What's happening in Home And Away?

Romeo injures his knee during training this week but when he's seen taking steroids, is he pushing himself too far?

Monday 12th November

Harvey begs for forgiveness, but when Roo says she needs more time to clear her mind he moves out. After kissing Casey, Sasha is hurt by his coldness towards her. Sid struggles with the burden of caring for Dex. While Casey is psychologically profiled before his case, he restates that he expects to spend the rest of his life in prison.


Tuesday 13th November

After Casey reveals his 'All or nothing' tattoo, Brax angrily confronts Natalie, who reiterates that she had been warning him about Casey for days. At a loss over what else to do, he tries to convince Casey that all is not lost and pleads for him to open up about what happened on the day of Danny's death. Casey concedes and for the first time reveals how much he is struggling with his own guilt. In response Brax suggests they head out of town for a few days, unaware that Kyle is in pursuit. Sid attempts to talk to April, warning her that Dex may never fully recover and that, if she wants to fully realise her life ambitions, no one would blame her for moving on. Struggling to cope, Sid later attempts to drink away his problems and reveals to Liam that he mourns the son that has not yet returned. Elsewhere, Marilyn suggests a cleansing ceremony to help Roo overcome her heartache - but it's clear her friend simply can't shake off her love for Harvey.


Wednesday 14th November

Still feeling uncomfortable around John, Marilyn suspects he's interested in her but is concerned that it could be all in her head. After another awkward conversation, Marilyn once again confides in Leah - but this time Gina overhears, wanting to know what is going on. As Romeo pushes ahead with preparations for the surf carnival, Alf tries to explain to him the idiocy of training so hard without giving his knee the chance to recover properly. His fears prove well founded when, while out in the surf, Romeo re-injures his knee. Worried when Sid fails to return home, Indi turns to Liam, who reveals he saw him caught up in a heated conversation with Casey. After searching the Bay, Liam eventually finds Sid drunk on the side of a road, and warns him of the dangers of shutting people out and crawling into a bottle. Despite Sid insisting he doesn't want his family seeing him in such a state, Indi refuses to let Sid carry the burden by himself.


Thursday 15th November

After being rescued by John, Romeo refuses to acknowledge the damage done to his knee. Alf repeatedly reiterates his advice for him to get a proper medical examination, but instead Romeo takes matters into his own hands and asks Heath to supply him with steroids. Bianca is panicking about leaving Rocco in someone else’s care for the first time, and Heath's frustrations deepen when, having left the baby in his care, she double books-Irene as a babysitter. Despite Bianca's fears, Heath is a natural with Rocco. Surprising even hereself, Irene defends him to Bianca, telling her to talk to him before she pushes him away. Feeling insecure, Gina wants to spend more quality time with John and decides to arrange a lunch date, realising after a chat with Bianca that she's been neglecting him in caring for Jett. However, her plans come unstuck when talk of Roo and Harvey’s problems quickly turn to an argument about John’s relationship with Marilyn.


Friday 16th November

When Casey suffers nightmares during their camping trip, Brax for once finds himself short of answers but reminds his brother that no matter what happens, he and Heath will always be there for him. After discussing his own problems, however, Casey turns the conversation to Natalie. Inspired to reach out to her, Brax later calls her to ask if he can see her when he's back in the Bay. However, when he returns to the camp site, Brax arrives to find that Casey is missing, having been kidnapped by Kyle. After apologising to Heath for doubting his parenting skills, Bianca agrees to leave Rocco solely in his care. However, once at work, she struggles to hide her concern, and Natalie reassures her that a friendly call home won't hurt. Already panicked when she realises that Heath's struggling to settle Rocco, Bianca's worst fears are realised when he later shows up at the school to tell her that the baby's been rushed to hospital. After Harvey turns to him for advice about Roo, Alf reluctantly agrees to give him some hints, reminding him that the reasons he fell for him in the first place was that he doesn't put up with her stubbornness. So, when Roo later lays down her terms, Harvey proposes some of his own: he wants complete forgiveness or nothing.

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