What's happening in Hollyoaks this week? Can Riley get the ransom money to save Bobby?

The ransom drama rolls on this week as Riley tries to raise the ransom for missing Bobby but as the village becomes a warfare, will someone get caught in the crossfire?

Monday 1st October

Riley comes up short so the village pull together, can they raise the ransom for missing Bobby? Eager to keep Ste and Cheryl safe, Doug agrees to help Walker, but what’s Walker really up to? Scared and frail, a vulnerable Brendan mistakes Ste’s friendship for more.


Tuesday 2nd October

Willing to do anything for Bobby’s safety, Riley’s forced to break Mitzeee’s heart. Elsewhere, a furious Darren threatens to hand Mitzeee into the police when Nancy needs to be rushed to hospital. And Ste is caught in the crossfire when Walker reeks revenge on Brendan, but who will pay the ultimate price?


Wednesday 3rd October

Walker resorts to plan B using Declan to get to his nemesis. Can Brendan, Doug and Ste save Declan in time? Nancy and Darren fear for the future of their tiny baby as Nancy goes into premature labour. While raging Jacqui can’t believe that Myra has remained loyal to Mercedes knowing she’d stabbed herself.


Thursday 4th October

There’s tension between a scared Nancy and angry Darren as their son fights to survive – will their baby make it through the night? Brendan is forced to make a tough decision when Cheryl holds him responsible for Cam’s death, while Doug is left agog as Ste blames him for putting him and Declan in jeopardy.


Friday 5th October

Nancy finally gets to meet her son but Darren’s tempers flare as he realises the danger his wife and child faced. And as tensions fray, Doug wonders if time apart from Ste may be best.


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