Woolpack for him but Cain decides Debbie needs him more and he’ll take over from Andy at the hospital so she can get some rest. Moira leaves the pub and returns home feeling flat that Cain has stood her, disappointed that she’s letting him get to her. Brett thinks Rhona’s coming onto him at the vets. She suggests he give Paddy his tickets to his adventure day, as he can’t go due to work. Rhona suggests Paddy take Bob with him but he doesn’t like being told what to do and decides to invite Marlon.   Meanwhile, Declan fears for Katie's life.


Friday 30th November

Debbie gives Cain a birthday card, guilty over not getting him a present. Cain nearly calls Moira but his doubts get in the way. Meanwhile, at Butler’s, Moira covers her disappointment about Cain as Adam checks she’ll be alright on her own tonight. At the café, both Moira and Cain act disinterested as she asks him what happened last night at the pub. Later, Cain visits Moira and she’s surprised and unsure what will happen. She asks him why he’s scared of showing his feelings and the atmosphere is charged as, unable to fight it anymore, Moira pulls him into a kiss and starts tearing at his clothes. Meanwhile Katie is not in a good way and Declan continues to worry for her while Gennie is guilty about  having fallen out with Katie and Declan is grateful for Megan’s support.


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