What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Nancy and Darren at breaking point?

As Darren struggles to forgive Nancy in the wake of her premature labour, will Jack and Frankie be able to stop him from putting an end to their marriage after six months?

Monday 8th October

Struggling to deal with the loss of Mercedes and Bobby, Myra becomes a cause for concern as Dirk is forced to call in backup to rescue a drunken Mcqueen. Darren goes full throttle and tells Nancy what he really thinks – can Jack talk him round? Rhys tries his best to lure Cindy into some bedroom shenanigans, but can she be persuaded? Despite her best efforts to please everyone, Esther is made to look a fool.


Tuesday 9th October

Cindy’s getting frustrated with Rhys’ pestering and heads to the McQueens to call it off but can she resist temptation? Nancy is buoyed by a visit from Tom, but wonders what’s got into Darren when he goes AWOL. Myra decides it’s time to remedy her wrongs and pays an old fiend a visit. When Tony decides he’s going to get his hands on Atwell’s, a mystery bidder gives him a run for his money. Elsewhere, Esther is mortified when videos of her appear on Dylan’s website.


Wednesday 10th October

A tense Darren and Nancy are anxious as the baby fights a serious infection. Rob and Liam develop a rivalry when the new manager of Atwell’s is revealed. While Tony’s away Rhys and Cindy decide to play, and almost get caught out when their dalliance is interrupted. Jacqui is left fuming when she realises Rhys has lied about being out with Darren. Myra resolves to get the McQueens back together and makes a surprise visit to a missing member. Esther is further divided from her friends as Ruby, Maddie and Sinead are accused of posting the videos.


Thursday 11th October

Darren and Nancy seem to be back on track when the family join together for the baby’s christening but Darren makes a shock announcement! Tony’s suspicions are misplaced after a rather green Cindy makes her escape. Jacqui confronts Rhys about last night’s antics, how will he get out of this one? Esther is ostracised even further when she is blamed for breaking Jen’s sculpture. Ash decides to prove she can be domestic goddess to impress Ally but soon decides the role is not for her.


Friday 12th October

Darren and Rhys unwind from recent stresses as Ash and Ally host a party. Stood up by Bart, Sinead drowns her sorrows and catches the eye of Rob, Liam, Jono, Rhys and Darren. Meanwhile, George bears the brunt of Esther’s wrath when she realises the gang have read her personal letter and Tony believes his suspicions about Cindy are confirmed.


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