What's happening in Home And Away? The Braxtons try to move on following the shooting!

After the dramatic shooting last week, Casey stares down the barrel of a murder charge and the Braxtons struggle to hold it together. Refusing to accept Brax's insistence that Danny was playing them all against each other, Casey hits self destruct mode but can anyone get through to him?

Monday 15th October

As Casey looks down the barrel of his murder charge, he continues to shut out Brax’s efforts to help him. Meanwhile, Heath is having a hard time believing that Brax doesn’t care about Danny's death, and is troubled too by the fact that Bianca sympathises with Casey. As conflict erupts between the brothers, Casey later uses to deliberately breach his bail conditions. Meanwhile, Marilyn is finding it difficult in the wake of Danny’s death, especially because of his deception. She's somewhat comforted when Casey reassures her she was a true friend of his father’s, but struggles with the revelation that the Braxtons have no plans to give Danny a funeral. When Alf asks Tim to stay for dinner, Harvey feels increasingly uncomfortable as he realises there’s a lot to Roo’s history he doesn’t know. Things go from bad to worse when Tim later surprises Roo with the news that he’s got a business idea and plans to move to Australia for good, and she’s unconvincing when she tries to brush this off.


Tuesday 16th October

Natalie resolves to get through to Casey but, while she succeeds in getting him to reveal what happened in the run up to the shooting, fails to convince him to give that information to the police. Off the record, Watson explains to Brax that without Casey’s testimony it’s not clear he was coerced into the robbery – and Brax soon realises that Danny had always planned for his son to take the fall. Meanwhile, Marilyn's announcement that she’s taking charge of the funeral arrangements for Danny are met with a lacklustre reception, especially from Brax. Elsewhere, as he spends his last day with John and Gina before going to live with Richard, Jett has a change of heart and says he wants to stay in Summer Bay; and, after Harvey tells her of his suspicions about Tim, Roo combs through her ex’s business proposal only to realise it’s her own work.


Wednesday 17th October

In light of Jett’s changing his mind about leaving, Gina suggests maybe they can work out a compromise. But Richard’s angry to hear the change of plans and puts his foot down, threatening to involve the police. Later, as the confrontation threatens to explode, Jett decides to move in with his biological father to avoid more trouble. Meanwhile, Indi and Liam decide to break Romeo the news about their relationship before he finds out the wrong way. However, their plan backfires when Romeo reacts by moving out of Leah’s house, saying his friendship with Liam is over. Elsewhere, Roo confronts Tim for stealing her ideas and gets him to let her join the project, much to Harvey's chagrin.


Thursday 18th October

While April remains optimistic, Sid is clearly troubled by the lack of improvement in Dex's condition, and adding to his frustration is the fact that he's been unable to get in touch with his ex-wife to tell her of their son's accident. As the cracks begin to show, Indi fights her concern that Sid's beginning to unravel by refusing to leave Dex's bedside. As a guilt-ridden Liam comforts Indi, Romeo moves back in with Alf. When Sasha finds out from Romeo what's happened, she confronts her sister about the hurt she’s caused - a lesson Liam finds out the hard way when, after trying to make things right with VJ, he gets his history of bad choices thrown back in his face.


Friday 19th October

With Casey his top priority, Brax struggles to hide his frustration with Marilyn when she pays him a visit to discuss the funeral. However, Natalie is convinced that this might be a way for them to reach out to Casey, and later encourages him to attend. When he does, Brax seizes the opportunity to open his brother's eyes to the fact that Danny was setting him up - and finally gets him to fight his charges. Sasha’s shocked when, in a sudden outburst, Sid delivers everyone with a dose of medical reality over Dex's condition. April returns to Irene’s in tears, her spirit dampened, and Sid admits to Irene that he’s feeling helpless. On Irene's suggestion that they all need to take better care of one another, Sid and April tentatively clear the air, realising they’re both scared. Later, Dex finally wakes up, but April is taken aback at his hostile mood.


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