What's going down under in Neighbours this week? Make way for Toadie's cousin!

NeighboursThis week in Neighbours, Sonya is troubled by a difficult customer but she's shocked when she realises it's none other than Toadie's cousin!


Monday 29th October

Determined to help Ed reach his potential, Tash ignores Summer’s warnings and secretly makes him over for the university ball. Tash is delighted to see that her work’s paid off – until Chris unwittingly foils her plan and Ed realises what she’s done, accusing her of being shallow. When Summer helps her see that everyone’s appearance says something about them, Tash realises her mistake, and at the same time that she and Ed are just too different to make their relationship work. Relieved the case is over, buoyed Chris takes his chances and invites Aidan to the ball, but is disappointed when he’s knocked back. However when Aidan witnesses Chris bravely standing up to Paul, he realises how much Chris’s changed since their break-up. When Andrew pushes him to justify why he keeps knocking Chris back, Aidan rethinks his stance and turns up at the ball. Andrew is shocked to learn that Paul has hired a new manager for Charlie’s and, refusing to lose the business for which he's fought, successfully convinces him to back down. However, when Paul warns he’ll be watching him like a hawk, Andrew realises it’s now more important than ever to keep his epilepsy a secret.


Tuesday 30th October

Summer impresses Bradley with her pitch for a story about a local Paralympian. Hoping to be chosen as its writer, Summer buries herself in research but fumes when Bradley gives the story to his new drinking buddy. As Summer witnesses Bradley’s relaxed approach to work, she worries he’s not taking Erinsborough News seriously. After voicing her concerns to Susan, Summer discovers that Bradley gave Howard the article she wanted for a very good reason – but it’s too late to take back what she's said. After Bradley's called in to Susan's office, Summer tries to explain herself to him, but he’s not interested, inferring she’s an immature kid. Has Summer just destroyed any chance she had of becoming a serious journalist? Determined to right his past wrongs, Chris invites George to breakfast with Aidan. While it's an awkward failure, Chris looks forward to an open and honest future with Aidan, unaware that he's keeping Andrew’s epilepsy secret. Guilt-ridden Aidan is forced to lie to Chris, taking the heat at the hospital for a secret he never wanted to keep. Looking for excitement, Priya’s intrigued by the possibility of taking up pole dancing; however, when Ajay reminds her of the reputation she has to uphold, she reluctantly decides against it. For how long will she settle for the quiet life?


Wednesday 31st October

When Paul uses Lassiters' potential participation in the V.E.T. Program as an excuse to spend time with Priya, she foils him by inviting Lucas, Sonya and Kate to join her on his tour of the hotel. Finally finding time with her alone, Paul suggests she craves the excitement that he provides but Ajay cannot. Rejecting his advances, Priya flees but is later reminded of what exactly attracts her to Paul. When she finds herself having yet another staid dinner with Ajay, she considers giving in to temptation with Paul. Susan’s embarrassed when Bradley discovers her pole-dancing hobby. Bradley puts her at ease, praising her adventurous spirit. The two bond over dinner, but Susan is quick to point out to Priya that there is nothing romantic between the two of them. Summer struggles to move past Bradley’s criticisms and is then concerned there may be something going on between Bradley and Susan when she sees them having dinner together. She’s challenged by Tash to admit that she has feelings for Bradley, but Summer dismisses her. Is Summer the one in denial?


Thursday 1st November

Determined to stay faithful, Priya avoids an awkward confrontation with Paul, choosing instead to go home with Ajay. However, she’s thrown when Paul freezes her out and is disappointed when Paul insists he’s done chasing her. Unable to get him out of her mind, Priya’s incensed when Paul doesn’t show up at a school board meeting – unaware he’s been innocently held up. Assuming she’s being punished, Priya confronts Paul at home. However, when their heated argument boils over, Priya’s unable to resist temptation and gives in to the passion she’s been craving. But will she be able to live with the guilt?  Returning home early from his trip to Peru, Karl claims he’s back because of work but confides in Ajay that the real reason is that traveling solo was not as fun as he expected. When Ajay sees Karl’s reaction to Susan, he wonders if Karl came home because he still has feelings for her. While Karl admits he will always love her, he knows she’s not interested in a reconciliation, and he therefore has no other option than to move on. Trying to keep busy after her break-up with Rhys, Vanessa decides to sort through her clothes and get rid of those she can no longer wear. However, when she learns of Susan’s risqué new hobby, she suggests she take them instead. Helping Susan embrace her full potential, Vanessa inadvertently finds the support she needs.


Friday 2nd November

Wracked with guilt, Priya struggles to lie to Ajay about where she’s been. Realising she left her jacket at Paul’s house, she makes an excuse to accompany Rani when she visits Sophie. At the Robinsons', confronted by the reality of her adultery, Priya warns Paul it will never happen, although wavers when Paul insists he wants to keep seeing her in secret. Unable to forget Paul even when she’s alone with Ajay, Priya realises security and warmth are not enough for her; she wants excitement. Knowing Paul can give it to her, she commits to the affair. Determined not to be wrapped in cotton wool, Sonya refuses Toadie’s request to stop working, promising him she’ll have a stress-free day. However, having let Callum and Rani go early, Sonya’s forced to deal with unexpected developments on her own, including a particularly indecisive customer. She battles through; then, eager to prove Toadie doesn’t need to worry about her, she lies about her day, assuring him it was a breeze. When she eventually comes clean, she's enjoying a quiet evening when her customer shows up on the doorstep – she’s Toadie’s cousin.


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