What's happening in Eastenders this week? Lola's baby problems!

EastendersLola Pearce's temper gets the better of her in this week's Eastenders but will she risk losing Lexi forever when things go wrong?

Monday 8th October

Galvanised by Cora's tough love, Lola is determined to win Lexi back and enlists Billy's help. After Alice's make-over ends in disaster, Derek is determined to make Tanya pay. Syed continues to hide his debt problem from his family, and he looks to handsome stranger Danny to turn his luck around.


Tuesday 9th October

Lola, distraught at losing Lexi, lashes out at those closest to her. Abi's 16th birthday doesn't go as planned when Derek makes a shocking announcement. Under pressure, Syed desperately tries to find money; will he be forced to call on Danny again?


Thursday 11th October

Sharon's secret is out, and she struggles to keep her old demons at bay. As Derek continues his vendetta against Tanya, Alice is forced to reveal some home truths; will he see the error of his ways? Saying goodbye to Lexi at the end of her visit proves harder than Lola could have ever imagined.


Friday 12th October

Can Sharon face telling Dennis the truth about his father? Worried for Lola, Billy swallows his pride and seeks help from Phil. Syed feels the pressure mounting from both his debts and his upcoming wedding; temptation is only a phone call away.

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