What's happening in Hollyoaks? Rhys and Cindy are caught out!

Rhys and Cindy's affair continues this week but when someone catches them out, will they reveal all to their unsuspecting partners or can the cheaters get away with it?

Monday 29th October

Neil and Bart join forces to try and convince Jono not to join army but could Bart’s antics jeopardise their friendship? Esther decides to stand against Maddie at college, but is she setting herself up for a fall? Jacqui’s stunned as Rhys makes a shocking declaration. The lads turn against Brendan during Riley’s memorial and he’s surprised by who comes to the rescue.


Tuesday 30th October

A surprise visitor causes tension between Ste and Doug, as Ste’s violent temper makes a return. Brendan loses his rag when Cheryl forces him to battle his demons. Maddie triumphs as Esther is made to look a fool again and Rosie is not all she seems to be. Meanwhile, Myra worries about her daughter’s marriage as Jacqui visits a solicitor, and Rhys and Cindy’s secret gets discovered.


Wednesday 31st October

As Cindy is offered a chance to escape, a call from the hospital makes her question everything. Jacqui is eager to show her commitment to Rhys, but Myra wants his guts for garters. Elsewhere, Esther is left humiliated when the teenagers plot a prank against her and Doug is stunned as Brendan continues to come between him and Ste.


Thursday 1st November

As things look bleak for Tony he offers Cindy a way out, and with Myra on the war path, will she take it? It looks like Ruby and Jono’s reunion could be short-lived when Jono realises the group are expecting him to stay. Doug is incensed as Brendan saves the day for Ste again and decides something needs to be done about Brendan once and for all.


Friday 2nd November

Cindy has a tough choice to make – Rhys or Tony? Meanwhile, Jono asks Ruby to make a life-changing decision.



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