What's going on down under in Neighbours this week? Vanessa continues to lie to her mother!

NeighboursVanessa Villante continues her relationship lie this week as she convinces mother Francesca that she and Lucas are dating, will it last?

Monday 12th November

Lucas works to convince Francesca he’s good enough for her daughter, but she remains unimpressed. While he fears he’s let Vanessa down, Sonya worries their act will lead him to a broken heart and urges him to step back. Sonya’s warning leaves Lucas torn, but ultimately he commits to his plan to win Francesca over by declaring his genuine love for her daughter. Relieved when he wins her begrudging approval, Lucas is knocked for six when Francesca insists now they need to get married. Will he and Vanessa really go through with it? Lou’s urged to ease the pressure on Vanessa and Lucas by proving to Francesca that he’s the perfect godfather. When he learns of the effort Kyle’s put in for Toadie and Sonya, he realises he needs to step it up a notch. Deciding to appeal to Francesca through the religious aspect of his role, he offers to give the baby his own Patron Saint medallion. Francesca appreciates the offer, but when Lou’s unable to locate the medallion, he sets off on a mission to find it.  Determined to overcome her insecurities, Sophie plans to have fun at home with her friends. But she’s thrown when Harley causes trouble. Unable to rise above her unease, Sophie kicks her friends out and turns to Chris for support.


Tuesday 13th November

Paul’s on a high from the fun of his affair with Priya; however, when he also takes delight in his rivalry with Ajay, he inadvertently piques her concern. She challenges him about his real reasons for pursuing her, and Paul honestly admits he loves the thrill of the chase. Adamant this is a game in which she has too much to lose, Priya calls an end to the affair. Paul tries to convince himself he’s fine with that, but is thrown when he can’t get her out of his mind. He pursues her again and Priya remains reluctant – until the excitement of almost getting caught reignites her passion, and the affair continues. Vanessa rails against her mother’s insistence that she marry Lucas, until Francesca threatens complete isolation from the family. Lucas, also shocked by the idea, leaves the ultimate decision up to Vanessa. Weighing up losing her family against marrying a man she doesn’t love, Vanessa looks for a sign from Rhys. Hoping he’ll give her a reason to back out of the sham marriage, Vanessa is crushed when Rhys claims he doesn’t care what she does. Seeing no hope of a reconciliation with Rhys, Vanessa decides to go ahead with marrying Lucas.


Wednesday 14th November

Having given in to the affair, Priya can no longer deny she craves the excitement and spontaneity Paul brings her. She embraces the thrill of secrecy, until her more relaxed attitude is challenged when she finds Rani making out with Harley. Priya’s unexpected response to the situation takes her daughter by surprise. However, things threaten to come unstuck when Ajay sacrifices an important work opportunity to spend more time with his wife, just as Priya looks forward to more illicit meetings with Paul. Kyle’s urged by Jade to have fun during their time apart, and to make sure he follows through, she organises a surprise hot tub for the household. Kyle’s stoked, and rounds up some mates to enjoy it with him, but the party threatens to bomb when he underestimates how long it takes to fill and heat. Will Kyle end up in the tub all alone? Or will he be joined by an unlikely companion? Ajay gets the career opportunity of his dreams – an overseas conference - but misreads Priya’s distracted response as reluctance about him leaving. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice for his family? And will he ultimately regret it?


Thursday 15th November

When Bradley’s mistaken for Summer’s father, Summer becomes acutely aware of their age gap and attempts to prove herself more sophisticated. When Bradley assures Summer he likes her and her friends just as they are, she’s encouraged to lighten up and have fun - only to end up taking his advice a little too far and being asked to leave Charlie's. Rolling with the punches, cheeky Summer’s unwilling to let the night end and suggests to Bradley that they sneak into work after hours. However, the pair unknowingly sets off the office alarm, alerting Susan to the fact there’s been a break in. Is Summer about to be busted? As he prepares for a week away at a work conference, Toadie’s unaware that Sonya is secretly dreading the thought of being looked after by Georgia,. Testing Georgia to ensure she’s up to the task, however, Toadie's plans are derailed when her views on childbirth resonate strongly with Sonya’s, and the women begin to bond. Now reluctant to leave them alone together, Toadie’s dismayed when Sonya insists she’s looking forward to spending some quality time with his cousin – and he begins to feel left out as their friendship blossoms. Uncomfortable getting intimate with Ajay while having an affair with Paul, Priya pretends she’s coming down with something - but his determination to take care of her leaves her feeling worse than ever.


Friday 16th November

Susan arrives at the office and Bradley covers for Summer, who stays hidden, claiming he tripped the alarm when he came in to work late. Susan buys the act, but when Bradley's promised story doesn’t show up in her inbox the next day, her suspicions are piqued. Despite Bradley’s smooth explanations, Susan stumbles across evidence that he and Summer used the office for a late-night tryst. Confronted by their unprofessional behaviour, Susan gives Bradley a formal warning and speaks to Summer on a more personal level. But Susan’s convinced there’s more Bradley’s hiding and begins to dig for dirt on him. She’s angered to discover he lied in his references when she employed him - he was fired from his last job. Seeing Karl's overly honest internet dating profile and photo, Tash convinces him to let her help jazz it up. Karl regrets his decision when he sees how much she’s oversold him, but he’s pleasantly surprised when Tash proves her tactics have worked: a number of eligible women have inquired. Can he possibly live up to the expectations Tash has created? Tash continues to keep Andrew’s secret, but remains adamant it doesn’t mean they’re friends. However, when she sees how hard Andrew’s working to please Paul, and how much flack he’s copping from his former friends, her harsh attitude toward him softens.