What's happening in Home And Away? John and Gina's marriage in tatters?

After the events of last week, Gina and John's relationship looks beyond repair, can they salvage it?

Monday 19th November

When Heath and Bianca learn that Rocco has a potentially life threatening infection, Bianca starts to wonder if there was anything Heath could have done that would have avoided this from happening. Heath is hurt that Bianca still doesn’t trust him with Rocco, and leaves the city hospital, urging Irene to replace him in as Bianca’s support. Irene highlights that maybe Bianca was too harsh, but they are interrupted by the news that Rocco is not getting any better. When Brax returns to the camp site to find that Casey is missing, he assumes that he’s done runner. He tells Natalie, who is sceptical that Casey would just run away, so she asks Sasha if she knows anything about his whereabouts. Sasha reveals that they have had a falling out ever since they slept together and blames herself for his sudden departure, as she wouldn’t let him apologise. When Brax has had enough of all this drama, he tells Natalie that she has an out – she doesn’t need to stay with him. But Natalie tells him she isn’t going anywhere. Roo and Harvey are still finding it difficult to make amends after Harvey’s infidelity. After some stern words from Alf, Roo realises that they both need to make some compromises. Roo and Harvey decide to take the boat out and not come back until they’ve found a resolution.


Tuesday 20th November

When Dex’s first public outing doesn’t go greatly, Sid voices his concern that maybe they tried too early. But Dex, feeling coddled by his father and girlfriend, refuses to stay patient. He tries to regain his old life, but when he realises that a lot more work is needed, he explains that he wishes he had died in the accident instead of survive and be a burden on those he loves. Rocco is still critical, and Bianca is concerned that Heath hasn’t returned. When April urges him to be there for his son and Bianca, Heath decides to go back. When he arrives, Bianca apologises for freaking out, and confesses that she loves him and wants to start a family with him. News of Rocco’s progress arrives, and Heath and Bianca promise to find a place of their own where they can start their future together. Out on the boat, Roo and Harvey promise absolute honesty with each other in their attempt to resolve the relationship issues they have. After a night long discussion about their insecurities and reservations about their feelings for their ex’s, they realise that all that really matters is that they still love each other. Harvey is compelled to once again propose to Roo.


Wednesday 21st November

After having resolved their issues, and re-establish their engagement, Roo and Harvey are better than ever and getting on swimmingly. But Alf isn’t convinced, noting that something must be up if they’re not at each other’s throats. But when he stumbles upon them fighting over nothing, he realises that they really are back on track. When Dex denies saying he wish he’d died, Sid realises that his son is falling deeper into a depressed state. Not knowing what to do, he calls a family meeting where he tells Sasha, Indi, and April that he’s worried about Dex. In the meantime, Marilyn has come over to cheer Dex up, and he asks for a tarot reading. The cards reveal that there is a change of healing, though hard work is still needed. Dex realises that he has a long journey, but it is a hopeful one. Gina is still struggling to deal with the lies John told about his time with Marilyn, while John is trying to avoid any further confrontation by keeping his distance. Jett realises something is wrong, but it isn’t until he overhears John and Gina discuss John’s feelings for Marilyn that he believes it is all Marilyn’s fault. Jett confronts Marilyn in the Diner, calling her a marriage wrecker.


Thursday 22nd November

After being called a marriage wrecker in front of everyone at the Diner, Marilyn marches a sullen Jett back to John and Gina’s to let them know what has happened. John is apologetic, but Gina blames Marilyn for creating all this mess. After some reflection however, Gina realises her mistake and apologises to Marilyn. Gina and John decide that the only way they are going to resolve their issues is to spend some time living apart. Brax is frustrated at Casey for running away and leaving him with a mess, he takes it out on Natalie. But when she snaps and reveals that her own mother ran away never to be found again, Brax realises that he needs her to be there for him. In the meantime, Kyle, the unknown son of Danny, has kidnapped Casey and brought him to the desert in order to kill him for the murder of their father. When Casey sees the opportunity to grab his phone, he takes it and calls Brax. But Kyle catches him before he can tell Brax where he is. Romeo is acting weird, and people are starting to notice. When he approaches John about the Surf Carnival that John has been neglecting to organise, Romeo overreacts, forcing Liam to intervene and gets punched by an irate Romeo.


Friday 23rd November

Casey wakes from being knocked over the head while Brax remains concerned that something is up. When Kyle realises that Brax isn’t going to let up, he forces Casey to call him and tells him to stop looking for him. But Casey gives his brother enough clues to where he is, and Brax decides to go and find him. He tries to convince Natalie to stay out of it, but she won’t let him go alone. When Liam sees that Natalie is getting mixed up in Braxton drama, he warns her to be careful and not underestimate the sort of danger Brax can find himself in. Natalie ignores the warning and follows Brax out to the desert. When Romeo returns home frazzled, Alf wonders what has happened. Romeo tells him about him punching Liam, and Alf is confused about what’s going on. When Indi learns about the attack, she confronts Romeo, but he shuts her down, explaining that none of this is any of her business. He locks himself in a public toilet, and takes some steroids. Liam starts to realise that something is up with Romeo, and when he approaches him about it, Romeo tells him that he doesn’t care about him or Indi – just as Indi enters to hear this. It is clear to both of them that something is up with Romeo.


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