What's happening in Home And Away? Casey resigns himself to jail?

This week in Summer Bay, Casey resigns himself to prison but when he tries to make amends with Heath, will his brother forgive him?

Monday 29th October

When he learns that Brax and Natalie have decided to stop seeing each other for his sake, Casey becomes furious that his problems are affecting everyone he cares about. In an attempt to tie up loose ends, he urges the couple to focus on their future and not his, before going to Gina to tell that he doesn’t intend to finish his HSC. After Gina voices her concern that perhaps Casey is planning to hurt himself, Brax confronts his brother, only to be met by denial. After Sasha's repeated attempts to cheer him up, Casey's true intentions become clear when he tells her that he knows he is going to jail for the rest of his life, and he needs to start preparing for that. Despite her jealousy, Leah realises that Brax's new relationship could be a chance for him to be happy again, and tells Natalie not to let his family get in the way of something special. Still trying to cheer up a disheartened Gina, John decides to surprise her with a special lunch and gift. But when she doesn’t show up, he's furious that she keeps shutting him out. In the meantime, Jett shows up with Richard and asks if Gina would be happy letting him live with her again. She is over the moon, and when John comes in to berate her about skipping their date, he is too happy to learn that Jett will be staying with them again.


Tuesday 30th October

When Brax confronts her over the fact that she hasn’t been telling him everything that's going on with Casey, Natalie defends her choices and highlights that maybe there is a reason his brother doesn’t feel like as though he can talk to him. Pushed into action, Brax takes Casey to visit Dex, successfully proving to him that life is worth fighting for. As Brax thanks her, Natalie reassures him that she thinks their relationship is worth the wait; she isn’t going anywhere. April is still struggling with Dex’s rejection when Irene encourages her to visit him. Sid explains that Dex is recovering but still has a long way to go. When April learns that he still hasn’t asked for her, she is left disheartened and unsure about what to do. But when Casey provides some insight into how Dex might be feeling, and urges her not to give up on him.


Wednesday 31st October

Although she's been reunited with Dex, April is still struggling to say or do the right thing. After making an orientation chart to help Dex remember his favourite things, his response leaves her wondering whether she's only succeeded in upsetting him further - and things go from bad to worse when, embarrassed, he asks her to leave. Roo is acting out of character, and Harvey is concerned that she’s having second thoughts about Tim. When Alf suggests that maybe she is anxious about her career after having to give up the great opportunity that Tim provided, Harvey tells her that he realises the sacrifice she’s made for their relationship. But when Roo admits that she hasn’t quit, Harvey is even more concerned about Roo’s feelings for her ex. When Heath rejects his peace offering, Casey takes heart from Bianca when she urges him not to give up on his brother. After Casey’s second attempt at reaching out to him, Heath reveals that he is still sore that their dad didn’t care enough about him to involve him in his life. Casey explains that that’s what makes Heath the lucky one, and they realise that they both need to stick by each other if they're ever to come to terms with Danny's death.


Thursday 1st November

Although Gina is in high spirits now that Jett is back, this only makes John feel even more useless as he fears he can't make his wife happy. Things go from bad to worse when, having abandoned his dinner plans with Gina, he drowns away his sorrows with Marilyn and lies about doing it. When he returns home drunk, Gina is furious and Jett becomes paranoid that he has ruined everything. Irene has had enough of Heath’s bad habits and asks Bianca to have words with him. Although tempers reach boiling point when he turns up with some River Boys and Bianca orders them out, it's enough to open Heath's eyes to the fact that he needs to rethink his ways if he's to keep the peace at Irene's. Meanwhile, Harvey is still angry at Roo for lying to him about her involvement with Tim. When Tim shows up and Harvey sees them chatting, he becomes even more convinced than ever that Roo is keeping secrets from him. Concerned that Indi isn’t coping without Romeo's friendship, Liam asks him to be there for her in this time of need. Romeo isn’t pleased with Liam telling him how to treat his ex but, after thinking it through, realises he shouldn’t hold on to his anger and instead try to move on.


Friday 2nd November

Thinking that a grand gesture will help them move forward, Harvey suggests to Roo that they go and get married right there and then - but her joy proves short-lived when he insists that she cuts all ties with Tim. Upset at yet another ultimatum, Roo and Harvey get into argument, but this time Alf has had enough. He orders Roo to go off and figure out what she wants, and for Harvey to let her. When Roo meets up with Tim, she realises that Harvey is the only one for her; however, as she says her final goodbye to Tim, Harvey catches them in the distance in a warm embrace and, believing he's lost her, packs his bags and leaves town. Now that Romeo has given them his blessing, Indi and Liam are finally free to get on with their relationship. But when Indi bails on a date and goes surfing with Romeo instead, Liam starts to feel pushed to the side. Nervous that maybe his relationship with Indi has started at a bad time, he suggests that they should rethink what they’re doing, leaving Indi fuming. Elsewhere, after sharing several bottles of wine with John the night before, Marilyn nurses the hangover from hell.


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