What's going down under in Erinsborough? Will Jade leave?

NeighboursJade Mitchell has had to come through a lot in her time on Ramsay Street. From manslaughter charges to cheating Kyle, it hasn't been easy. Will she leave it all behind?

Monday 8th October

Even though his symptoms aren’t going away, Andrew’s forced to push on with his stressful work at Charlie’s. However, when he comes close to showing signs of his illness in public, he turns to Aidan and is told he’ll have to do an overnight hospital trial. When Andrew learns that Paul’s contemplating taking Sophie to a specialist treatment centre in Sydney, he spies his opportunity and encourages him to go. But, while Andrew manages to dodge Kate’s suspicions as he heads out for the night, Paul returns from Sydney early and finds his son at the hospital. Forced to cover and then leave with Paul, Andrew’s unable to get the medication he so desperately needs. Determined to prove he’s the one for Aidan, Chris organises a grand romantic gesture and, in tribute to their first date, sets up a mini-golf course outside Aidan’s work. Although Aidan embraces the idea, the gesture doesn’t address their underlying problems. Chris is disheartened but is given hope when he sees a sign that Aidan was at least touched by the idea.


Tuesday 9th October

Despite his struggle to control his epilepsy without medication, Andrew remains determined to prove himself a success in his dad’s eyes. As Andrew prepares to host their first gig at Charlie’s, Aidan warns him to get treatment before it’s too late. Andrew tries to avoid Aidan’s advice, but when Paul asserts the importance of the gig, he’s hit with the reality of how much he has to lose if he fails. Desperate for medication, Andrew urges Aidan to take some from the hospital for him and, when he's turned down, goes to desperate measures by illegally purchasing what he needs online. Fearing Andrew’s putting himself in danger, Aidan reluctantly offers to monitor their effect. Relieved to have Aidan’s guidance, Andrew launches straight back into work, confident he’s got it under control. But does he really? Assuming Ed will think she’s lame for wanting to go to the uni ball, she keeps it from him that she’s on the organising committee. However, when Ed busts her, Tash is surprised when Ed’s actually keen to go. Together they struggle to sell tickets and, proving they’re a great team, put together a scheming plan to get his reluctant mates to attend. Susan’s disappointed when her work commitments get in the way of her private life. However, when she reflects on why she wanted to be single in the first place, she decides she needs to have more fun and looks into hiring a Deputy Editor to take some of the load off.


Wednesday 10th October

Lucas is concerned about Chris’s chance of winning against Paul’s civil suit when he learns that the teen is being represented by a suburban lawyer acting outside his area of expertise. When Lucas sees the lawyer is pre-occupied with other cases, he asks Toadie to take over Chris’s defence. Toadie’s initially unsure, and when Ajay vetoes the idea, the matter is seemingly out of his hands. But when Toadie sees how much Chris’s family stands to lose, he goes behind Ajay’s back to take the case. It’s the night of his first gig at Charlie’s as owner, and Andrew’s confident he’s on top of everything now he and Aidan have a self-medication plan. But when Andrew starts to feel nauseous from his drugs, things slip out of his control and Paul blasts him for being a lazy manager. When Paul sees Andrew vomit, he thinks Andrew has a stomach bug and sends him home, telling him he’s no use at the bar if he’s incapacitated. The setback not only emphasises to Andrew how difficult self-medication will be but also convinces him Paul will never let him run the bar if he discovers his condition. Seeking advice from Aidan, who is still pressing him to come clean, Andrew sees no alternative but to keep taking the medication – even if it is making him sick. Karl receives notice from his travel agent that his flexi-ticket is about to expire. Seeing Susan freeing up time to pursue her dreams, and Summer and Tash also moving on with their respective lives, Karl decides it’s time he looked to the future too and decides to use the ticket himself.


Thursday 11th October

There’s trouble in the share house when Harley gets on Rhys’s nerves big time, but when Rhys is roped into playing video games with him, it looks like they’ve finally found common ground. Rhys assumes Harley has his own console and, to Kyle’s surprise, Harley brings one home. Although Kyle's suspicious, he can’t bring himself to accuse his cousin of stealing. But when he finds a receipt for $250 and the same amount is missing from Rhys’s wallet, Kyle has no option but to confront Harley. Now aware his little cousin is far from reformed, how will Kyle deal with him? Although his offer to represent Chris is gratefully accepted, Toadie soon discovers that the teen’s survivor guilt makes him his own worst enemy. Just as Toadie has a breakthrough, they’re busted by Ajay. Furious Toadie ignored him, Ajay instructs him to tell Chris he can’t represent him: Toadie’s actions are putting both their jobs in jeopardy. However, Toadie refuses, pleading his case with Ajay. Seeing the strength of Toadie’s conviction, Ajay reluctantly agrees to use his position to convince their superiors. Will his plan work? Seemingly getting no attention from Harley, Rani replaces her glasses with blue contacts. However, when Priya busts her, they end up at odds once again; Priya’s attempts to understand only seem to make Rani more unhappy. With both saying things they regret, can mother and daughter ever come to a compromise?


Friday 12th October

When Harley refuses to admit to Kyle that he stole the money from Rhys, Jade volunteers to try and get through to him, insisting she just needs to find what he cares about. Eventually stumbling upon Harley’s interest in Rani, Jade threatens to tell the Kapoors about his theft unless he confesses. Harley calls her bluff, but when it appears Jade will follow through, he finally caves and admits he stole the money from Rhys. Kyle’s appreciative of Jade’s help, so when she’s presented with an irresistible opportunity overseas, she’s torn - can she really leave when Kyle needs her so much? Sonya is concerned about Lucas getting hurt when it comes to his love life, and she soon realises that Vanessa’s affectionate nature is doing little to help. She suggests Vanessa tone it down, insinuating Lucas might have misread her signals. Fearing he has, Vanessa checks with Lucas; when he denies it, she suggests to Sonya that they give each other some space. Meanwhile, Priya’s concerned about Rani’s friendship with Harley but, wanting to avoid conflict with her daughter, doesn’t stop them from hanging out.

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