What's happening in Eastenders this week? Phil hears that Ben is being sentenced!

EastendersPoor Phil hasn't had an easy year so far what with his son Ben murdering fiancee Shirley's best friend Heather Trott and then the return of Sharon Watts who roped him into helping her but things get worse for him this week as he hears that Ben is being sentenced, with his son on his mind will Phil be able to move on in his life and leave his past of mistakes and errors behind him?

Monday 22nd October

The Masoods adjust to life without Zainab. Will AJ be able to stop fooling around and pitch in with the rest of the family? Billy worries that Lola does not fully understand what Phil has planned, and tries to manage her expectations.


Tuesday 23rd October

Phil, worried about his residency case, tries to dodge immigration officers. An old friend comes to Phil's rescue, giving him an idea that stuns Sharon. Preoccupied with their financial troubles, can the Masoods regroup without Zainab to celebrate with Tamwar?


Thursday 25th October

Phil receives news about Ben's sentencing, and makes an impulsive decision that panics Lola. Cora is terrified about what she will find when she enlists Jack's help to track Rainie down.


Friday 26th October

With question marks over Lexi's residency case, is Ian Phil's last resort? Lauren, Whitney and Lucy decide that today's the day to make Joey pay, but can they hold their nerve?


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