Hollyoaks' airs wedding crash deaths on E4 episode!

Hollyoaks has aired the aftermath to the (literally) explosive bus crash on tonight's E4 which saw the death of a number of characters!







In tonight's E4 episode, three main characters perished following weeks of speculation as to who would pass away in the heavily promoted 'Enjoy The Ride' episodes.

Rhys Ashworth (Andrew Moss), Maddie Morrison (Scarlet Bowman) and Neil Cooper (Tosin Cole) were the unlucky victims who perished after a mini-bus carrying the teens crashed into the wedding venue for Ste Hay and Doug Carter (Keiron Richardson and PJ Brennan) and Cindy Cunningham and Tony Hutchinson (Stephanie Waring and Nick Pickard).

First to fall victim was Neil who died immediately after the bus exploded following the crash with him still trapped inside it. Following his death, Maddie who had callously taken the decision to leave Neil in the bus, knowing that he was still alive, was hit by falling debris and lost her fight for life.

Meanwhile, inside the venue, Rhys Ashworth died after getting trapped when the roof and a pillar inside the venue collapsed.  Although Rhys was still conscious, the fire crew were not able to to arrive on time to save him and he died at the side of wife Jacqui McQueen (Claire Cooper) who did not find out about his infidelity before he passed away.

However, whilst the death toll has already started counting, it's looking like the villagers may be in for more tragedy as as the spoiler for the next episode reads: 'Just when they thought they were safe, tragedy strikes for one much-loved couple'.

The episode will air on C4 tomorrow evening at 6:30pm.

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