What's happening in Hollyoaks? Who will die in the big bus crash?

Well, we're sure you won't be expecting a quiet week in Hollyoaks this week as a bus crashes into the wedding venue for the Tony and Cindy/Doug and Ste wedding. Who will die?

Monday 12th November

All is not well in Paradise. Who will Tony reveal his secret to and can he still bring himself to marry Cindy? With Doug reeling from Brendan’s return to Hollyoaks, will desperate times cause for desperate measures? Meanwhile, with her big day looming, will Ruby get cold feet?


Tuesday 13th November

On the morning of the wedding, Ste makes a shocking discovery that forces him to question his relationship with Doug. Rhys looks set to break Jacqui’s heart, but can Myra come up with a solution? Elsewhere in the village, Esther faces the threat of Maddie’s wrath.


Wednesday 14th November

A catastrophic accident threatens to destroy lives in the village as Esther and Bart’s antics push Maddie to the limit. Whilst Doug can’t let go of the past, Ste finally discovers the truth about Brendan. Is Hollyoaks destined for any happy endings?


Thursday 15th November

As the aftermath of the accident ensues, Hollyoaks falls into disrepair. Will Esther and Bart admit to their involvement, or does the blame lie elsewhere? Things are put in perspective for many in the village, but how much longer can the truth stay buried?


Friday 16th November

With no one else to turn to, two enemies put aside their differences for the sake of a loved one. Meanwhile, one resident hears life-changing news, but can they live with the consequences? And just when they thought they were safe, tragedy strikes for one much-loved couple.