What's going down under in Neighbours this week? New recruit for The Erinsborough News!

NeighboursThis week in Erinsborough, as a new recruit joins the team at The Erinsborough News, Susan wonders if he is all he is cracked up to be? Meanwhile, Rhys faces more opposition in his hopes to become a surgeon and Andrew refuses to testify for Chris following the crash.
Monday 15th October

Confident he's recovered movement in his injured hand, Rhys is rattled when he faces a minor setback. After failing to stall the tests that will determine his future as a surgeon, he's floored to learn that his hand hasn't improved, and he impulsively doctors the results. But when Karl delivers the seemingly good news that he’ll soon be back in the surgery program, the consequences of Rhys’s potentially dangerous actions loom large. Unsure how to break Kyle the news of her overseas offer, Jade seeks Sonya’s advice and is forced to consider what she’d be missing if she left. Confident she can make it work, Jade’s floored when she sees how hard Kyle takes the news. Not wanting to jeopardise their relationship, she resolves to stay - only for Kyle to insist she follows her dream, committing to a long distance relationship. Distracting Sonya after her confrontation with Vanessa, Toadie suggests they choose a name for the baby. They’re unable to agree until Sonya stumbles across a photo of Nell Mangel, and both she and Toadie fall in love with the old-fashioned name. However, she’s thrown to learn that Nell is also Vanessa’s preferred baby name – inadvertently causing their tensions to resurface.


Tuesday 16th October

Determined not to put lives in danger, Rhys manages to avoid assisting Jessica during a surgery, confident that with intensive therapy he’ll be ready the next time. But when he keeps falling short, Rhys is shattered; realising he’s still got a long way to go, he opts out of another surgery. When Rhys assures a concerned Vanessa that it was a case of last minute nerves, she at first seems to accept his reasoning - but for how long will he have her fooled? When Jade learns of Sonya’s plan to have a water birth, she’s surprised that Toadie seems to have agreed to it. However, when she catches him planning routes to the birthing suite, she realises Toadie is against it but knew he was wasting his breath trying to convince Sonya, instead deciding to leave it to closer to the due date. Realising that these two are on dangerously different paths, and that the source of the difference is the doula they hired, upfront Jade forces them together to talk and listen to each other until they find a compromise. Sonya and Toadie are grateful for Jade’s intervention but are left wondering - how will they get by without her when she leaves for LA? As the search for a new deputy editor continues, Summer finds a CV for a particularly impressive candidate, whom Susan dismisses as being too good to be true. With Summer suspicious that she's intimidated by Bradley’s experience, Susan agrees to interview him to prove her point. Surprised when he lives up to his CV, Susan offers him the job. But is this mysterious new editor all he professes to be?


Wednesday 17th October

Suspicious about Rhys’s recovery, Vanessa is dismayed when she proves he's been covering the truth. Rhys explains that the rehabilitation is an ongoing process; no one expects him to be up to full speed at this point. But Vanessa’s unsure whether to trust him, particularly after discovering how ruthless Rhys was when he originally chased a position on the surgery programme. With Vanessa placing her trust in him, Rhys's guilt eventually overwhelms him and he confesses to doctoring the results, Certain he just needs more time, he reassures her he would never put anyone’s life in jeopardy. When she’s reminded of his passion, she puts her faith in Rhys and agrees to keep his secret. Buoyed when worldly Bradley lets her tag along on a story, Summer’s thrown by his seemingly cavalier attitude. When Bradley challenges her to prove him wrong, she discovers he actually wasn’t and his methods, despite not being by the book, may have some merit. With the time available to her, Susan’s encouraged to try something new and signs up for a dance class. When she discovers it’s pole dancing, she initially baulks but decides to give it a try - even if she does decide to keep her new hobby to herself.


Thursday 18th October

When Toadie advises Chris he needs to get witness statements from all the passengers in the crash, Chris dreads asking Andrew, knowing he hasn’t treated him well lately. But Chris is shocked when Andrew refuses to testify against his family - and even more so when Aidan appears to support him, not realising he's covering his friend's illness. Andrew discovers an unexpected perk of owning the bar when it helps him win the attentions of 20-something Margot. But, while he manages to see through Tash's sabotage, Andrew's romance is disrupted by the onset of another fit, prompting him to pressure Aidan to sneak his blood sample into the hospital so they can definitively determine what dosage of drugs he should be taking. Struggling with the guilt of hiding her boyfriend's secret, Vanessa is troubled that Rhys himself has no such ethical qualms. Torn about what this says about the man she loves, Vanessa doesn’t know what to do, until Rhys reminds her the good in him far outweighs the bad.


Friday 19th October

With Jade not wanting to make a big deal of her last night before she leaves for LA, Kyle plans a romantic evening for the two of them, unaware that Sonya’s organising a surprise celebration. Despite his plans being hijacked, Kyle assumes they'll get their own private goodbye at the airport - only for Jade to insist on making her own way there. Not wanting her to go, Kyle struggles to keep it together until he gets home and channels his frustrations at Harley. Alone, Kyle’s already lost without his love. Aidan’s confronted when Chris calls him on hanging out with Andrew, only to be left more frustrated by the response. However, when Chris realises he’s overreacting and apologises, Aidan’s guilt is further piqued and he tells Andrew he won’t lie any longer. Desperate to keep his secret, Andrew blackmails Aidan: if he talks, he’ll tell the hospital he’s been helping him. With his job at stake, Aidan’s forced to continue deceiving Chris, begrudgingly keeping Andrew’s secret. Kate’s thrown to discover Jade’s leaving, disappointed they haven’t had a chance to reconcile. Lucas encourages her to seize the moment before it’s too late, but can Kate do enough to recover their friendship?


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